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  1. Driver for Mellanox Connectx-4 and Proxmox 6

    Hello, as you know, Debian 10 is pretty new I can't find driver for Mellanox IB QDR (ConnectX-4) AOC-IBH-X4ES Mezzanine EDR HCA any suggestion how can I install it on Proxmox 6? Regards,
  2. Route Port between nodes

    Hi, I have 2 nodes in some cluster #node1 - with available network port, but without compute resources #node2 - with available compute resources, but no free network port I need to connect some dedicated network VPN to the available port in #node1 and link it directly to the KVM vm on #node2...
  3. Use external sources in Proxmox firewall

    Hi, it's possible to integrate some 3dparty lists on Proxmox firewall? for example: Regards,
  4. Proxmox 6 Cluster with Proxmox 5.4?

    Hello, maybe it's bit early but it's look like Proxmox 6 beta1 is here: it's possible to add Proxmox 6 nodes with existing Proxmox 5.x cluster? Regards,
  5. Optimal network for Proxmox and Ceph

    Hi, we plan to order Hardware with 3 network adapters in enclosure 2x 10GB Switches 1x 100Gbps Switch this is the max size we have so we can't add additional switch, now: we using 2x 10GB for redundant proxmox network and Internet connection via Link aggrigation and we plan to use the 100Gb...
  6. Move Ceph size from 2 to 3

    Hi, I have Cluster with 11 nodes, each node 2 disks of 2TB SSD all disks are in Ceph pool with size = 2 now, I want to move to size = 3 there is any downtime / problem we should expect during this change? Regards,
  7. Detect new NVME Drive on Proxmox

    Hi, I have MicroBlade MBI-6219G-T8HX node I added to this node additional M.2 Drive Samsung 970 EVO NVMe M.2 2TB but I don't see this new Drive, not in fdisk and not in Disks list on Proxmox GUI if I boot from Installation CD, I can see this new drive on installation Drives list any suggestion...
  8. reboot one node case all other nodes backup stop

    Hi, in daily backup we did reboot to one of the servers in case of that reboot, all other nodes stop the backup proccess example: INFO: Starting Backup of VM 117 (lxc) INFO: status = running ERROR: Backup of VM 117 failed - unable to open file '/etc/pve/nodes/server13nvme/lxc/117.conf.tmp.7676'...
  9. Ceph monitors not shown on storage settings

    attaching screenshot, all my other proxmox clusters show the monitors as not editable fields and only on this cluster I see it as required and empty field suggestions? Regards,
  10. HELP - problem with ceph Cluster

    Hi, I have ceph Cluster working on multiple nodes with network now, I added new nodes to the Proxmox cluster but this nodes was no access to the and I did pveceph init --network on this nodes, now after I see that no connection I added the network...
  11. Backup work only on local node

    Hi, I have cluster with 4 nodes, when I set backup on node1 it's backup only node1 when I go directly to node2 GUI -> DataCenter -> Backups I don't see there the backup that set on node1 any suggestion / solution for that? Regards,
  12. [SOLVED] Remove node from cluster

    Hi, I have removed node from cluster before the node was shutdown now, when I check from another node I see: # pvecm status Votequorum information ---------------------- Expected votes: 5 Highest expected: 5 Total votes: 4 Quorum: 3 Flags: Quorate but I have only 4...
  13. Linked Clone Network on LXC

    Hi, I want to create multiple LXC Containers using Linked Clone, the problem is that if I set some network / IP settings inside one container, it's apply to all other Container Linked clone containers any solution for that? Regards,
  14. LXC Backup Issues

    Hi, I have 2 issues with LXC containers backup 1. some times it's show even few days it's processing for some container but not completing the backup and I need to stop the task manually. 2. some containers got this error: command 'mount -o ro,noload /dev/rbd5 /mnt/vzsnap0//' failed: exit code...
  15. LXC + Ceph Quota

    Hi, I have LXC Containers working over Ceph Shared storage with Quota = 1 option for the Disk now, I try to Run: # quotacheck -vguma quotacheck: Scanning /dev/rbd1 [/] quotacheck: error (1) while opening /dev/rbd1 how can I add quota support? LXC Container OS: CentOS 7.x /etc/fstab: none...
  16. Proxmox roadmap Suggestions

    Hello to Proxmox team, first, thanks from the community for your great job! some Ideas for next releases Features / Feedbacks 1. more options for LXC a. option to select target storage for migration (both CLI and FUI) b. option to do Live migration and not only restart mode (criu?) c. better CPU...
  17. Detect Container with High CPU Load

    Hello to the community, when I have some very high load on LXC container, all the containers show same CPU load so, how can I see from the node list of the container with real CPU status for each Conatiner so I can turn off the container case the high CPU or just handle it well? Thanks!
  18. Copy Ceph Disk on Ceph Storage

    Hi, I have Ceph storage, now I want to copy my VM Disk from disk-1 to disk-3 using: rbd -p Ceph1 -m -n client.admin --keyring /etc/pve/priv/ceph/Ceph1_vm.keyring --auth_supported cephx cp vm-110-disk-1 vm-110-disk-3 show me the error: rbd: error opening default pool 'rbd' Ensure that...
  19. Proxmox Cluster Broken almost every day

    Hi, I have cluster of 2x10Gbps network via Bond, using LACP but almost every day, and sometime even few times a day, I connect to the GUI and see only on server info all servers and nodes with questionmark attaching screenshot after I logged-in to server202 and run: systemctl restart...
  20. LXC and lsblk command

    Hi, am running lsblk from one of the container and I see it's show the list of the disks for all the containers under the physical node server how can I avoid the container owner to run that command or view this info? Regards,


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