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    Staying on PVE2.3 - security issues?

    Proxmox does not use a debian kernel but a modified redhat one, so you'd have to factor that in as well.
  2. J

    A suggestion to "normal" proxmox: lm-sensors

    Please use the bug tracker to file feature requests like this.... and this seems like a very sensible feature request!
  3. J

    Firewall protection on Proxmox 3.0

    Proxmox is Debian. You can adapt Debian info, including that on shorewall, to proxmox.
  4. J

    Making files on host accessible on KVM guest

    I've installed samba on the host and created a share that the VM can access. There may well be other ways; I'd be interested in the possibility of attaching a virtual disk as well (same functionality exists in VirtualBox to share host directories).
  5. J

    SPICE for Proxmox VE (pvetest)

    Great news, thanks for the work and posting this!
  6. J

    Error only on the latest versions of PVE making bonding

    The same kernel? Are you sure? You know there was just a new kernel released again for proxmox 3, right?
  7. J

    Error only on the latest versions of PVE making bonding

    I suppose that may be because Proxmox 1 and 2 are not supported [1] and you could look at upgrading to Proxmox 3... If not, you could perhaps contact the proxmox guys for a support contract to cover those old versions. [1] I read in a forum post that fixes won't be backported - which IMO is...
  8. J

    New Kernel for Proxmox VE 3.0

    Thanks, installation went smoothly here, too.
  9. J

    FEATURE REQUEST: Option for not deleting the OpenVZ private directory while migrating

    Re: FEATURE REQUEST: Option for not deleting the OpenVZ private directory while migra As indicated in the wiki, please file your improvement request at Thanks.
  10. J

    [bug] mounting ISOs can't handle spaces

    Could you please report this to the bugtracker so the devs can keep track of it and hopefully fix it? Thanks
  11. J

    Autostart script after backup

    Have a look at the options to execute a command on the guest from the host - AFAIR, that can work using containers.
  12. J

    API Request

    @webbytech: I'd think it's a better idea to post feature request to the bug tracker. Bigger chance the devs will look at it...
  13. J

    dedicated network for live migration

    As indicated above, file a feature request in the bugtracker if it does not already exist.
  14. J

    Proxmox VE 3.0 released!

    Congratulations! Just upgraded from 2.3 without problems using the script. My router kvm seems snappier, but that may just be wishful thinking ;)
  15. J

    Upload and attach disk image

    Create an issue with the bugtracker with that request :p
  16. J

    Virtualizing Pfsense and PBX

    Ok, so you want to have Proxmox that contains pfsense and elastix virtual machines/containers. I have a similar setup in a home environment: proxmox (2 at the moment) vyatta (router/firewall/ipsec/openvpn server, debian-based, can use virtio) asterisk kvm machine on debian; freeswitch openvz...
  17. J

    Deactivating the GUI, if not needed

    Is there perhaps a way to let the web server listen only on so only people with say ssh access can access it?
  18. J

    Happy Birthday - Proxmox VE is 5 years old!

    Happy Birthday & thanks for a great product that I think fullfills a real need!
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    [SOLVED] Disk errors found: How can I move the entire Proxmox installation to another disk?

    Re: Disk errors found: How can I move the entire Proxmox installation to another disk I'd suggest dd_rescue/ddrescue as well (the gnu version If it turns out you have unrecoverable read errors (even after ddrescue had its way with your...
  20. J

    openvpn setup

    You're confusing a lot of issues that are not related. Proxmox is Debian+apache+KVM+openvz+proxmox "sauce" (the web gui, scripts, libraries to manage virtual machine). Try looking through Debian documentation on how to set up OpenVPN. Alternatively (and perhaps better): install a...


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