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  1. How to Troubleshoot High IO Delay

    Perfect, that was exactly what I was looking for, thank you
  2. How to Troubleshoot High IO Delay

    I have very high io delay, and I am not sure how to troubleshoot what is going on here, there is no load on the box and nothing should be creating a io delay at all, everything should be idle... How can I troubleshoot to find out which VM or Service is causing the High IO Delay?
  3. How should I setup my storage?

    Hey guys, I have 2x 8TB drives that I would like to use for misc storage across various VMs, for example, I want to store my code that I write in one VM, there under a directory called /code, and I want to store mysql backups from another VM in a directory called /db/mysql/backups, both of...
  4. GPU passthrough tutorial/reference

    I followed the instructions, but I do not see Kernel driver in use: vfio-pci when I execute lspci -v Any ideas on what I might be doing wrong? ... Also, I see Kernel modules: nvidiafb, nouveau I added nouveau to the blacklist, should nouveau still be listed in the kernel modules? Thank you
  5. Add Multiple Displays to ProxMox Guest

    When you say RDP, are you referring to ? I should have mentioned the guest OS is OS X as well I would really really like to be able to VNC or RDP into the guest OS (OS X) and have multiple monitor support, my life would be complete if I could get this...
  6. Add Multiple Displays to ProxMox Guest

    I have been trying to get SPICE to work on my iMac to connect to my ProxMox guest, but SPICE is just not ready for OSX in my opinion, I can't get it to work for the life of me... Is there any other way to add multiple displays to a guest machine?
  7. ProxMox Showing High Ram Usage, No Guests Running

    Hey guys, I just installed Proxmox with 1 guest OS, and after shutting down the guest OS, the RAM usage is still very high, Ive ran proxmox in the past without this issue, I am wondering if I set something up wrong, can anyone help me troubleshoot this please =] I tried to post a pic of my ram...
  8. NOT install to SSD NVMe

    Do I try to add these lines before starting the installer in debug mode? That file does not exist at that time for me... Should I create it?
  9. Proxmox Install On NVMe Drives w/ UEFI

    Ok, I have read probably 30 posts now about Proxmox and NVMe + UEFI, so I do apologize for this post, it is absolutely a duplicate of the many, however, I don't seem to see a clear answer for my setup in any of those posts, and my head is spinning trying to figure this all out, so I figured, I...


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