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    Failed to destroy vGPU device.

    Hi Dcsapak, I ended up rebooting the node and then I recovered full access to the GPU. I believe the issue will hapen again, so what info should I get from the syslog /dmesg? both logs were kind of full of information and I'm not sure what could be interesting / usefull and what not. Best Regards
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    Failed to destroy vGPU device.

    Hi Guys, I believe that after applying the workaround, whenever a MV is destroyed, proxmox does not release the vGPU properly and therefore it does not allow to use it back. I do believe that rebooting the system will allow me to have the Vgpus available that is something I would like to avoid...
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    VGPU with a16 in a pve cluster

    Hi Everyone, We have a 3 node cluster where one of the nodes has a A16 Nvidia GPU. The installation is working perfectly and we are able to see the GPU when running the nvidia-smi. We can even select the GPU and the part we want when creating the VM. The problem is that everytime we try to...
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    Open Nebula VS Proxmox

    Hi All, We have set up a new HPC and the HW / Software provided suggested using Open nebula as a virtualization environment so we can public services. Has any of you had any experience working on a proxmox in an HPC environment? We would like to be able to "divide" GPUS into smaller pieces...
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    iscsi connection lost after reboot

    Solved setting correctly the file you mention! Thanks!
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    iscsi connection lost after reboot

    Hello! We have a QNAP with a LUN and we would like to connect to this device using iscsi so we can send all the backups to that storage. root@pbs:~# iscsiadm -m discovery -t st -p -o update,1 root@pbs:~#...
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    VM gone after joining cluster

    Thanks for the answer tuonoazzurro! Yeah but I would like to believe that Im not the first person on making the mistake of adding the node with VM already on it. how do I use the vzdump to do the backup and restore? Sereno
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    VM gone after joining cluster

    I deleted the node that had the virtual machines from the cluster and it seems the 3 nodes cluster is OK. I Started the corosyng on the 4th node and the pve service and now I can login the web service but still I cant see the machines this node had. Besides, in this node I can still see the...
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    VM gone after joining cluster

    I tried to follow these steps but now I cant even login to the web
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    VM gone after joining cluster

    Hi, I created a cluster wit 3 proxmoxs nodes and when I addedd the fourth node, the virtual machines that where on this 4th node are gone. I see that the images of these VM are still located in /mnt (which is a 2TB second hard diss) Is there any way I could recover these VM? Can I copy those...


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