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    Tracking Center not in sync

    How can I? Never used Github.
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    Tracking Center not in sync

    You have my blessing ;)
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    Possible Block message?

    Yes, it is the default behavior. Just set the blacklist sites.
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    How do i disable daily reports?

    No, I am talking about Proxmox Status Report with cluster status, incoming mail, etc.
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    Proxmox relay domain to multiple host

    You can use smtp_fallback_relay postfix parameter. For example, if 1 is down, it will send to 2; 2 down, send to 3. relay_transport = smtp:[]:25 smtp_fallback_relay = []:25, []:25
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    Pmg-log-tracker segfault error

    Check my post here
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    Export statistics data

    Thank you, Dominik. I got yesterday results (2018-08-07) with pmgsh get statistics/mail -starttime 1533610800 -endtime 1533697200 I will wait for the fix. Thanks again.
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    Export statistics data

    Sure. From cli, gets these results running -day 6 -month 8. # pmgsh get statistics/mail -day 6 -month 8 200 OK { "avptime" : 3.36122643455145, "bounces_in" : 676, "bounces_out" : 0, "bytes_in" : 1192195456, "bytes_out" : 1167700480, "count" : 26769, "count_in" : 21169...
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    Export statistics data

    Greetings Dominik, Thank you. Help me out please. I am trying to get yesterday statistics, however, the values does not match. # pmgsh get /statistics/mail -month 8 -day 6
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    Add postscreen_dnsbl_sites

    Just use commas For example:,,,,,,,,,
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    Export statistics data

    Greetings, Is there a way to export statistics data from PMG to csv file? I need the kind of information like proxmox status report mail. Maybe a sql query. Thanks
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    Tracking Center not in sync

    Nice! :D
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    Tracking Center not in sync

    It seems your script have some strange character after head -n -1 \r
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    Tracking Center not in sync

    and pmg-log-tracker-default -l 1?
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    Tracking Center not in sync

    That is odd! Try running pmg-log-tracker-default -l 1 and pmg-log-tracker -l 1 to see if you get any errors. Maybe you need to remove head and sed to see what is happening
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    Tracking Center not in sync

    Check original pmg script name, path, permissions. Give me ls -l pmg* at /usr/bin


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