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  1. gurubert

    Adding external CEPH node to Proxmox CEPH cluster

    Funny, I always thought a Ceph node is more expensive because of the additional storage.
  2. gurubert

    Question about how to setup VM's with a dedicated ethernet port.

    Just put the physical NIC as port into a new bridge (e.g. vmbr1) without giving it an IP address. Then you can use the bridge for the vNICs of the VMs.
  3. gurubert

    HA and poweroff inside VM

    That would require the user inside the VM to have access to the Proxmox API.
  4. gurubert

    HA and poweroff inside VM

    Would it be technically possible to implement this as a feature?
  5. gurubert

    HA and poweroff inside VM

    When a VM is protected by HA and a poweroff runs inside the VM the VM is happily started again by the HA manager. Is it possible to tell the HA manager from within the VM (via qemu-guest-agent maybe) that the VM should stay powered off?
  6. gurubert

    CEPH Offline Installation

    The Ceph packages for the current versions can be found here:
  7. gurubert

    Routed Configuration with IPv6 not working

    BTW: Why do you use a routed setup anyway? If the VMs have public IPs why not use a bridged configuration?
  8. gurubert

    Ceph change network errors

    You cannot just change the Ceph public network. Additional MONs need to be deployed in the new network before you can shutdown the old ones. MONs bind to a specific IP address and cannot change it.
  9. gurubert

    ceph subvolume snapshot

    You do not need a subvolume to add another data pool to an filesystem:
  10. gurubert

    ceph subvolume snapshot

    CephFS subvolumes are usually only used within Kubernetes. What is your usecase?
  11. gurubert

    Graid SupremeRAID™ now supports Proxmox.

    Can this be used as a shared storage in a Proxmox cluster? The documentation only talks about one Proxmox node and formatting the graid device with ext4, which cannot be shared between multiple Proxmox nodes.
  12. gurubert

    Routed Configuration with IPv6 not working

    The gateway 2600:1234:1234:1234::1 would send packets to 2600:1234:1234:1234::91 into its LAN, trying to resolve the MAC address via neighbor discovery. Your guest with this IP is not in the same broadcast domain, hence neighbor discovery will not find it. The gateway has no destination to send...
  13. gurubert

    RAM-usage Verhalten in meinem PVE

    Weil das nicht nur Schreib-, sondern auch Lesecache ist. ZFS ist RAM-hungrig.
  14. gurubert

    RAM-usage Verhalten in meinem PVE

    Kann es sein, dass das einfach der Filesystemcache ist? Ist da ZFS im Einsatz?
  15. gurubert

    Guest interface visible on the host level

    If you want to see the VM's traffic you can already run tcpdump on the tap interface for the VM (or the bridge). The IP configuration should be available in the GUI when the qemu-guest-agent is running. The MAC address can be read from the config file in /etc/pve/nodes/*/qemu-server/*.conf.
  16. gurubert

    Unable to access internet

    You cannot have a gateway when your local network is
  17. gurubert

    Guest interface visible on the host level

    Why would you want to have that?
  18. gurubert

    IPv6 Not working on new Proxmox VE installation

    You try to use the Proxmox node as router: But then you use the same IPv6 network for the connection between Proxmox and the Microtik device and between Proxmox and the VMs. How would that work? You need to assign a different IPv6 network to vmbr1 and the VMs or use bridged networking.
  19. gurubert

    They asked me for a CEPH deployment plan!

    If you deploy more than one corosync ring these should really be physically separate networks including the switches. Otherwise it does not make any sense.


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