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    New cluster - storage solution

    Actually, the product is software and you purchase your own hardware (through them). Their supported platforms are either Dell or Supermicro hardware and then you license their software. We purchased a couple systems through Blockbridge. They will spec out...
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    Virtual machine crashes after HA migration

    I tried setting the CPU type to Broadwell, stopping/starting the VM and then attempting to live migrate it. Unfortunately, the VM still locked up after the migration was complete.
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    Virtual machine crashes after HA migration

    I am still having issues with live migrating from a Dell PE640 to a Dell PE630. The reverse migration works just fine 630 > 640. So if this still an issue and how can it be worked around? I don't see any resolution in the bug reports. I did check the time on all servers in the cluster and they...
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    [SOLVED] Problems with moving disk VM

    I am encountering the same issue. What should this be changed to? Native or threads?
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    New cluster - storage solution

    @dignus We have been a Blockbridge customer for just about a year now and are in the process of installing our second set of storage units in another datacenter. So far things have worked flawlessly. The folks at Blockbridge are great to work with in terms getting setup and long term support...
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    SOLVED: SolusVM KVM to Proxmox Migration

    Show the logical volumes of the VM's # lvs LV VG Attr LSize Pool Origin Data% Meta% Move Log Cpy%Sync Convert kvm361_img ssd_vg -wi-ao---- 10.00g kvm363_img ssd_vg -wi-a----- 60.00g kvm364_img ssd_vg -wi-ao---- 45.00g kvm365_img ssd_vg...
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    Upgrade Clustered PMG 5 servers to 7

    I have a clustered pair of version 5 PMG's that up for license renewal. I've been debating whether it would be easier to update the version 5 servers to 7 using the existing licenses and also keeping live traffic running through them or if I should just purchase another set of licenses and start...
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    Recover from stuck live migration

    The problem was an orphaned multi-path device that likely occurred during volume deactivation. I've manually cleaned up the device paths, and the system is now operating normally.
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    Recover from stuck live migration

    I was in the process of migrating all VM's from a server running pve 7.1-11 to 7.1-12 so I could update it. It migrated several VM's and then stopped and the server turned to a grey question mark. It has been about a half hour and it doesn't appear like the migration is still progressing. All of...
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    Removing NFS datastore from PVE 6

    I want to shutdown a shared NFS server that is setup in our PVE 6 cluster. I went to Datacenter -> Storage and Remove for the datastores that used that server. They all disappeared from the hosts in the GUI but when I do a df on the unix shell I see that NFS server is still mounted on all the...
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    Determining Backup Server Specs

    I have been wanting to build PBS server but have a few questions. I have about 80 TB of VM's to backup. I know SSD drives are the recommended drives to use in a PBS but SSD drives are extremely expensive at the moment. Does anyone have suggestions on good SSD drives for this type of use that...
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    Building a separate ceph storage cluster

    We're evaluating different shared storage and we're contemplating using ceph. We've tried this in the past with a hyper- converged set up and it didn't go so well so we're wanting to build a separate ceph cluster to integrate with our proxmox cluster. We've read the benchmark document and have...
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    Utilize existing storage servers with PBS

    For a long time we've been using TrueNAS and Synology NASes as NFS storage for our PVE systems and just doing a a vzdump to them for backups. We are interested in using PBS instead but I am curious if we can utilize our existing storage servers (TrueNAS/Synology) with PBS instead of building a...
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    Remote Windows 2012 P2V Conversion

    Yes, this is still on my never ending To Do list. If you wouldn't mind sending me a private message, I would be interested to learn the backup provider you are using so I can give it a try. Thanks, Eric
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    Remote Windows 2012 P2V Conversion

    The server is running sharepoint and some other web/database apps. I was thinking if I could get the system copied and running on proxmox and then re-sync the files / databases when it goes live. Has anyone converted a Veeam backup to an image that can be imported into proxmox? Eric
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    Remote Windows 2012 P2V Conversion

    Unfortunately, I cannot take the server offline for an extended period of time so am hoping to do a live copy of some sort. Any one have experience with Veeam backup for doing this?
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    Remote Windows 2012 P2V Conversion

    I would like to convert a physical Windows 2012 R2 server to a KVM based VM. The difficult part is that the server is currently in a remote data center and I don't have local hands access to it. Therefore I need to be able to do a live copy over the internet to an image that I can be imported...
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    Proxmox Mail Gateway 6.4 released

    Is there an upgrade path for PMG 5.x to 6.4?
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    Cannot mount NFS export on proxmox 6

    Proxmox 6 has some timeout issues dealing with NFS v3 or 4 on Synology which causes it to hang. Unfortunately, I have not found a fix other than using some other NFS server besides Synology.
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    [SOLVED] unreachable

    Turns out our firewall had an http/https block on this range for some reason. It is all sorted out now. Sorry for the noise.


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