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    proxmox-backup-proxy.service is not running on ipv4

    I have a fresh install (from iso) of PBS coz we wanna test it out, however the proxmox-backup-proxy.service is not running on ipv4 and only on ipv6. The installer is the newest one (proxmox-backup-server_1.1-1.iso). I've tried stopping, restarting and starting the daemon but to no avail. Thanks...
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    hi there :) . if youre not too busy, i need your brains. Thread about multiple nfs storage...

    hi there :) . if youre not too busy, i need your brains. Thread about multiple nfs storage setup. Thanka alot!
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    multiple NFS storage setup for HA cluster & simulate a failed node

    hi all! I have 3 nodes in HA cluster using Proxmox 5.4 . The nodes use the public IP for cluster communication and the private network for the storage network. Each node has an NFS storage shared with the other nodes. The disk in all 3 nodes are in RAID 1 (mirroring) (the reason i cant use ceph...
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    [SOLVED] ceph OSD creation using a partition

    we're gonna start with 3 servers, and scale it up in the future. i tried making different partitions (logical, primary, lv) with different filesystems (ext4, xfs), but still i cant find the partitions when creating an osd. i tried creating an osd using cli, but it gives me an error: ceph-disk...
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    [SOLVED] ceph OSD creation using a partition

    hi all. i need help in creating osd in my partition. in our server, we are provided with 2 nvme drive in raid-1. this is the partition: root@XXXXXXXX:~# lsblk NAME MAJ:MIN RM SIZE RO TYPE MOUNTPOINT nvme1n1 259:0 0 1.8T 0 disk ├─nvme1n1p1 259:1 0 511M 0 part...
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    [SOLVED] cluster network and storage network

    hi everyone! We are migrating our server to a different cloud provider. While reading a documentation, i read this: "Storage communication should never be on the same network as corosync!". Our server must have HA and data redundancy/ data high availability (using ceph). The problem is, our...
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    PVE nested virtualization

    Thanks aaron , i was able to create the setup (albeit with lots of trial and errors and flipping from one documentation to another haha)
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    PVE nested virtualization

    Hi all. Im very new to proxmox but i need to simulate a cluster in my physical [proxmox] server. Reasons for doing this simulation/test are : test HA, test live migration, test ceph storage, 4 nodes HA amongst others. Here are my objectives (feel free to tell me anything i missed): a...
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    [SOLVED] Node configuration

    thanks alot mate! Indeed four nodes or any number of nodes work just fine. One must read the corosync votequorum manual haha
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    [SOLVED] Node configuration

    Hi all. I wanna ask a few questions: 1. if proxmox nodes in HA cluster must have the same specs (ram, cores). Ive read the documentation for HA but im not sure if it is implied that nodes must have the same specs. i will create a test cluster anyways this week, but would save me time if i have...
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    Cant connect to web interface. PVEPROXY error

    my issues have been resolved. turns out my hostname is wrong (i must use the same hostname i gave to my computer) and i made a self-signed certificate (thats the reason i can't connect tho all the daemon and ports are open and running). SORRY FOR NOT CLOSING THIS THREAD.
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    Cant connect to web interface. PVEPROXY error

    7. sudo pvecm updatecerts -f: (re)generate node files generate new node certificate Error Loading request extension section v3_req 139744995070016:error:220A4076:X509 V3 routines:a2i_GENERAL_NAME:bad ip address:../crypto/x509v3/v3_alt.c:441:value=fe80::32e1:71ff:fe87:b0ed%enp2s0...
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    Cant connect to web interface. PVEPROXY error

    hello guys. I have a proxmox 5.x installed on top of Debian 9, local. I followed the official guide for installing proxmox in debian 9 , but i cant connect to the web interface. ======================================================================== 1. I "nmap [ip address] -p 8006" : Host is...


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