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  1. Java error authentication failed between PVE nodes

    Make sure the time on all cluster nodes is synchronized. Use an external time server to keep the time in sync.
  2. [SOLVED] CMAN no restarting correctly

    Re: CMAN no restarting correctly The problem solved. The NFS share was unavailable. Therefore cman halted on "unmounting configfs..."
  3. [SOLVED] CMAN no restarting correctly

    Recently I had a power failure in the server room, after that all the servers started successfully and worked for two days without errors. But a day ago all the nodes in my cluster became red. I used my old simple script to restart all the needed services like this: #!/bin/bash service...
  4. NFS storage with udp option

    I'll try it but the main quistion remains: HOW to correctly enable udp-option in the file storage.cfg and how to remount the storage without rebooting the proxmox host?
  5. NFS storage with udp option

    Don't additional options to storage.cfg work anymore? I really need this because NFS storage on OpenBSD is very slow on reading with tcp.
  6. NFS storage with udp option

    I didn't know this. I added this option long time ago (in versio 2.0) and it worked well. My NFS storage was made on OpenBSD OS and it worked well only when the udp option was on. Recently I had to remove this storage completely for reconfiguration but I can't remember what precisely I added to...
  7. NFS storage with udp option

    How can I make my NFS storage (used for backup) mount with udp option? What should I add to storage.cfg and how can I remount the storage with this option on the fly?
  8. Hot adding hard disks to proxmox ve host

    How can I make my proxmox ve host detect new hot-added hard disks without reboot?
  9. memory ballooning in windows 2003r2 x86 guest

    Hi, Has anyone have success installing virtio balloon drivers in windows 2003 guest? I set up the machine according to this article I first tried installing the balloon driver using the...
  10. [Error: Authentication Failed] attempting to connect to VM from different Node

    Yes, the reason was in time differerence between hosts. I had this problem a long time. Now, after I corrected the time on my hosts and set up ntp, it is finally working. Strange that the time difference (about 5 minutes) was no problem when I created the cluster.
  11. QEMU 1.4, Ceph RBD support (pvetest)

    So KVM64 is now the recommended cpu type for the VM? Should I change the cpu type on my VMs from qemu64 to this? I think this can cause activation issues on windows VMs...
  12. CPU performance of proxmox KVM guests

    I tried adding the option "args: -cpu host" to the VM config It had no effect. I tried to rate the VM with its built-in benchmark tool (windows 7 rating) It gave 4.6 scores for the CPU. I think it is also not a very good result for the 4 core VM (2 cpu x 2 core)
  13. CPU performance of proxmox KVM guests

    I tried this (I think you meant the same) I added "args: -cpu host" to the VM config. Then stopped and started the VM again It had no effect. - - - Updated - - - I tried to rate the windows 7 guest with its own benchmark. It...
  14. CPU performance of proxmox KVM guests

    Hello, How can I correctly check KVM guests' cpu performance in the proxmox environment? I suspect that my VM's (windows guests) have much lower cpu performance than identical physical machines. I measured the cpu performance with the built-in benchmark tool of 7zip archiver (one thread). The...
  15. PVE Kernel crash on HP Bladeserver after upgrade to PVE 2.2

    I installed a clean Proxmox VE 2.2 and upgraded it to 2.3 through pvetest repository. The situation is the same. During backup of a Windows KVM guest there is a lot of output to syslog similar to kernel panics but the backup continues running and the the progress is shown correct. It finished...
  16. PVE Kernel crash on HP Bladeserver after upgrade to PVE 2.2

    I updated the firmware on this blade to the latest if you mean this.
  17. PVE Kernel crash on HP Bladeserver after upgrade to PVE 2.2

    No, the G6 server now shows the same output in the syslog. But it's working. I'll try with clean installation.
  18. Updates for Proxmox VE pvetest repo - including new KVM live backup

    I have been testing the new system for two hours now. The new features are very interesting. I've tested the backup-restore feature on a linux kvm-guest. The backup runs and shows its progress in percent. Very convenient, really. The restore speed is really amazing, the 1.49 GB KVM .tgz backup...
  19. PVE Kernel crash on HP Bladeserver after upgrade to PVE 2.2

    The server seems to be stable now. It has been running for 2 hours now and I don't see any panic messages in the syslog. Looks very good. And the new features are very-very interesting.


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