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    fstrim/shrink not working after migrate

    same here. after migration, I trim a ext4 vm partition but proxmox lvm show 98% usage on vm disk. proxmox8 in both nodes.
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    firewall enabled in datacenter prevent bridge VM comunication on the same node

    Solved for me too, I was facing issues between vmbr0 and vmbr1 with assimetrical packets and setting this nf_conntrack_allow_invalid: 1 solved immediatly Proxmox 6 latest version.
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    corosync [KNET ] nsscrypto: Digest does not match

    Hi, I have a 3 node proxmox 6 cluster (latest version) and just only one node constant me flood in syslog this message: corosync[27141]: [KNET ] nsscrypto: Digest does not match corosync[27141]: [KNET ] nsscrypto: Digest does not match corosync[27141]: [KNET ] nsscrypto: Digest does...
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    Ceph block.db and block.wal

    Please share the results with Firecuda 530, I buy 4 KC3000 for dB/wall too
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    Live-Migration almost freezes Targetnode

    Yes I'm too interested in this fix, it's a real pain this high IO migrating when discard enabled.
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    Ubuntu 14.04 LXC needs to be started manually with init 3 on Proxmox 7

    > If I manually enter to the container with 'pct enter' command and enter 'init 3', everything works. Its stable? Someone know if this is dangerous to host (PVE 7.x) ?
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    All VM Disks inactive after power failure

    Can you try: lvchange -ay data/vm-103-disk-0
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    All VM Disks inactive after power failure

    Try lvchange -ay data Show the output of vgs.
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    [SOLVED] CVE-2022-0185

    Can I run this with LXC containers running ? Any side effects?
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    issue with vmbr0: port 1(eno1) entered disabled state

    Confirmed, the problem is the i40e version 2.8.20-k with kernel 5.4.143-1-pve I rebooted the Proxmox with kernel 5.0.21-5-pve that use i40e version 2.7.6-k and the problem doesnt happened.
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    error i40e NIC Link is Down

    I'm having exactly this issue with i40e / Intel 10Gb card on latest Proxmox 6.4 / Kernel 5.4. Somenone could help with sugestions ? It was working for 2 years with 5.0 Kernel but after upgrade this "Link Down" starts...
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    Anyone with Intel X710-T network card with reboot history on Dell R540 server?

    Is necessary to Reboot the machine in the case of compile only i40e driver ? Remove the module and modprobe can be work ?
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    issue with vmbr0: port 1(eno1) entered disabled state

    After update to latest 6.4.13 version with kernel 5.4.143-1-pve it's happening with me too: [Wed Nov 24 01:02:10 2021] i40e 0000:1c:00.1 eno2: NIC Link is Down [Wed Nov 24 01:02:10 2021] vmbr1: port 1(eno2) entered disabled state [Wed Nov 24 01:02:16 2021] i40e 0000:1c:00.1 eno2: NIC Link is...
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    Import AMI image from AWS

    Dominic, migration from amazon ec2 works fine with Proxmox 6.4. I did the follow steps: Generate vmdk image from amazon cli / moved to s3; Download the vmdk image to Proxmox 6.4; Create VM in Proxmox; Detach / delete disk from VM on Proxmox; Imported the image with qm importdisk ID...


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