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  1. Proxmox VE 6.0 beta released!

    +1 for a newer kernel. GVT-g for 8th gen (Coffe Lake) processors does not work with 5.0, but has been upstreamed in 5.1
  2. [GUIDE] Intel Intergrated graphic Passthrough

    Just wanted to confirm that the instructions from post #1 worked for me to passthrough my HD 530 IGD (from a Skylake Core i5-6500 on an Asus H110S2 board) to a Win 7 as well as a Win 10 VM, using legacy mode assignment. I ran into an issue, though, that the Intel IGD driver would throw a "Code...
  3. Proxmox VE 4.3 and Lightdm - Lightdm won't start

    I also had this problem on my Skylake Build. Problem was solved by adding "nomodeset" to the kernel command line in GRUB, no X-config changes required.
  4. Proxmox 4.0, PCI passthrough broken in several ways

    Done. I tested the patch against Ubuntu mainline kernel 4.4.6, applied and compiled without issues.
  5. Proxmox 4.0, PCI passthrough broken in several ways

    Sorry for bumping that thread, but there have been some new insights affecting PCI passthrough on Skylake systems for which it might be worthwhile patching the PVE kernel. It has been recognized that Skylake PCH root ports actually have an ACS capability, but due to Intel implementing a...
  6. PCI passthrough

    Your MCS9865 is a PCI controller, not PCIe. To my knowledge, that cannot be passed-through using vfio. Maybe it works if you additionally passthrough the corresponding PCIe-PCI bridge, which provides the PCI root port for your MCS9865. Or alternatively, maybe the old qemu pci-assign command...
  7. Preventing Proxmox from importing zpools at boot

    Dear community, i am running a proxmox VE4.1 host, on which I perform PCI-pass-through of a SATA-Controller to an openmediavault-VM, which in turn manages the attached storage using ZFS. At every host reboot, proxmox imports the zpool created by the openmediavault VM. Is there any way to...


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