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    Backup with backup client failed - error reading a body from connection

    Hi, I'm facing the same issue out of the blue. My data backup runs every week and the pool is roughly 30Tb big, usual backup size is around 900Gb. Since this week, the backups for this particular job fails with: HTTP/2.0 connection failed catalog upload error - channel closed Error: pipelined...
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    Unexpected Ceph behaviour from unused Ceph installation

    Thank you very much for replying to such an old thread! To be honest, no, because I just rebuilt my server about a year ago. One of the reasons were some failed experiments like this one and a new setup where the boot pool is a zfs mirror instead of a singular device.
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    proxmox metricserver uptime as float rather than int

    I'm having the same problem and I can't seem to find a solution for this. Any ideas? pveversion -v
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    Proxmox Backup client - restore directory with subdirectories and all files

    I ended up solving this differently but the double asterisk thing is a valuable information, thank you for that
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    Proxmox Backup client - restore directory with subdirectories and all files

    Hi there, I want to restore a directory from a backup and all its containing subdirectories + all files. So far I have tried: find Victor\ Bart\ \-\ Retro\ Machines --select restore-selected "/path/to/Victor Bart - Retro Machines" (path on original host where it was and is supposed to go again)...
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    Problems with backups (very long, no snapshot possible)

    Hello everyone, for three days now, my PVE host has had some weird issues with backups. Some containers take over 2 hours instead of only 17 minutes as normally while VM backups cause a backup output like: INFO: trying to get global lock - waiting... ERROR: can't acquire lock...
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    Unexpected Ceph behaviour from unused Ceph installation

    Hello everyone, I honestly don't really know or remember how i got myself into this situation. What i remember is: quite some time ago (early/mid 2020) I installed Ceph on my now only PVE node to take a look at it. After some time I uninstalled it; most likely with apt as i wasn't aware of...
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    Proxmox not using new kernel

    Ok i think i have broken the pool now as the proxmox boot tool continiously gives me this error, no matter what device path i choose: invalid vdev specification the following errors must be manually repaired: /dev/disk/by-id/dm-name-35000cca050abc524-part3 is part of active pool 'rpool'...
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    Proxmox not using new kernel

    No unfortunately I didn't follow that guide... But how do I find out which drive was the failed one? Because I do not remember which one "failed" :(
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    Proxmox not using new kernel

    About the system setup: All 3 nodes are running on a DL380 Gen9, sda and sdb are unused SSDs. The external storage is a multipathed iSCSI target on a HP MSA 2040 and contains all VM/CT data. And lastly yes, the problematic node was setup with a ZFS RAID1 and one of the SSDs disappeared quite...
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    Proxmox not using new kernel

    "stuck" or non-working node: Re-executing '/usr/sbin/proxmox-boot-tool' in new private mount namespace.. System currently booted with uefi WARN: /dev/disk/by-uuid/D6CF-1F28 does not exist - clean '/etc/kernel/proxmox-boot-uuids'! - skipping D6D0-5D81 is configured with: uefi (versions...
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    Proxmox not using new kernel

    Hello everyone, for some nefarious reason, one of my nodes (3 node cluster with external VM storage) will not boot into a newer kernel after kernel version 5.4.78. While booting up, the only options in the Proxmox-boot tool screen are kernel verison 5.4.78 and 5.4.73. An ls in /boot however...
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    pvestatd missing metrics in influxdb

    Did anyone else find a solution? i have the same issue but pvestatd gives me the following errors and no pfSense or anything similar is deployed: pvestatd[30492]: lxc status update error: metrics send error 'proxmox': failed to send metrics: Connection refused pvestatd[30492]: qemu status...
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    [SOLVED] Error by Proxmox-backup-client when trying to backup to new PBS

    No, not really I just used the API key for verification and did nothing else with any certificates. And I just assumed the validity of the PBS certs because I didn’t change them and they were renewed during the install (obviously) The fingerprint was also only ever saved in the storage.conf...
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    [SOLVED] Error by Proxmox-backup-client when trying to backup to new PBS

    Hey dcsapak, Thanks for the fast reply! i tried it and yes, that indeed fixes the problem. However, I’m wondering why I now suddenly need the fingerprint in the script because this wasn’t necessary before the reinstall. Could you maybe explain that? Thanks again for the solution!
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    [SOLVED] Error by Proxmox-backup-client when trying to backup to new PBS

    Hello everyone, the other day I had to reinstall my Proxmox backup server. The only thing I migrated from the old installation to the new one is the datastore.cfg file. VM and CT Backups work Fine, but this morning my scripts for backing up data in my ZFS storage pool threw an error that I...
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    [SOLVED] PVE can no longer connect to PBS

    Hello everyone, Yesterday i replaced my motherboard to use a new CPU for my Proxmox Backup Server. Therefore, the Network interface names changed and PCIe devices. No big deal, i made some changes to access the web interface. However this morning i got an email from my PVE server that the...
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    [SOLVED] Debian 10.X LXC systemctl problem

    well that makes kinda sense... thanks for clearing that up, i'll mark the thread as solved


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