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    Install onto MacBook Pro (Late 2011)

    Thanks. I will give it a go, starting from the instructions on and Drag & drop etc. would be nice, but don't - at this point - bother me. Not compared to running Bootcamp (Apple's dual-boot to Windows solution). Bootcamp will...
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    Install onto MacBook Pro (Late 2011)

    I have a (late 2011) MacBook Pro that I was thinking of running PVE on natively on. I'd run PVE guests of MacOS X, Windows and Linux, as a lightweight alternative to running VMware / Virtualbox. How easily does PVE install onto a real MacBook? Which instructions would I follow? How functional...
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    Terraform provider?

    My organization advises clients on what systems stacks they should install. The lack of a proxmox driver is simply a showstopper for us. As James says, it's your choice and up to you. I'm just letting you know how it is.
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    Terraform provider? is a hypervisor-agnostic way of specifying a set of virtual machines, the networking between them and associated services (such as DNS). It has broad support for many clouds (AWS, Digital Ocean, Azure) and in-house (VMWare, OpenStack) computing resources, together with a...
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    VMA archive restore outside of Proxmox

    Nice... are you still using that, Antti?
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    See Pool, Server Notes, IP in the main listing

    Filed as (though it's a feature request but Bugzilla is too backwards to know about such things)
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    Bugzilla vs. Github or JIRA

    Bugzilla is seriously behind the times. If you want people to contribute to this open source project, how about opening issue trackers on the github project? Better still, install the Atlassian suite (JIRA, Stash, etc). As an open source project Proxmox VE would get it for free. M.
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    See IP addresses in the main listing

    Anyone know whereabouts in the code this is? And if we submitted a patch, what are the prerequisites for acceptance?
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    See Pool, Server Notes, IP in the main listing

    Hah. The code is here: I note that while you can queue a pull request there is no issue tracker! M.
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    See Pool, Server Notes, IP in the main listing

    I wonder if anyone has patched their server to provide this already? Sounds like a github thing. Also, I want to show attributes such as the operating system, so derived attributes populated from systems like Ohai. Any thoughts? Thanks again, Martin
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    See Pool, Server Notes, IP in the main listing

    Like I assigned other attributes (Pool, Server Note) to the main listing. I want to be able to see those attributes, and perhaps hide other things to give me other views. For example, as a non-technical user (e.g. the...
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    See IP addresses in the main listing

    Most of my nodes each have one IP address. I know I can navigate: 1. Datacenter -> proxmox node -> nnn. (name) 2. Network tab -> read the IP address/name But! I'd really like if there was a view in which all nodes and IP addresses were visible from the GUI. Possible? Thanks, Martin.
  13. M driver for Proxmox

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    Per - looks like already supports OpenVZ, and has done since 2013. They just don't list it on the Provider documentation. It would be advantageous to pool efforts around knife-proxmox, vagrant-proxmox...
  15. M driver for Proxmox

    So, it seems that already supports OpenVZ: ~/.chefdk/gem/ruby/2.1.0/gems/fog-1.27.0/lib/fog/openvz 15:09:08 543$ more ## Get a specific server openvz = {:provider => 'openvz'}) server = openvz.servers.get(104) ## Server lifecycle openvz...
  16. M driver for Proxmox

    Asked here...
  17. M driver for Proxmox - I wonder why it's not listed. Oversight or incomplete?
  18. M driver for Proxmox

  19. M driver for Proxmox



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