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    Mail Macro without POP3 and IMAP?

    Seems to be intentional considering there are separate firewall macros for POP3 and IMAP (and their SSLs versions) and I can see the benefit in having the different kinds of mail traffic being in different macros. Not all mail servers want to be MTAs and not all MTAs want to be fetch points.
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    send emails using API with proxmox mail gateway

    Not via the API, but there is nothing stopping you from writing a simple PHP script that collects a POST and then uses a SMTP via a SMTP lib to then send the mail out via PMG.
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    Node2 not run Blacklist Rule!

    Is the state for the node2 still syncing? If so, that is likely where the issue is and node2 didn't get the blacklist sync'd . If you check node2's blacklist settings, does it have the blacklist setup with that domain? If not, you need to find out what is causing the syncing issue.
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    how to give domain level access to a user in proxmox mail gateway

    Domains don't have owners and so what you're looking for isn't possible. What you could do is build a wrapper system that uses the API and keep track of what domain should go to what user in that wrapper system. For example, in a WHMCS or Blesta server module what you're looking for can be...
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    From single-node install to cluster?

    You can create a new cluster on existing setup but you can't join a cluster on existing IIRC. Though if you plan on using Ceph, you will need other drives to use as OSDs.
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    What is the meaning of "SMTP HELO checks" (mail proxy options)?

    No disadvantage. HELO is part of the SMTP RFC I am sure and any MTA not following RFCs are likely spammers anyhow.
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    outbound is not working getting the error as Temporary lookup failure (in reply to RCPT TO command))

    Just to confirm, you did a nslookup, dig, or other DNS lookup tool on the PMG server it self to confirm it could find's MX record? What about test.local and rDNS for the relaying server? Not on PMG it self, but I have seen that error in postfix logs when it could not lookup a rDNS on...
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    Outbound relay configuration

    In postfix, you just set the smarthost to be: where is your PMG server address and :26 is the Internal SMTP port set under Mail proxying -> Ports . With that said, any mail going out from your postfix server will go through PMG and then PMG...
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    Automatically add domains to PMG

    Looks like you're are not passing the cookie and header. $currentDomain, $PMGcookie, and $CSRFtoken need to be set before the curl happens . If you know PHP, it might be easier to take the VE API php examples and adapt them here.
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    Automatically add domains to PMG

    You replaced "hostname" with "test" within the tildes and that is likely where the issue is as test is not a valid command. Putting something between tildes ("`") instructs bash to run that as as command and to use that output. You could remove that part if you want and just have the comment...
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    Automatically add domains to PMG

    You need to first get the access ticket via curl, wget, whatever and get the PMGAuthCookie and CSFR token into bash script variables. How you get those there is up to you. It returns a json, so you'll need to parse it out. Using the jq tool seems to be a commonly recommended method for json...
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    Automatically add domains to PMG

    If you just want to run the API URLs in your browser, just login to the node and then run the API url in another browser tab. The API will use your current session cookie for the API calls -- very handy for testing out calls during dev. Otherwise, if connecting to API from a script, like...
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    Sender Rate Limit to Prevent SPAM

    Would second a built-in rate control.
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    [SOLVED] Dedicate one node in cluster to user spam reports

    Configuration -> Spam detector -> Quarantine -> Quarantine host should be the setting you want.
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    How to change from where and how Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender email is send

    You could set the smarthost under Mail Proxy -> Relaying -> smarthost to be the sending PMG. For the from address change, you can change the quarantine from via the quarantine settings. Other items like daily admin reports use another address and I that may require direct configuration changes.
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    Migrate from barracuda to proxmox

    In the screenshots you have the default relay set to and have that as the transports. So, presuming is connecting to PMG for outbound, you're creating a mail loop as PMG will try to connect to to send mail out. Not sure if that is causing the behavior...
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    [SOLVED] Spam e-mails go to the zimbra spam folder

    For zimbra side, you'll want to post on the Zimbra forums. Using filters that should be possible but have not looked if global filters is possible.
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    Can't receive emails on PMG

    How so? Most issues I have seen with mail forwarding is the SPF isn't valid and that makes sense since you're mail server would not be allowed in external domains. Reducing SPF rules would be needed but that defeats their purpose. The relay port is the port PMG would be connecting to to...
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    pmg as relay host with authentication

    Using the templating method that @Stoiko Ivanov mentions should prevent overwriting if changes are done in GUI or CLi.


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