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    Multiple passthrough disk to VM

    Thank you for the answer. And for two SSD to pass through, take in mind that I have a Dell H310 card, what is the best solution? Create an LVM Raid 1, use mdadm (I have read that for SSD disk is not a good option due to the degradation of the disk) or choose ZFS? I want to get speed performance...
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    Multiple passthrough disk to VM

    Hi guys, I would like to know if it's possible to assign more than one phisycal SSD to VM (Debian in my case) with /dev/disk/by-id/ command. I want to passthrough two SSD disk and create a mdadm Raid 1 beetween them to increase read performance and reliability of VM's data (xfs partition on SSD...
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    Several physical disks to KVM guest

    I can shutdown the VM safely. Is it a good job create an LVM structure between the two SSD passthrough? Is it safe and reliable? I want to create the logical volume from the bash of Debian VM and mount it inside. Thanks for your help
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    Several physical disks to KVM guest

    Hi guys, I would like to know if it is possible to assign more than one physical disk to a Linux KVM guest already working (Debian 10 buster) I'm going to assign one passthrough SSD disk (1.92 TB) to VM, create an LVM volume group and one LV to extend, if it's necessary, with a second SSD disk...
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    clear unused space on thin-lvm

    Hi guys, does the TRIM work only on SSD disks or also in SATA disks?
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    VMs configuration and discard option in LVM-thin storage

    Hi Guys, on my Proxmox 5 I have to create several Windows 7/10 Virtual Machines. My server has an hardware RAID Controller Card (1 GB RAM with battery) and 4 SATA Disks attached to it. I would create the VMs with the following parameters: -Hard Disk Bus/Device: SCSI -target storage: LVM-thin...
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    Multiple Windows guests in Linked Clone

    the base template has a virtio disk of 80 GB size with 65 GB of space used at the moment (du -sh command) -r--r--r-- 1 root root 80G Feb 13 18:07 base-111-disk-1.raw Each clone VM has around 2 GB file: -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 2.0G Feb 16 12:29 vm-160-disk-1.qcow2 cache=writeback is enable on...
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    Multiple Windows guests in Linked Clone

    Thankes for the answers. For better I/O results would be appropriate to replace also the current hypervisor disk (SATA) with faster SAS (10K or 15K) o would not have any kind of improvement? From DELL support I have known that on my RAID controller could be used one SSD disk in "cachecade" mode...
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    Multiple Windows guests in Linked Clone

    Hi guys, I have some technical questions. On my Proxmox 3.4 I have a Windows 7 Template and 30 Linked Clones around connected to it. Multiples physical users from low profile hardware computer (thin-clients) connect to single clone across RDP protocol, but sometimes some guests hang up or have...


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