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    How do I run backups of my VMs to a different server?

    That depends on how you are sharing the storage out of FreeNAS. - NFS -SMB If you go the Freenas route as your backup target, you first have to setup the unit (network, users, etc.). Create a pool and a dataset, which will be used as the Proxmox backup target. For instance, I have a dataset...
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    PVE Backup

    What would be the reason for doing this vs using the proxmox built in backup, which creates a single file? - You would be able to restore that onto any new proxmox node.....
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    Using multiple ethernet ports for VMs as opposed to one?

    You need a switch that supports bonding
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    vswitch config changes

    To clarify making changes within the interface file: - I add another Vlan config or VXlan into the interface file. - I run ifdown ifup on the Bond or two physical Nics ? Doesn't the command take down the entire physical interface before bringing it back up? Does that not disrupt all other...
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    vswitch config changes

    Would you be able to clarify the statement: "On the shell, you can do network changes without a reboot " Are you saying just make changes in "interfaces" file directly ? How would I activate the changes without rebooting? I have tried previously and have not been successful, but I am...
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    pvestatd often reports storage offline with CIFS

    Thank you for this thread !! I have two domain controllers (primary & secondary) and every time my primary would need to restart or shutdown, I would loose access to CIFS shares. (ISO repo and backup) I am really glad I found this post as changing the "timeout" from 2 to 5 fixed my issue!! I...
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    [SOLVED] Drive/RAID Configuration for Proxmox - Advice/Guidance

    It looks like you have to mount the disk as a directory, which will allow you to select other storage types and enable the "upload" option. You can try within "datacenter; Storage" to delete the LVM Than see under "disks; directory" it will let you add the LVM and format it as ext4 or xfs If...
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    [SOLVED] Drive/RAID Configuration for Proxmox - Advice/Guidance

    Did you go to "datacenter"; "storage" and select what types of information are allowed on "Storage (promox-ve) ? If it will not let you select anything, than you may want to just mount the disk as a standard directory I use external storage through CIFS or NFS for backups and ISO images, so I...
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    [SOLVED] Drive/RAID Configuration for Proxmox - Advice/Guidance

    Hardware raid is configured outside the operating system and presents the raid volume as a single disk to the operating system. Your system sees it as just a single hard drive. Now are you getting this error when you initialize the disk with GPT or during another step ? Or are you trying to...
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    [SOLVED] Drive/RAID Configuration for Proxmox - Advice/Guidance

    First: I would encourage you to read the documentation and watch some videos....... Now you have to activate your storage "VM-Storage" and "Storage (for your backups, ISO images, etc...)" Mine looks like this: Select the disk you want: "VM-Storage" and click the initialize Disk with GPT...
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    [SOLVED] Drive/RAID Configuration for Proxmox - Advice/Guidance

    Honestly, I am the one sighing now if that is your answer......... I think the real answer: - it depends on the use case, available resources and what you are trying to get out of the setup. Simply telling someone you need ZFS as the first and only option and that it is the best thing/only...
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    [SOLVED] Drive/RAID Configuration for Proxmox - Advice/Guidance

    Why is ZFS ideal ??? You can perform snapshots via the GUI if you run LVM and you can backup the VM's as well. One of the nice things about ZFS within proxmox is the ability to replicate the VM to another node (if available). However, ZFS does require a higher memory overhead and in a lot...
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    [SOLVED] Drive/RAID Configuration for Proxmox - Advice/Guidance

    If you do not care about any redundancy and are willing to risk loosing all the data if one drive fails, you would setup raid 0 - allow you to use all the space and maximum performance, but at the risk if one drive fails you loose everything.... If you would like to not loose the data due to a...
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    proxmox and pfsense - connectivity under lan

    I have been running a Proxmox cluster with a virtualized PFsense for over a year. My PFsense moves between nodes as I have central storage setup via Freenas through ISCSI Currently PFsense is on proxmox node 3: - I use OVS - vlan 1 = LAN network (through vmbr0) - vmbr1 = DMZ - vmbr5 = WAN...
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    How do you monitor your Proxmox nodes?

    I use LibreNMS, which has support specifically for Proxmox. Will show all of individual VM traffic just by adding a node and setting the proxmox flag. - LibreNMS using SNMP and Check_MK
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    [SOLVED] 10G ethernet config questions

    I also have had the same issue when updating the firmware through DELL. The way I have resolved this (not the only way), was to setup the following: VM running Dell Openmanage Enterprise - I use this to monitor all my dell servers On a windows 10 VM I have DELL EMC Repository Manager running...
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    [SOLVED] 10G ethernet config questions

    I have not had issues with the R620/R720 built in NIC cards. I have purchased 3 x C63DV 0C63DV DELL X520/I350 DAUGHTER CARD from Ebay with no issues. 1) I would double check that it is plugged in correctly ..... sounds silly, but from experience I have been burnt by silly things like this more...
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    [SOLVED] 10G ethernet config questions

    What I found is that if the card is compatible with the Dell Server and works good with Debian .... you should not have problems with Proxmox My entire setup is using dell servers: R710, R620 and R620 as the proxmox cluster (Running about 15 vm's & 7 containers) R720 as my Freenas head unit /...
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    [SOLVED] 10G ethernet config questions

    I am using 3 different cards between my R710, 620 and R720 servers: 1) Built in card for Dell R620 ( C63DV 0C63DV DELL X520/I350 DAUGHTER CARD 10GBE NETWORK ) 2) Add in Intel card: Intel X520-DA2 10Gb 10Gbe 10 Gigabit Network Adapter 3) Add in Mellanox card: Mellanox ConnectX-3 EN CX312A Dual...
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    Installation Help - R720 with H310 in IT Mode

    Did you set the correct boot drive within the IDRAC / bios ? I run Freenas through a R720 and had to setup the correct boot disks through IDRAC/bios


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