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    lxc passthrough to already running container?

    I'm overseas at the moment, so the best I can do is a quick SSH into the host I needed this to work on.... In my udev rules, I have the following for the device I needed added (the "RUN" section is the command it runs). No idea if it's actually working, but the weather station has been reporting...
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    Lost cluster config...

    I just restarted pve-cluster on the "missing" node to grab the log output it was giving me before... It had been saying something about keys or authentication when I posted... But after restarting, it now shows up as having quorum, and if I do "pvecm status" it all looks good. Time heals all...
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    Lost cluster config...

    After doing a dist-upgrade on my nodes today, one node dropped out. I tried several things suggested in various "lost node" posts, eventually attempting "pvecm add <node> --force".... This resulted in the node I ran the command on showing the entire cluster as blank (no storage, no VMs), but...
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    Mixed LVM/ZFS cluster... Migration?

    OK - I thought that would be the answer. Disappointing since it'll be slow, but sometimes that's just how life goes :)
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    Mixed LVM/ZFS cluster... Migration?

    If I've got 3 servers, two with default PVE created ZFS, and the other with default PVE created LVM-thin storage, is there a way to create a storage entry that works on both to store disk images so I can migrate containers between them? I've got 20 containers currently sitting on 2 temporary...
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    Suggestion: Tips and Tricks sub-forum

    Wikis aren't a good place to discuss why or how a particular thing works, or how something could be done better. A forum is a place for discussion. A wiki is a place for documenting something once it's understood.
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    lxc passthrough to already running container?

    Is there an equivalent lxc command for the old "vzctl set <vmid> devnodes <device>:rw"? I have a somewhat unstable USB serial device I need passed to an LXC container. On PVE3.4, I used the above command in a udev rule to automatically reconnect the device each time it reinitialized on the...
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    <vmid>.conf comments?

    I see that the "Notes" section is recorded within the conf files by using a # symbol like it's a comment. Is this the only comment symbol that can be used in <vmid>.conf files, or is there another that is treated as not being a "note"? I have several containers that use external hardware and...
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    Upgrade 5.4 to 6 and NFS

    Check the obvious if you haven't - IP address on the Proxmox machine is what you think it is, IP address is in the allowed hosts on the NFS server, etc.
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    Memory Upgrade Troubles

    If you can deal with some down time, try a few live CDs from similar distros - Debian, Ubuntu, Mint, etc and see if any of those show the same thing. Perhaps also try cat /proc/meminfo on an older (and newer if you're not already up to date) Proxmox ISOs (don't need to install, just boot the...
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    Proxmox VE 6.0 released!

    I did a standalone box yesterday with the same problem. Had to kill a few processes to get it moving again. Got the same problem again on the first of my home boxes. I didn't record any notes yesterday, but today I had the following: "Setting up lxc-pve (3.1.0-61) ..." Resolved by killing...
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    PVE3.4 - Safely break up cluster?

    I just tried shutting down the spare node and doing the "expected 1", and everything returned to working state. I'll be reinstalling with 5.x anyway, so I'll just ignore the reference to the second node. Fun and games ahead for me now :D LOL - yeah, and so it should be for all of us. I can't...
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    PVE3.4 - Safely break up cluster?

    I have 2 nodes running 3.4 as a cluster. I want to break this up so I can upgrade/reinstall one with 5.x and start migrating the VZ containers to LXC. Instructions seem to be to shut down node to be upgraded/reinstalled, then run "pvecm delnode <node>" on remaining node. However I have concerns...
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    Syslog is flooded with: lxcfs[2775]: Internal error: truncated write to cache

    Adding a "me too" to this. Mine are all surrounded by systemd-timesyncd[<PID>]: interval/delta/delay/jitter/drift 32s/-0.209s/0.169s/0.217s/-500ppm Trying to track down a random slowdown issue we're having... Not sure if this is cause or effect.
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    VM list/tree sorting?

    Been busy the last few days... Finally got there... The reason I suggested having an option present in the GUI itself is that I would sometimes want to flip between sort orders. Sometimes I would prefer hostnames, sometimes I'd want to sort by...
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    VM list/tree sorting?

    Something that has always bugged me about Proxmox's web GUI is the left column/tree listing is sorted by VM type, then VMID, with no option to change it (at least not that I've ever found)... Personally, I'm usually thinking about hostnames, not VMIDs. It would be nice if there was a few...
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    directory based storage in lxc

    I finally got around to testing this today. The above command is slightly wrong.... At least for my test install. I had to run: zfs refquota=<size> <diskpath> Not sure if this is a change in zfs or a typo in morph027's post. But aside from that, I can confirm it works great. I might now have...
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    directory based storage in lxc

    Care to explain a bit more? I can't see anything like that happening. I reinstalled Proxmox choosing ZFS-RAID0 in the installer. I then created a CT with default 8GB storage, and like before I could expand this, but not shrink it. You used the word "quota" too... There's a tickbox labeled...
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    directory based storage in lxc

    Also, the OpenVZ method allowed for expanding and shrinking as required. If a container needed an extra 100GB for some temporary files, you could just increase it, then decrease it later when those files were gone. You can effectively "move" the free space from one container to another. This is...
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    Can LXC backup be restored to OpenVZ?

    I cheated a little bit with mine. I only needed to recover 1 LXC container back to VZ, and it was only 20GB. I shut down the LXC container, then copied the raw image file to our NAS. Then I reinstalled 3.4, and recovered the old VZ version of the backup for that container. Once it was restored...


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