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  1. [SOLVED] move Windows Hyper-V-VM to Proxmox

    Done ;) Yes, I have seen that section and that is pretty much what I did.
  2. [SOLVED] move Windows Hyper-V-VM to Proxmox

    SUCCESS! Thank you so very much r.jochum! Worked exactly as you described. At first I didn't really get the funky business with the 1GB VirtIO-Drive, but did it anyway, as you said. The spice guest installer did not want to start at first, but a quick check with diskpart revealed that the new...
  3. [SOLVED] move Windows Hyper-V-VM to Proxmox

    oh, alright, got it. I'll try that. Thanks!
  4. [SOLVED] move Windows Hyper-V-VM to Proxmox

    oh, so just a disk with the spice-guest-tool-latest.exe on it?
  5. [SOLVED] move Windows Hyper-V-VM to Proxmox

    thanks for the reply! But what is this 1GB Virtio device? Sorry, I'm completely new to proxmox.
  6. [SOLVED] move Windows Hyper-V-VM to Proxmox

    Is the performance loss significant, if I stay with SATA without VirtIO? It is the domain controller of my home server, so I don't expect a lot of IO. The second Windows VM I want to move is going to be gameserver for space engineers on occasion though, but I'm OK with setting this one up from...
  7. [SOLVED] move Windows Hyper-V-VM to Proxmox

    alright then. do you by any chance know, how to install them without gui on a Server 2016 Core installation? *edit: I can installed all the drivers, but I think I need to put them into the boot-partition somehow. Still getting a bluescreen.
  8. [SOLVED] move Windows Hyper-V-VM to Proxmox

    setting the bootdisk to virtio0 does not even try to boot windows. The other way around, setting bootdisk: scsi0, does boot, but results in the same bluescreen. qm config 101 agent: 1 balloon: 0 bios: ovmf boot: c bootdisk: scsi0 cores: 4 memory: 1536 name: DC01 net0...
  9. [SOLVED] move Windows Hyper-V-VM to Proxmox

    that is not an option in the GUI, but I'll try.
  10. [SOLVED] move Windows Hyper-V-VM to Proxmox

    Sure, there you go: agent: 1 balloon: 0 bios: ovmf boot: c bootdisk: scsi0 cores: 4 memory: 1024 name: SERVER2016 net0: virtio=B2:06:A4:4E:44:65,bridge=vmbr0,firewall=1,link_down=1 numa: 0 ostype: win10 parent: after_first_boot scsihw: virtio-scsi-pci smbios1...
  11. [SOLVED] move Windows Hyper-V-VM to Proxmox

    hi, I'm trying to move a Windows Server 2016 VM from my old Hyper-V-Server (also running Server 2016) to my new Proxmox-setup. I pretty much followed this guide: Only difference being that I imported the old .vhdx-harddrive file...
  12. WebUI down. Check services?

    Since this is just a test setup I moved the VMs over to another drive, formatted the system drive and started from scratch. I'll avoid clusters when I roll out proxmox to my home servers.
  13. WebUI down. Check services?

    hi, I'm new to proxmox and am just fooling around a bit with it before I want to deploy it to my home setup. In my test setup I just removed a node out of a cluster and rebooted it. Now I can't access the WebUI of said node. How can I list proxmox services and if they are running? Is journalctl...
  14. Cluster for home usage?

    alright, will do! thanks!
  15. Cluster for home usage?

    hi, I have three old workstations at three different houses of my family as servers. They are all connected via VPN. I was running MS Hyper-V on them and want to switch to proxmox. Should I connect them by creating a cluster? What are the benefits? In my test setup I had nothing but trouble with...


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