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    VDI Options | Post VMware Roadmap / Decisions

    Anbody using Proxmox with Flex Card in VDI setup in production?
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    [SOLVED] SMB Share as Datastore

    Solution was to set uid and guid to 34 (backup-user). Thank you Dunin!
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    [SOLVED] SMB Share as Datastore

    Hello Guys. I just mounted SMB Share (Hetzer Storage) to my PMB (whis is a VM). Fstab Content: "// /mnt/backup-server cifs iocharset=utf8,rw,credentials=/etc/backup-credentials.txt,uid=0,gid=0,file_mode=0660,dir_mode=0770,rsize=65536,wsize=130048 0...
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    Proxmox Backup Volume - Chunks

    Hi Jarvar, thanks for reply. I had a disk attached as datastore to the PMB, which i want to move now.
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    Proxmox Backup Volume - Chunks

    Hi Guys, i just moved proxmox backup server datastore to another server. This datastore disk contained backups, but i see only ".chunks", ".gc-status" folders. No "vm" or "ct" folder. Is this normal on datstore and can it be read to show all after i connected it to a new backupserver? thx...
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    [SOLVED] Proxmox MailServer Restore

    Solved, i missed to mark checkbox System Configuration on restore. Thank you!
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    [SOLVED] Proxmox MailServer Restore

    Hi, i want to install a new Proxmox Mailserver with new network settings. My question is how can i restore PRX Mailserver Config from previous server (relay_domains, transport domains) etc... I tried already to make backup of previous mailserver and copy backup-file to new server, but restore...
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    Format Tapes

    Hi Guys. I hope somebody can give me a tip. I have HP Tape Drive with capacity of 28 tapes. It is full loaded and i need to format each tape now. The manual process takes a lot of time as i have to wait unti each drive is formated. Is there any way how to format all tape drives? Thank you!
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    API VM Restart

    Hi Guys, actually i restart VM with crontab command on PVE Host. I have a cluster of 5 nodes. Problem is if i move VM i have to move script for restart too. My idea is to using API to send request for restart so proxmox take care on which Host VM resides and restart it. Does somebody have a...
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    VM shutdown, KVM: entry failed, hardware error 0x80000021

    5.15.39-3 i don´t get on enterprise repository. Will it be pushed soon?
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    [SOLVED] Notfication Mail - Tape Label

    Great, thanks, just created:
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    [SOLVED] Notfication Mail - Tape Label

    Hi, on successfull notification mails i would like to see tape volume used. Is it possible to include this anyhow. Idea is, that employee received notification and based on volume-label they can identify physical tape and move it to media vault. I know there are export-slot option avilable...
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    VM shutdown, KVM: entry failed, hardware error 0x80000021

    Yes, but looking forward for stable official fix. A lot of work if you manage big cluster...
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    VM shutdown, KVM: entry failed, hardware error 0x80000021

    @proxmox-Team: This fix just decrease shutdown interval but problem persists on my site. As W2K22 is quite new not so many proxmox admins using it which can explain reports are not so high. This will change for sure as more admins migrating... Windows Server before 2022 do not have this problem...
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    VM shutdown, KVM: entry failed, hardware error 0x80000021

    Thank you very much! Let me try this and get back to latest kernel. I update to this thread after some days.
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    VM shutdown, KVM: entry failed, hardware error 0x80000021

    Hi, thank you for feedback. No, i haven´t. Where and how can i set Intel-Microcode AND/OR Mitigations=off please? Thanks.
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    VM shutdown, KVM: entry failed, hardware error 0x80000021

    After upgrading my 5 node cluster to latest version i experience the same proble across all my Win2022 Server VM in randomly order shutting down at night with error: "KVM: entry failed, hardware error 0x80000021" Obviously an kernel issue. I revert to previous kernel. proxmox-boot-tool...
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    VirtIO SCSI Hard Disk Inaccessible on W2K22 on Boot

    Hi, i just change Boot-disk for One Win2K22 OS to VirtIO SCSI. Before i created one dummy 1GB Hard-Disk on same VM to install necssary drivers. After i changed setting to boot from new configured disk in Proxmox Options but i get BSOD with message "disk is not accessiable...". So it seems...
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    Moving all disks to new Storage

    Hi, Sometimes i need to move all disk of each VM to new storage in order to maintenance on SAN. I do this by clicking manually trough each VM and move each disk. Is there any command to move all existing disks on one storage to another? Thanks! Kind Regards
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    Multipath not work after Proxmox 7 upgrade

    Did you found solution on this problem. I have the same. Thanks


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