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    Packet loss on VMs, but not with Proxmox directly

    I figured I'd come in and give an update to my problem. I'm uncertain why this hasn't bee a problem previously; however my router and AP extenders are using some form of spanning tree protocol that is incompatible with STP provided by Proxmox (Linux) and even my unmanaged switch. To solve my...
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    Packet loss on VMs, but not with Proxmox directly

    I've found this rather newer and mention of Proxmox 8 thread on the subject. I'm not certain if my issue is exactly the same. I've been running a a pair of Proxmox workstations, they aren't in a pve cluster, for about 2 years. Just last week I physically upgraded one of the computers and...
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    [TUTORIAL] Proxmox storage - Host to VM folder passthrough with 9p

    I wanted to come in and first thank you and second say that this seems to work fantastic on Gentoo, e.g. not Debian only (although I suspect the Debian only portion comes from copy pasta?) My use case is to keep a shared /home between my VMs.
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    LXC Specific Commands For University Machine Learning Work Manager Cluster

    In case anyone needs this information too, regarding what I meant by /dev/nvidia* not getting hooked in. user@university-00:~# ls -al /dev/nvidia* crw-rw-rw- 1 nobody nogroup 507, 0 Apr 6 20:00 /dev/nvidia-uvm crw-rw-rw- 1 nobody nogroup 507, 1 Apr 6 20:00 /dev/nvidia-uvm-tools crw-rw-rw- 1...
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    LXC Specific Commands For University Machine Learning Work Manager Cluster

    I see my lxc information is out of date. Here is an example lxc.conf, 70114.conf. arch: amd64 cores: 4 features: nesting=1 hostname: universitygpu-00.mll memory: 32768 net0: name=eth0,bridge=vmbr0,firewall=1,hwaddr=D2:B3:41:7C:B5:FB,ip=dhcp,tag=216,type=vethonboot: 1 ostype: ubuntu rootfs...
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    LXC Specific Commands For University Machine Learning Work Manager Cluster

    @sargreal, hello! Thank you very much for the information. I have yet to come back to locating the source of the files I copied out of the lxc snap! Since I don't know where to begin with helping troubleshoot your issue, I've sent you my notes and configuration. Hopefully this helps! If so...
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    LXC Specific Commands For University Machine Learning Work Manager Cluster

    Reproducing my steps today, there is a step that is necessary. If you run /usr/bin/nvidia-container-cli and get a dlsym error (null) copying the libraries requires ldconfig to refresh the file. This problem manifests as the container unable to start. If you ptc start <your_vmid>...
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    LXC Specific Commands For University Machine Learning Work Manager Cluster

    In summary, it does appear that the nvidia hook script shipped with LXC automatically discovered and mounts the devices in from the host simply by setting the MIG's UUID in the environment.
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    LXC Specific Commands For University Machine Learning Work Manager Cluster

    Good evening! Here is how I made this work. Forenote: The container must be unprivileged! The Nvidia script within the lxc distribution will exit 1 if it's privileged. Beginning: You must already have the nvidia drivers setup and your MIG devices working. Fix the /usr/share/lxc/hooks/nvidia...
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    LXC Specific Commands For University Machine Learning Work Manager Cluster

    Good afternoon! I'm in need of running a specific LXC command and I'm not certain how to do this. I need to attach a GPU to a container using the gputype=mig, although I cannot find any examples of gputype=physical for Proxmox either. The Proxmox articles I've read seems to want to bind device...
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    NVIDIA MIG (Multi-Instance GPU) on Proxmox

    Hello! I am actively working on this for a project at my employment. There are a lot of misunderstandings in this threat. First the A100 and A30 support MIG (Multi-Instance Graphics) which is not GRID. MIG partitions the A100 and A30s in to smaller contexts. GRID uses vGPU technology that create...
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    Nightly backup causes VM instability

    I certainly can provide more information! Our backup server is 24 core Xeon system, 256 GB of RAM running Proxmox Backup Server. The main storage is a 24 drive raidz2, all constituent drives are Seagate 2TB 12/Gbs SATA 7200 RPM drives. In the discourse of attempting to maximize bandwidth we...
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    Nightly backup causes VM instability

    Hello! Thank you for this! A little more information. The VM that becomes unstable during backups is stored on our Ceph storage, as are all of our VMs. There are 5 enterprise hosts, soon to be 8, participating in the Ceph network with 35 SSDs spread equally across the participating hosts and 4...
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    Nightly backup causes VM instability

    Hello! We're have issues, even after upgrading to 7.1, every night one of our file servers becomes unstable during a backup. We've used NFS, SMB and now Proxmox Backup Server. The VM is showing hung tasks in dmesg and occasionally the NFS services will fail and only a reboot clears the issue...
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    Is this common on the forums now?

    This is very surprising...
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    Proxmox Backups Maximum Throughput/ Slow

    Hello! I'm hoping to get some recommendations. We're seeing a strange cap on backup speeds, around 125 MB/s regardless of source, Ceph, ZFS, local drives and destination with various protocols and destinations, NFS, Samba, Proxmox Backup Server, flash backed storage, spinning drives, SSD write...
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    Guests Hang During Backup

    Hello, I've noticed that during a backup of a guest the guest becomes intermittently hung, dropping packets, crazy network lag of over 10 seconds and/or even occasionally getting host unreachable errors for the duration of the backup job. The source storage is Ceph and the destination storage is...
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    SPF SMTP Checks

    Hello! SPF is causing us an issues with SMTP. We use Proxmox Mail Gateway in our environment in front of our mailman server. We receive email through Google Suite. Addresses to our mailman server are forwarded from Google Suite to our list server. Because of this the incoming IP will always be...
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    Tag But Never Quarantine

    Thank you very much! I was successful in disabling quarantining mail and setting spam level headers so that our list server could mark messages as possible spam for moderators!
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    Tag But Never Quarantine

    Hello, I'm trying to find some configuration in which I can disable the quarantining of all messages coming through Promox Mail Gateway. For some reason I cannot find any documentation on the subject. In my environment the downstream mail server must handle this. All I have to do is alter the...


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