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    Really low Fsync on fresh Server

    hmm yeah I read about that. So can I work with these values or is under the requirements of proxmox? I read somewhere 200 fsync minimum. The old Server had huge IO Delay, especially when Data Syncs were made with owncloud for example, so that appliances in different VM's were stuttering. I hoped...
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    Really low Fsync on fresh Server

    the tested /dev/sda3 uses ext4 , like in the default installation of the proxmox images from hetzner itself(I tried their proxmox version 4 images also, these have similar results like mentioned above)
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    Really low Fsync on fresh Server

    Hello there, I'm currently moving my Server to a new one and started with a fresh installation. I installed Debian Stretch Minimal and ontop Proxmox with the actual Version. I have tried with and without Software Raid and got similar results with pveperf which is confusing me a bit. heres the...
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    USB Mouse/Keyboard Passthrough to Win7/Win10

    Hello there, I'm currently trying to passthrough a wireless usb keyboard + mouse set from microsoft. This set works flawless in Ubuntu VM. With Windows 7 and Windows 10 the devices seem to unplug themselves after some time. I can for example try a windows installation and press the "any" key...
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    GPU Passthrough on AMD Machine

    Code43 Error still there with SeaBios(win7) and omvf(win10). I was able to install the Geforce Drivers and am seeing output of the monitor , so the device is working - now only Nvidias Virtual Detection Mechanism blocks my Graphics Card from whole usage(like geforce experience shows that there...
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    GPU Passthrough on AMD Machine

    omfg... 1 1/2 weeks of hard trial and error and reading nearly EVERYTHING to this topic I got it... the problem: Motherboard without Onboard Graphics Card and 1st Pci/e Device What happens here... >as soon as your system starts your initial grahics card vbios will be shadowed as written in...
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    GPU Passthrough on AMD Machine

    It's working now....but just with some help I tried inserting a 2nd card(old 8800gt), which worked right out of the box, even in the 1st slot, and after that the 2nd(the gt 1030) also worked 8800gt 1st pcie slot(01:00) , 1030gt 2nd pcie slot(02:00 with 02:00.0 and 02:00.1) my current mainboard...
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    Network Card : VirtIO Bug?

    Hello there, I have a small problem with DHCP Server + Client in Virtual Machines using VirtIO network device. dhcpd: 5 bad udp checksum in 5 packets I alread read some other forums and mailing list for this problem and it looks like the VirtIO Network Device is not generating correct...
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    Proxmox really slow

    I've been using software raid on my productive system and It's really really bad with perfomance and I/O Delay. I tried using owncloud as VM and one sync on the owncloud vm destroyed every others VM perfomance. Now without Software Raid on my test system the perfomance is much better and there...
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    GPU OVMF PCI PASSTHROUGH error : "using uefi without permanent efivars disk"

    that uefi is a bit tricky you got to be a) pretty fast with selecting to start the windows install cause it goes to the shell within 5-10 seconds b) disable the boot options you don't need (start with disk + cdrom and be quick with pressing the "press a key to start from cd..." , later put only...
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    [SOLVED] Trying to GPU passthrough but no iommu_groups

    it looks like IOMMU is still disabled in your BIOS. go in the bios under CPU Configuration and search for IOMMU and enable it. Refering to the manual of your mainboard it is capable of it...
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    GPU Passthrough on AMD Machine

    qm showcmd 105 | grep --color -e "--cpu '\S*'" gives me nothing with a fresh vm. but I can do qm show/showcmd 105 (btw. the commands show/showcmd give the same output?) and when i filter manually for -cpu I have this(fresh win10vm,cpu=host): -cpu...
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    GPU Passthrough on AMD Machine

    yeah, it was not. the IOMMU option has to be mentioned in the BIOS, just Secure Virtual Machine won't work. some vendors seem to write a step-by-step guide for the bios in their manuals, if you find them online, you can look for IOMMU via quick search. I swapped now the Mainboard to a asrock...
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    secure webinterface - change port 8006 proxmox 4.4

    hey there, maybe try next time google > as stated in the thread , just changing port is NOT security... you can redirect via iptables for example iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -p tcp --dport 443 -j...
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    GPU Passthrough on AMD Machine

    Hey there, I'm currently trying to setup a cheap & simple Server for some Testing purposes. I came up with some problems with setting up GPU Passthrough. The Hardware im using: Processor : AMD FX-4300 (Virtualization capable, wiki said FX-Series is capable of AMD-Vi) Motherboard : ASROCK...


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