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    Upgrade procedure: PMG4.1-2 to Hotfix 4.1-7

    Thanks a lot, that worked
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    Mail HA Cluster - define smart host for MTA

    Nice documentation. Now no questions.
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    Mail HA Cluster - define smart host for MTA

    Thanks. Now I'm all understanding.
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    Mail HA Cluster - define smart host for MTA

    Can you write details how did you decide this problem?
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    Proxmox HA - Quorum

    If you run HA, only high end server hardware with no single point of failure should be used. This includes redundant disks (Hardware Raid), redundant power supply, UPS systems, network bonding. Fencing device(s) - reliable and TESTED! NOTE: this is NEEDED, there isn't software fencing...
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    Docker support in Proxmox

    From my point of view, there is no (or very little) value to cross platform support; can you describe a scenario where this is a problem?
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    Docker support in Proxmox

    Since lxc docker is the main stream trend of the linux kernel, more and more people begin to use docker to deploy the applications. Are you familiar
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    Proxmox HA 2-Node-Cluster -- Quorum

    I some cases, you might prefer to put a node back to local mode without reinstall, which is described here: stop the cluster file system in /etc/pve/ # service pve-cluster stop start it again but forcing local mode # pmxcfs -l remove the cluster config # rm /etc/pve/cluster.conf # rm...
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    Proxmox virtual disk size change

    Thank you, Mr.Holmes for your answer. Now all OK.
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    What about add some type of IPAM? any news?
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    How to manage spam/ham with sa-learn

    Can you recommend me another solution for this question?
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    ISPConfig Appliance

    +1 for this suggestion
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    100% Windows VMs. Proxmox or Hyper V

    With respect to some of the cons, Proxmox VE performs well enough with Windows if you use KVM's virtio devices in lieu of emulated hardware. However, the freely available virtio drivers are not WHQL-certified, which produces annoying error messages when you attempt to load them. With respect to...
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    Proxmox virtual disk size change

    i have problem with disk resize. I try to change size in Proxmox, but show size in virtual machine not showing. But if I try qemu-img info vm-100-disk-1.qcow2 i have this result: image: vm-100-disk-1.qcow2 file format: qcow2 virtual-size: 491G (527207235584 bytes) disk size: 161G...
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    How to setup NFS for Proxmox backups?

    Proxmox has pretty flexible backup mechanisms for virtual machines, however, in order to run snapshot backups, i.e. live backups without bringing the virtual machine down, ensuring no downtime, NFS storage should be used. This document will describe the process of setting up NFS [1] storage and...
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    Questions about Proxmox VE.

    I read in a forum about Proxmox VE, an open source bare-metal virtualization based on OpenVZ. It support live migration and clustering. Anybody have try it in production environment? How does it compare to XenServer and ESXi/vSphere (free/essentials one)?
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    I want to see this futures too. Please add some type of IPAM, rather than just "Notes"


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