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    Drive with data, independent of VMs

    yes, only from CLI / Shell :
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    Extremely slow upload speed without compression on a 10G nic

    don't forget to edit title to solved when it's confirmed.
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    [PVE] High I/O delay when transferring data

    imo, ZFS for home lab is too costly if you need performance. keep ext4/Lvmthin over your hw raid, even better for iops switch to hw Raid10.
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    My VM doesn't boot anymore. The VM disk is on a ZFS. SMART passed. Any ideas?

    can be a result of cache=writeback, crash at the wrong moment, then guest can lost important data. disable it.
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    Proxmox ZFS ARC cache max size (auto)configuration script
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    Proxmox ZFS ARC cache max size (auto)configuration script

    FYI, since v8.1 (Nov. 2023) new install limit zfs arc size to 10% of the host ram.
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    [SOLVED] Firewall not blocking on vm level

    yes it's typical, because "current" / ETABLISHED connections are not blocked. only new connections.
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    WinServer 2022 poor performance on Proxmox 8.1.3

    only bench tab is revelant. seems cpu-z score is correct. try trial passmark benchmark, there is more comparative numbers. edit : check disks performance like Crystal Disk Mark benchmark, with and without Windows write cache, besides if Windows is AD controller, within guest write cache is...
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    Change Pve Ip by web interface not change in welcome tty

    doesn't work because /etc/issue is generated each boot by PVE banner service. ip in /etc/hosts need updated too.
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    Please explain LVM Thin making your existing Proxmox drive a mirror

    Why ?! ZFS for PVE OS only is perfect with spinners, there isn't slowdown. But ZFS on spinners for VM storage will be slow depending your guests and workload. For me, SSD are mandatory for Win10+ or Win Server 2016+
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    HDD passthrough Question doesn't format disk, just passthrough. notice SMART status of disk isn't passthrough.
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    WinServer 2022 poor performance on Proxmox 8.1.3

    Report CPU benchmark like Passmark / Pcmark10 / cpu-z Report CrystalDisk Mark
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    Virtual Disk question

    truenas require its own dedicated disks, at least pass-through disks or better pass-through a hba. ZFS on ZFS is only ok to do some tests.
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    LXC with Rocky Linux and IPV6 drops the IPV6 connection after a couple of minutes

    edit: seems confirmed : Rocky9 ipv6 automatic address broken since kernel 6.8 edit2 : it seems works after many minutes where ipv6 is instant with kernel before 6.8 just tried a Rocky 9 CT on PVE 8.0 + Kernel 6.2.16-3 , ipv6 works with DHCP or SLAAC. upgraded PVE to 8.2 + Kernel 6.8.4-2...
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    Extremely slow upload speed without compression on a 10G nic

    try with PVE 7.4 and its Kernel 5.15 , on spare disk , just to confirm if ixgbe problem, there was some reports since 6.2 kernel.
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    Extremely slow upload speed without compression on a 10G nic

    what pve version and what kernel version ?
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    Extremely slow upload speed without compression on a 10G nic

    iperf3 test is upload, add -R to test download what about scp now ?
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    Use raid hardware alongside zfs for Disks Setup

    integrated sata ports are provided by smart array b110i which is not a hw raid controller but a "software raid", better to switch the b110i to stock ahci controller then zfs will be ok. Remember ZFS isn't speedy.


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