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    Proxmox Mail Gateway 8.0 available

    Hi, Is it possible to upgrade from 6 to 8 directly with a new install on a fresh vm (no in-place upgrade)? thx
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    Mailgateway PMG and Bookworm / pmg-enterprise.list (sources.list)

    A new version of PMG should be shipped soon with debian 12 support, usually there's PVE/PBS first then PMG.
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    How to limit number of sending email / hour on pmg ?

    Sadly a rate limiting is not implemented in PMG (I don't think it's on the roadmap) See : I would like to have a rate limiting in PMG this would simplify a lot the control flow of mail (everything comes out of the PMG...
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    [SOLVED] Access to pgsql DB denied after IP change

    Nice catch it was that. Might be worth to add in the documentation, we have it on 'No' by default to comply to some CIS rules there might be other people in the same boat Anyway, has always thanks for your time and help !
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    [SOLVED] Access to pgsql DB denied after IP change

    Pretty normal sshd_config : Include /etc/ssh/sshd_config.d/*.conf LogLevel INFO LoginGraceTime 60 PermitRootLogin yes MaxAuthTries 4 HostbasedAuthentication no IgnoreRhosts yes PermitEmptyPasswords no ChallengeResponseAuthentication no UsePAM yes AllowTcpForwarding no X11Forwarding no PrintMotd...
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    [SOLVED] Access to pgsql DB denied after IP change

    So I've rebuild both server and imported the backup of the master : mv pmg-backup_2023_06_19_64906A94.tgz /var/lib/pmg/backup/ # I restored from GUI sudo nano /etc/ssh/sshd_config => Allow root access with password systemctl restart sshd # This block was not working because I still had the old...
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    [SOLVED] Access to pgsql DB denied after IP change

    Hi, I've set up a PMG proxy on temp IP, then I moved the cluster to the proper IP, for which I needed to delete and re-create the cluster. I've removed nodes from the master, deleted all cluster.conf files, redo the iptables and now I get this error : Received request to connect to path...
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    Allow administrator to put custom score ?

    We work in a 1 client = 1 PMG instance, this is why they have admin access, they are autonomous on the management of the spam filter but for security reason and compliance we cannot give them the root password, so in our case give the access to custom score change is not a problem. But I...
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    Allow administrator to put custom score ?

    Root access is reserved for the admin team, and our client as access to the mail filter as an admin and want to be able to modify custom score
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    Allow administrator to put custom score ?

    Hi, I believe that in the past, administrator could create custom score in PMG I just tried to increase the score of a rule and I got a permission denied because I was not in root access. How can I allow administrator to make change of score ? Regards
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    Tracking center does not read all the mail.log file

    Thanks for your answer. Sadly my PMG did not read the .gz files, so I ended up recreating a syslog file and importing every thing in this file, idk why it did not read the rotated file
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    Tracking center does not read all the mail.log file

    HI, Due to an agressive logrotate we had a rotation a bit to soon in the mail.log file I've unzipped older mail log and put every log in the same mail.log file But pmg only show what was in the rotatef mail.log (ie nothing before 13/06/2023 midnight, I get a "no data in database") Does the...
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    Proxmox VE 8.0 (beta) released!

    Hi, Hope I can ask this here, is there any plan for an official Terraform provider made by Proxmox for PVE 8.0 ? I would like to push a bit more of proxmox in my company but it's hard to push without a proper Terraform provider made by the company. Regards !
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    [SOLVED] Debian 12 support

    Hi, I have some PMG cluster to provide in 3 weeks, does PMG 7 is supported for debian 12 as it is release in 4 days as stable ? Just to know if I spin up debian 11 or 12 vm. Regards.
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    Blocking TLD

    You can use this one if you want to block multiples TLD : @.+\.(bio|otherTLD|otherTLD)$
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    How to get more info in logs about GUI actions ?

    I have a complain about my team adding in the blacklist, but I know that no-one on our team did that, so I got into the proxmox log to check that out but the log does not give the ID of the object when created so I can't match that with the deletion of in the blacklist. Here...
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    How to get more info in logs about GUI actions ?

    Hi, Is it possible to have more info when someone make an action in the GUI for audit ? For exemple here is a log line (pmgproxy.log) when a user add a domain to a blacklist <user> [31/08/2022:09:29:54 +0200] "POST /api2/extjs/config/ruledb/who/2/domain HTTP/1.1" 200 25 This is a proper start...
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    ClamAV CVE-2023-20032 CVSS 9.8

    Hi, Just a heads-up, clamAV just disclose a vulnerability for all current clamAV version : You might want to patch your PMG instance ASAP, I need confirmation here but...
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    Error : said: 451 4.4.0 detected undelivered mail to <address>

    Thanks, i've commented the line in error following the thread I previously linked until an update fix this problem. Thanks for your time !
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    Error : said: 451 4.4.0 detected undelivered mail to <address>

    Seems like a UTF-8 char in a header : X-IDTYPMAIL: 189 - ENQU�TE


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