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    [SOLVED] rbd error: rbd: listing images failed: (2) No such file or directory (500)

    This helped cleaning out old lingering images that werent used. Thanks
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    Ceph: Moving data from one OSD to others

    So we always use 3/2 replication however we noticed that data was running out and we changed to 2/2 to keep it going and did not act fast enough. In South Africa we have shortage of Enterprise SSDs so we are waiting on new stock we ordered via Amazon. But we found now that 2 disks are failing...
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    Possible bug after upgrading to 7.2: VM freeze if backing up large disks

    Inside the VM I am running the command to stop the service (agent). systemctl stop qemu-guest-agent From my understanding that is the same as if Qemu is disabled on the VM but atleast we dont have to stop our VMs at all to get this to work. Then we run a backup
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    Possible bug after upgrading to 7.2: VM freeze if backing up large disks

    well that would cause downtime. VMs are 2TB in size each. Cant have any downtime. So far we having no downtime this way and its working well.
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    Possible bug after upgrading to 7.2: VM freeze if backing up large disks

    ok for us we have exact same issue for a very long time, probably more than a year now. We are currently testing this: Running a stop command just before backups run for qemu agent. Then when backups are done a start command We use a cron to stop it when backup is schedule for a VM...
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    Guest-agent fs-freeze command breaks the system on backup

    Strange we use Cloudlinux + Cpanel too and only on those servers we have the issue. Could it be cPanel related? Our Directadmin servers that use Cloudlinux too dont have this issue it seems. Well atleast nothing appears on our monitoring with respect to this. Update: Read the post thoroughly...
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    Block IPs RBLs via proxmox firewall

    Hi guys I would like to somehow easily block IPs in PVE firewall the following lists as per: OpenBL Base Spamhaus DROP and EDROP STRONGIPS ISC DSHIELD Emerging Threats CINS Are there any scripts...
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    unknown variant `Suspended`, expected one of `new`, `notfound`

    Figured it out Just run : pvesubscription delete and readd your key again if you have one. But even if you dont it fixes the issue.
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    unknown variant `Suspended`, expected one of `new`, `notfound`

    upgraded a few servers too getting exact same issues today. definitely issue with checking repo properly. Even rebooted. These are luckily not production servers.
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    suricata install and check

    Not to worry. Got it working. Had to add it in that path but also place it in the suricata.yaml file aswell so it reads it. Once I did that rules started working. Last thing is getting it into IPS mode as currently its only alerting and not blocking even though it has nfqueue set as per your...
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    suricata install and check

    yip thats exactly as written above. I even pasted what was in your docs above. It does not work that simply though. There must be some tweaks regarding rules that need to be done. 6/10/2022 -- 15:15:57 - <Warning> - [ERRCODE: SC_ERR_NO_RULES(42)] - No rule files match the pattern...
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    suricata install and check

    So thinking of installing suricata but just want to check if this is correct: apt-get install suricata modprobe nfnetlink_queue nano /etc/pve/firewall/132.fw Add below to the file above [OPTIONS] ips: 1 ips_queues: 0 Now go to proxmox a be sure on Datacenter the firewall is enabled which it...
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    Ceph Crush Rule for HDD

    Hi So we have been using the crush rule "replicated rule" for ssds only. I want to now add hdds to each server so we have some "slow" storage with tons of diskspace. Are the steps as per below: 1. Run the following on any node: ceph osd crush rule create-replicated replicated_hdd default...
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    Ceph Debugging off during runtime

    ooo I ran ceph daemon mon.pve-5-ceph config set mon_cluster_log_file_level info on each of the monitors and now no more debugging in ceph logging section Lets see how this goes
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    Ceph Debugging off during runtime

    Hi guys Not ready to shutdown whole Ceph cluster but realised I have debugging on which is default with proxmox install and ceph. So would like to turn off debugging and would really not want to reboot on live cluster. Is it easier just do the following and quote from another google response...
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    Disabling Write Cache on SSDs with Ceph

    Hi guys We have Microns 5210 drives in ceph. I read this today: It states we must disable write cache? Should I do this on all our drives. Can we do it with a live Ceph...
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    disk failure or not?

    Hi I have never seen this before. usually I get disk failed completely but this is new. Please advise if this disk has failed or not. I have another 11 of these disks and they dont give these results only this particular one.
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    Ceph librbd vs krbd

    We typically only have KVM VMs in proxmox and currently use Krbd. I was informed by my colleague librbd is better for qemu kvm worloads. We mainly have vms hosting websites and sql. He stated there is major improvements on librbd recently that make it better? something about it being rewritten...
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    Quotas issue with cgroup2

    Is there no support for Quotas on LXC with cgroup2 If this is the case should we stick to cgroup1 (legacy)? Thanks
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    cpu limit not working.

    Alright its just weird one vps can do this alone on a node on proxmox 7 where we have tons of others than dont on proxmox 6. Will reinstall and check


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