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    Corosync upgrade udpu vs knet

    Hello! Finally I have upgraded my cluster to ProxMox 6 too, but had some problems: first I had faced that the pve5to6 showing me the error: FAIL: Corosync transport explicitly set to 'udpu' instead of implicit default! I had not used multicast in Corosync 2 with ProxMox 5, because some nodes of...
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    ZFS "refreservation" property twice the size of the VM

    I'm sorry for too late answering... Oh, yes. Sorry for my language... I'm not sure I'm using it. No mirroring in the pool, that's all I know. Yes. The discard was disabled!.. And it was the first replication step, the full sync of the VM disk. When the full sync finished and I have enabled...
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    ZFS "refreservation" property twice the size of the VM

    Hello! I guess it is the other problem described there, because the "refreservation" was reported there is zero ("zfs get all" reported it as "none"). But this problem has refreservation with size of a VM disk... I have had this problem just a minute ago... and "solved" it for myself with this...
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    ZFS snapshot failed: got timeout

    Hello! I'm having this problem with replication too. Maybe my VM have too much load for my hardware, as it shows 100% loaded hard disk very often, mostly on much non-sequential write operations... It does not crush my work, but I have to check such messages, because when everything is Ok there...
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    Proxmox 4.3 dpkg-reconfigure console-setup fails

    Thank You very much! Now I can see Cyrillic in console, staying on "en_US.UTF-8" locale. But in the noVNC shell of my ProxMox node all Cyrillic symbols are still displaying as blanks...
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    Proxmox 4.3 dpkg-reconfigure console-setup fails

    I have same error on pve-manager/4.4-17/70a65945 (running kernel: 4.4.76-1-pve)...
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    Upgrade from pve-manager 4.1-22 to 4.1-33 fails

    I just had same errors, but in some different reason: i had linked "stretch" version of ProxMox repository into "jessie" Debian to apt... Be never hurry.
  8. R wants /var/lib/ceph/osd/ceph-$id/keyring, but it's missing

    The solution was simple... I had just to add the key "--partscan" to the losetup command when connecting virtual disk on boot. It being load as a service at "/etc/systemd/system" folder: It works as expected so far...
  9. R wants /var/lib/ceph/osd/ceph-$id/keyring, but it's missing

    No, it's not! I found that my virtual loop device partitions does not appear in the "/dev/" folder after pveceph made partitions on it... Only the loop device appears... I think I have to search how to recognize that partitions on boot. Thank you!
  10. R wants /var/lib/ceph/osd/ceph-$id/keyring, but it's missing

    Hello! I'm using ProxMox with no-subscription repository pve-manager/4.4-12/e71b7a74 (running kernel: 4.4.40-1-pve) and installed Ceph via "pveceph install -version jewel" I'm having trouble with Ceph when creating OSDs. I'm using the pveceph utility, as described in...
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    No such block device - Proxmox 3.2 and Ceph configuration

    Hello all and happy with spring! I want to say: why we need to be refused to use ANY drive type? I think it have to be just warning, but not stop and bump on searching what was wrong with the drive (when it's name not an "hd[x]" or other known)... If this would be just a warning for a user...
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    [SOLVED] Configuring a Proxmox VE cluster running over an OpenVPN intranet

    Hi, Think Privacy! And thank You for writing about Your building! Have You succeed with building cluster? Does multicast work with OpenVPN? And.. can it really work as HA cluster? I think I have to tune my one, but I'm so pretty noob in this...


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