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  1. Error updating to 6 from 5.4

    Hello! Following the wifi on: I got error on this step: For the no-subscription repository see Package Repositories. It can be something like: sed -i -e 's/stretch/buster/g' /etc/apt/sources.list.d/pve-install-repo.list I got this error...
  2. Qemu guest to Linux Oracle 5

    Im unable to install the guest agent, all repositories are enabled but:
  3. Error joying cluster

    Hello! Im creating my cluster with the new web manager with the "join information" on the menu. Using it I just copy and paste the join information, fill the root password and the 2nd server is on the cluster now and all appears working fine. But the screen of "join cluster status" show some...
  4. LZO extractor for windows

    Hey! If I want to restore just one file from proxmox backup and no the full VM, can I do it just? I cant found any software able to open the LZO files on Windows. Thanks.
  5. Unable to reduce vm size disk

    Hello! Im trying to reduce 5GB to a virtual disk, the actual size is 125GB. And i got this error: >>qm resize 103 scsi0 120G shrinking disks is not supported Any ideas?
  6. [SOLVED] QEMU agent for Linux guest?

    Hey! Vms with windows i know to enable the qemu agent on options tab and install the agent on the windows. But with Linux que option of qemu agent i will enable or disable?
  7. [SOLVED] VMWARE to KVM only IDE disk for Windows?

    Hello! I'm migrating two vms from vmware to proxmox now, the vm with linux i have no issues and is booting and working with SCSI. But, at the windows vm only boot if the controller is IDE, i got bluescreen trying with sata, virtio and SCSI controller. Any idea to solve this? Thanks!
  8. Best setup for Oracle Linux Server/Centos 6.7

    Hey guys! Take a look at my setup for an vm with oracle/centos 6.7: Is this ok? Other question, with a "yum update" the centos will update the linux drivers for kvm agent qemu automatically? Need any special installation? Thank you!
  9. VMWARE to KVM, disk issues

    Hey!! With my proxmox setup im unable to import the disk from vmware, because all of my storages only enable the raw disk format only. I cant add the vmware disk, only if I put it on NFS/external storage. Thanks for any help.
  10. Recover disk from deleted VM

    Hey friends! Any way to recover the vdisk file from a VM whas had I deleted it? The proxmox just delete vm+disk or just move the disk image to another folder? Thank you!!
  11. CPU speed limit to VM

    Hey! Can i limit the cpu speed to the VM? My server cpu's run ate 3000mhz per core, but i want to limit the vms to run at max of 2500mhz. Thank you!
  12. New storage on PXVE 5

    Hey guys, I add a new disk do my server and i want to crate a new storage for it. I like to use one storage for each disk. I found this tutorial: But i dont understand what i need to do with the new disk to use a new storage on it. Thanks for any help!
  13. Blackscreen booting Ubuntu 17.04 (KVM64)

    Hey! My server with 5.0beta is running Windows installations, but my first VM with Linux is not ok. After I have installed and rebooted, the console screen turns black. Look the screens:
  14. 5.0b1 "no disks found" with AMD Sata AHCI

    Hey friends, Im unable to install 5.0 beta 1 at asus motherboard with AMD A75 FCH (Hudson D3) chipset, the sata controller is in AHCI mode. The installer do not detect my disk, but the disk is OK cause im using VMWARE ESXI and working fine. Thanks for any help.
  15. Error 401 updating the system

    (...) Err:7 stretch/pve-enterprise amd64 Packages 401 Unauthorized (...) W: The repository ' stretch Release' does not have a Release file. N: Data from such a repository can't be authenticated and is therefore...
  16. Unable to install 5.0b1

    Hey! With 4.4 my server install and works fine. Just unable to install 5 b1, Yes, Im using a disk empty. The installer of 4.4 works, the installer of 5.0b1 stop with this error. "Unable to initialize physical volume /dev/sda3". Thanks for any help.


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