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    Helper Scripts mount drive issue, priviledged container?

    I having some issues with LXC container/helper script being unable to mount an external drive on my network. The helper script in question is Navidrome. After running the helper script., I ... 1. apt update 2. install cifs-utils. 3. edit my /etc/fstab file 4. make the directory on where...
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    Nginx and Metabase

    I'm trying to experiment with Metabase to see if is something that will benefit myself in some work projects, but having some issues connecting to the the container I created it for. In summary, I followed these instructions here...
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    Lost SSH during upgrade to 7.1

    Thanks for the help and that is exactly what I did and it appears everything updated correctly. However the pve-manager is still at 6.4? Should that have also updated? root@proxmox:~# pveversion -v proxmox-ve: 7.1-1 (running kernel: 5.13.19-5-pve) pve-manager: 6.4-13 (running version...
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    Lost SSH during upgrade to 7.1

    I went to upgrade my Proxmox set up from 6.4 to 7.1, and things appears to be going well at first. However, I lost the SSH connection during the upgrade and now unsure if the update completed and/if should attempt to reboot the machine or not. I can still SSH into the machine and do have local...
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    LXC CT won't start, but no error displayed

    I believe I found the issue/solution and that my container disk size was too small. by increasing/resizing the disk the container restarted. pct resize 103 rootfs 32G
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    LXC CT won't start, but no error displayed

    In searching I came across this post and I am having the exact same problem on one of my container (plex container). Even after reboot of proxmox, when I start the container, it does not start yet no errors. root@proxmox:~# pct start 103 root@proxmox:~# pct enter 103 Error: container '103'...
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    Nginx; Where to Start?

    I run a little HomeLab setup using Proxmox as my baremetal, with a couple of Containers and VM's running. Also in reading things, I started experimenting with Docker's by setting up Proxmox VM with Alpine Linux, with the dockers inside that VM. Now I'm trying to learn and understand more...
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    Export ZFS-local VM to QCow2

    I'm trying to learn the proper steps to back up and convert my existing VM's stored in ZFS into qcow2 to possibly try some other distros. I found them I think correctly here: rpool/data/vm-100-disk-0 56K 630G 56K - rpool/data/vm-103-disk-0 201G 630G...
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    Can't SSH into Containers

    gmed. Thank you for the help...... I think I just found that this has something to do with this Win10 laptop that I am using to connect to the containers. I just used one of my Win10 VMs (in Proxmox) and ssh'd into my other containers just fine. So it must be something on this specific...
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    Can't SSH into Containers

    I added etc/netplan to interfaces on the container, but still no luck connecting after a reboot and ssh shows running. I also created a new Ubuntu 19.10 container and can't connect to ssh either after enabling PermitRoot Login. I also noticed in 19.10, I do not even have a...
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    Can't SSH into Containers

    Ok, trying to provide as much infomation as I can. I cannot ssh into any of my containers, so I suspect it could be something at the host or other level. On this particular (Plex) container. I upgraded the distro from 18 to 19 yesterday. That did fix the that error when viewing the status, so...
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    Can't SSH into Containers

    I'm struggling to figure out why I cannot ssh into my ubuntu containers. I had thought I could in the past, but perhaps I never could or something changed. I have sshd_config set to allow root access as follows "PermitRootLogin yes", yet can't log in. I did notice that most of the config...
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    High Memory Usage?

    I just switched away from ESXI and love what I see so far, but I think I am seeing some high memory usage and unsure why? This is a homelab setup that is running 36GB of ram, and I have Proxmox installed via ZFS on Raid1 setup (2x 1tB drives) I currently have 4 machines running in Proxmox 1...
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    Help converting vmdk to proxmox

    Holy %&#$, I got it working. For anyone else, I came across this post here: And in that post, it mentions to copy the converted file to dev/zvol/rpool/data/.... So for me, this convert worked. qemu-img convert -p -O raw...
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    Help converting vmdk to proxmox

    I'm still very new to Proxmox trying to move away from Esxi and struggling in converting my existing vmdk VM's over to proxmox. I've done a lot of reading, yet not sure where I am going wrong thus far. Some articles mention that you need to use the vmware diskmanager utility and some don't so...
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    Connecting to cifs share

    I have an existing Ubuntu VM in esxi that mounts to my (unraid) nasbox shares just fine. In that VM's /etc/fstab I have the following: // /mnt/nasbox cifs vers=3.0,guest,uid=1000,iocharset=utf8 0 0 But when I use that same in my Ubuntu docker container, when I attempt...
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    Nested inside esxi and 32bit containers?

    Thanks for the links and I was able to now get nested VM to connect to the web. If it helps anyone else, the piece I was missing was enabling 'promiscuous' mode in my esxi setup. And I could find how to enable that via vcenter. I am new at using containers, but they seem much more easier to...
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    Nested inside esxi and 32bit containers?

    I'm pretty new at ProxMox and am considering a move away from esxi, thus I am trying to test out ProxMox best I can before making a full switch. So in trying to get started, I installed ProxMox as a VM inside esxi which I've come to learn in considered nesting VMs. I got ProxMox installed and...
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    HighPoint RocketRaid 2720 for PVE2.0?

    I know I'm digging up an older post, but a forums search brought me here. I just picked up 2 of these cards cheaply (rocket raid 2720sgl) and am trying to get them to work with proxmox. I found drivers for the card for debian 5, and think I installed the driver correctly on my proxmox install...
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    Offline Debian Installation

    I had no idea that was possible. All of reading here, the wiki, and google searching did not find that. I will definitely give that a shot over of the weekend, and it may even make moving an existing raid array easier as well. I think with software raid working with proxmox, you can probably...


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