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    ZFS issues with disk images after reboot

    I’m still facing the same problems just after any reboot.
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    SR-IOV vs DPDK+OVS vs vBridges

    I’m interested too… Kind regards
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    ZFS issues with disk images after reboot

    Same problem here: proxmox-ve: 7.2-1 (running kernel: 5.15.64-1-pve) pve-manager: 7.2-11 (running version: 7.2-11/b76d3178) pve-kernel-5.15: 7.2-13 pve-kernel-helper: 7.2-13 pve-kernel-5.15.64-1-pve: 5.15.64-1 pve-kernel-5.15.60-2-pve: 5.15.60-2 pve-kernel-5.15.60-1-pve: 5.15.60-1 ceph-fuse...
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    Why bother with user remapping on LXC / Host?

    Hi all, I need a LXC container to access with read/write permissions a specific directory on proxmox host. According to Proxmox WiKi I can accomplish that by remapping a LXC user to a host user but I'm unsure of why to do that if I can simply grant access to LXC user without remapping (eg...
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    Linux Bridges and DPDK

    Hi all, sorry for the NOOB question. I know that I can have DPDK with OVS but not with Linux bridges. Is there any thoughts from dev team regarding getting linux bridges faster (with the use of DPDK, any other userspace networking or any other way)? Kind regards
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    [SOLVED] Multicast bridge problem

    That did the trick! Thanks!
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    [SOLVED] Multicast bridge problem

    And also VM config file: boot: order=virtio0;net0 cores: 8 cpu: host memory: 8192 meta: creation-qemu=6.1.1,ctime=1647950189 name: pf-01 net0: virtio=7A:31:9F:08:35:30,bridge=vmbr0 net1: virtio=7A:08:24:6D:6E:CE,bridge=vmbr2 net2: virtio=36:1D:E2:09:05:95,bridge=vmbr3 net3...
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    [SOLVED] Multicast bridge problem

    Hi all, I posted a similar message on pfSense forum but I think this is a Proxmox network issue related to multicast traffic throughout linux bridges. Here I go... I have a working pfSense bare metal machine I want to migrate to a Proxmox VM. This pfSense machine bridges 3 different...
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    SR-IOV - I need a few basic answers :)

    Interested in this too…
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    [SOLVED] Reset root password systemd

    Hi all, I have a Proxmox Server install and I lost root password. How can I reset root password? ProxMox wiki ( only tells how to do it in with grub but my Proxmox is using systemd. kind regards
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    Another unprivileged LXC uid/gid remap post

    Hi all, sorry for the noob question. I have a LXC container that I want root user and root group on CT to be mapped to uid 1015 and gid 1015 on host. I read and I understood that: The first number is the id in your container. The second...
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    ISO folder does not see sub-folders during VM creation

    Thanks for the reply. The problem is each ISO is in a unique subdir. If I understand you correctly I’ll need one symbolic link to each ISO file. kind regards
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    ISO folder does not see sub-folders during VM creation

    Sorry to bring this post up again. I face the same problem. How to resolve this? kind regards
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    zpool import -a persistent

    Yes I did but I found no answer in there. I'm still unable to make an imported pool persistent across proxmox reboots. Every time I reboot host I need to go to command line and send a "zpool import -a" command otherwise some of my pools are not imported. What am I missing here? kind regards
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    zpool import -a persistent

    Hi all, I have a fresh install of Proxmox. I imported some ZFS pools with command zpool import -a. After a reboot the imported pools have to be imported again with the same command. How to make it persistent accross reboots? kind regards
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    Import Proxmox VMs to a new Proxmox Server

    Hi all, sorry for the noob question... I have a Proxmox server working ok. My proxmox install disk is different from my VMs disk. I want to re install Proxmox server as I changed some configs. How can I "import" the working VMs I have in the new server? I assume this should be easy as all VMs...
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    No VNC config with password possible

    Sorry to post on this old topic but I have the same problem. Is it possible to set a persistent VNC password to remotely access a Proxmox VM? kind regards
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    Bare Metal to LXC

    Hi all, sorry for the Noob question. I have a FreePBX running SNG7 as a bare metal. I want to migrate it to ProxMox LXC. is there a how to do it? I found online lxd-p2c but this relates to LXD and not LXC containers. can somebody point me to right direction, pls? kind regards GWR


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