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    Delete LXC/VM but still exist

    Hello: I'm using debian11 and manual installed pve with 7 nodes. Cluster information ------------------- Name: [ERASED] Config Version: 7 Transport: knet Secure auth: on Quorum information ------------------ Date: Mon Mar 27 10:20:17 2023 Quorum...
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    Self sign certs got ERR_SSL_KEY_USAGE_INCOMPATIBLE

    Hello, And: I'm using lastest PVE cluster. Then, I create my own Root-CA, Middle-CA, Server Cert. After upload, Chrome show "ERR_SSL_KEY_USAGE_INCOMPATIBLE" and "thisisunsafe" not working. But with nginx, Chrome can accept the cert. So as far as I know, Chrome is very picky with ssl cipher...
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    [SOLVED] Dose PVE support guest access to trunk topology?

    Hello, And: I got: A PVE Cluster, A Managed Switch, And an access port from Core Switch ( That's the point, vlan and turnk will only exist in my private zone). I want: - Access PVE WebUI in vlan A - Put trusted infrastructure like ntp dns in vlan B - Put shared but trusted software (for dev)...
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    [TUTORIAL] LXC NetworkManager wait very long when lxc-stop

    time lxc-stop 8011 real 1m1.379s user 0m0.003s sys 0m0.000s Guset os is centos All process exit in about 1 sec, But NetworkManager stuck in there more then 60sec, Then exit.
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    (BUG?Config?) VNC console cannot connect from cluster master

    I see, It's communication over ssh, So I know, becuase master server not using port 22, So I solve the problem, THX:)
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    (BUG?Config?) VNC console cannot connect from cluster master

    Yes, Which can cause thise issus? I define some alias But I not sure if some other software modify those config file, Whick should I notic?
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    (BUG?Config?) VNC console cannot connect from cluster master

    Here is my test cluster, There is "server" as master on the right, one of the "nodes" on the left. Here is the issue: Upload file or create vm on "Master web page" is working fine, But the "Console" can't connect the vm. Then on the left I try connect vm on "slave web page" which where the vm...


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