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    How to setup PBS on single disk VPS?

    As u can read .. "No disks unused" .. /dev/sda4 is a partition no disk. If u want to use the gui u have to use a single unused disk for backup. There might be a hack to use a partition, but as a newbe to linux as u look like, thats past your posibilitys. Personal hint: if u use a single disk...
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    Is there a way to change port 8007

    I would like to change port 8007 turing installation or after Installation. Background: I would like to connect 2 Backupserver over ssh and portforwarding and not over vpn.
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    Backup auf externen Festplatten sichern

    Externe Platten machen trotzdem Sinn da man die einfach Off-Place lagern kann. Ich selbst verwende 2 Platten im wöchentlichen Wechsel. Meine Empfehlung wäre die Platten als Ext4 Dateisystem einzubinden.( Nach persönlicher Erfahrung deutlich schnellerer Sync ) Ein- und Aushangen erledige ich mit...
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    How to stop syncjob flooting syslog

    Is there a posibility to stop the flooting of syslog when doing a syncjob with following lines . . Dec 02 08:37:47 .... proxmox-backup-proxy[5327]: GET /chunk Dec 02 08:37:47 .... proxmox-backup-proxy[5327]: download chunk "/mnt/datastore/......." . . Package versions : proxmox-backup: 2.3-1...
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    rrd update failed in syslog

    Updates OK chronyc tracking: Reference ID : C3C91410 ( Stratum : 3 Ref time (UTC) : Fri Dec 02 07:26:35 2022 System time : 0.000252373 seconds fast of NTP time Last offset : +0.000482281 seconds RMS offset : 0.000482281...
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    rrd update failed in syslog

    i get many entrys like proxmox-backup-proxy[1925]: rrd update failed: time in past (1669885134.6358275 < 161669188703.23666) first number (1669885134.6358275) counting up, second (161669188703.23666) not changing. using a mixed system -- backupserver installed on proxmoxpve ( same...
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    Error in GUI / Datastores / Summary after update

    Now found errors in javascript console opening datastore : Uncaught TypeError: can't access property "disk-bytes", gcstatus is undefined proxmox-backup-gui.js:537:6 calculate_dedup_factor setStatus...
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    Error in GUI / Datastores / Summary after update

    No error turing update. Now have the exact same problem on a second backupserver
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    Error in GUI / Datastores / Summary after update

    i have 3 datastores created. In the left menue in section Datasore all my datastores are visible. On right side only one, but without history and deduplication factor reset to 1 if i switch between permission page and summary page my other datastores become visible, but also without history...
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    How to convert a backup to a vzdump file.

    Der Backupserver arbeitet soweit gut und wie erwartet, nur das syncen über Internet ist wie erwartet sehr langsam. In einem Worstcase Scenario müsste ich aber dann über das Internet recovern was genauso langsam wäre. Viel einfacher wäre es wenn ich einen einzelnen Tag am Backupserver in ein...
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    [SOLVED] Client Netzwerkkarten unter Win10 und Proxmox7 funktionieren nicht.

    Hat keine Änderung erbracht. Das Problem liegt nicht am Virtio, auch E1000 oder RTL wird nicht korrekt erkannt. Hab jetzt mit dem Maschinentyp gespielt. Kein Netzwerk unter : q35-5.2, q35-6.0, q35-6.1 Alle Netzwerkkarten sofort verfügbar mit Typen q35-5.1 und älter.
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    [SOLVED] Client Netzwerkkarten unter Win10 und Proxmox7 funktionieren nicht.

    Neuistallation von Windows10 Mit Version 1909 und auch dem neuesten Image 21H1. Ich habe alle angebotenen Netzwerkkarten (virtio,e1000,..) versucht. Schon während der Installation wird keine Netzwerkkarte erkannt. Nach Installation werden im Gerätemanager alle mit gelbem Dreieck versehen, und...
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    zfs send/receive fails to unmount pool

    I have the same problem and my only solution so far was to do a sleep 2 systemctl try-reload-or-restart proxmox-backup proxmox-backup-proxy after the proxmox-backup-manager datastore remove XXX ( without sleep it sometimes failed anyway) Take care .. the "proxmox-backup-manager datastore...
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    Install USB hard drive for backups

    2. posibility would be to mount the usb drive as zfs. Than you can use zpool import / export to manage your usb datastore. I am using 2 scripts to mount/dismount 2 external usb drives as offline datastore
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    Prune GC

    This is the menu item and not a button. There u set the prune conditions, and you can do a manual "Garbage Collect". For a manual "Prune" ( after you have set the conditions ) you have to go to "Content", select a "Backupgroup" and push the "Scissors" button.
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    Is there a way to run a script before/after a Job

    Is there a way to run a script before/after a job like Prune / Garbage collect / sync / ...
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    Prune GC

    From your picture there is no Prune, Garbage Collet doesnt work without a Prune before. Prune marks what can be deleted during the Garbage Collect.
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    Prune GC

    You did not set Prune and Garbage Collect. Prune marks the versions vor delete, garbage collect deletes them ( 24 hours after marked for delete)
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    remove datastore

    proxmox-backup-manager datastore remove xxxxx removes datastore from list, zfs stays mounted zpool export -f xxxxx doesnt work cannot unmount '/mnt/datastore/xxxxx': unmount failed that worked in a older version of PBS Now i have to do systemctl try-reload-or-restart...
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    Problems with big sync job

    Maybe this helps, looks like a similar problem i had with timeout on sync.


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