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    Configure or disallow concurrent backups

    hmm thanks spirit, I really thought that this as a think that could be improved, instead of creating schedules manually for each node, since takes some trial and following to proper setup backup times to not overlap, considering the classic "backup everything on the weekend" scheduling. For now...
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    Configure or disallow concurrent backups

    Hello everyone I have a virtual PBS inside one of my servers, on a 4 clustered array. I noticed if I select a big list of VMs to start a backup on the weekends, since they are on different servers they will start up simultaneously, even though the backup schedule is done on the datacenter...
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    Free Space Management

    Hello Everyone I went first on some other threads here on the forums with similar questions, that when removing older snapshots the free space available won't change. Most of the answers were that if some chunks are used or shared with older infos they won't be free, only if the garbage...
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    Authentication using LDAP / AD stopped working

    Hello Everyone Our proxmox hosts stopped authenticating using AD credentials, that we use regularly. Only difference from the environment was an update on the windows 2016 server with kb4601092 When trying to login using AD credentials, syslog prompts immediately: pvedaemon[3067869]...
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    Rogue Cluster Node

    Thanks @mira for the update. I'll review the network and try to separate cluster comunication. I'll try to applicate this when I have physical access to the cluster to validate all possibilities...
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    Backup finishes OK, but "data": null info on finish

    Hello everyone, I noticed after the last update to proxmox 7.0-12 and PBS 2.0-11 the backups finish ok, but with and odd info. I validated backup and restore, the images are fine, but this info shows on the end of every machine backed up: INFO: Backup finished at 2021-10-10 00:10:17 Result: {...
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    Rogue Cluster Node

    pveversion of all nodes: [pmx-office1]: pveversion pve-manager/7.0-13/7aa7e488 (running kernel: 5.11.22-3-pve) [pmx-office2]: pveversion pve-manager/7.0-13/7aa7e488 (running kernel: 5.11.22-3-pve) [pmx-office3]: pveversion pve-manager/7.0-13/7aa7e488 (running kernel: 5.11.22-3-pve)...
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    Rogue Cluster Node

    Hello Everyone! I have a 4 server cluster scenario, that went running fine for 700+ days, but eventually we need to update it, mostly that we want to use PBS and since we are on version 5.4x we want to roll up the servers to version 6. I made an offline lab with the same configurations from...
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    [SOLVED] Create backup fail with error: Cannot open: Permission de

    Im still having this error, using proxmox 6.2, with this environment: - 2 sata 1tb disks, with mdmadm raid1, serving two LVs, -- one lvm-thin with 800gb -- one lvm with ext4 partition, mounted as a backup storage while making backups from qemu-vms evething goes fine, it stops on the lxc...
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    How to use google apps smtp to email warnings

    I managed to use the service, but I had to update the option inside google apps admin to allow the desired account to allow unsecured apps, and then all worked. Ill post up my confs so if anyone needs it on the future can relate to this post. At first, you have to install some packages...
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    How to use google apps smtp to email warnings

    Hello everyone I've tried many of the suggestions here on the forums and other methods using postfix to relay the warning mails to be sent using a google apps account, but with no success. Besides the suggestions on the forums, I tried this method -...
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    installation and boot via NVMe

    Still you have some questions to be answered: - does all that hassle to build such an specific and tough environment will pay off (in both old ibm x servers)? - Is it possible to have the 2 recommended crash recovery procedures? - what is the gain in performance / io / avaiability of this...
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    installation and boot via NVMe

    I think Wolfgang suggested this workarround for you to be a friendly neighbor, since it appears that you already bought the hardware without proper infos on support from the manufacturer (if you have more infos on it, please let us know) I believe most of the binaries on proxmox are possible to...
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    installation and boot via NVMe

    For performance curiosity: What would be the use or gain in performance using a NVMe disk for system / boot device? I imagine the use for journaling using ceph since its pretty fast, but considering such trouble to make it work, wouldn't it be costly the downtime to reconstruct this node with...


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