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    [SOLVED] No nested KVM after upgrade to 5.0

    I had an issue after upgrading to 5.0 Beta. Nested virtualisation was not working anymore on AMD platform, which worked well on the same server wih 4.4. Qemu always said "No accelerator found" when I tried to start a VM under Proxmox-In-A-Proxmox. It looks like the needed "svm" cpu flag is not...
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    GUI issues with Firefox after upgrade

    Great! Thank you janssensm! That solved the Problem. Is that a Firefox or a Proxmox Bug? Or not a bug at all?
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    GUI issues with Firefox after upgrade

    Hi, I have some strange issues after an 'apt dist-upgrade' today. The login mask behaves strange: I can neither change language nor realm. If I try I get an error message that the username is not given (via (!)-sign next to the input field. Then sometimes the Login-Button works, sometimes not...
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    Proxmox VE Conference: Proxtalks 2016 in Berlin

    This is the exact address of Adlershof con.vent:,13.5320252,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x47a8462fe83456ef:0x626409a6216b1251!8m2!3d52.431059!4d13.5342139
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    Proxmox VE Trainings

    In this moment we are planning a training in North America this year. It was first planned to organise one in the U.S., but it turned out that our trainers need a working visa for this. To get one of this is time consuming and quite a bit of luck. We're working on that. Until then we are...
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    Proxmox High Availability (HA) cluster - is it working at all for anyone?

    We implemented multiple working HA-Scenarios, and we do it in every of our proxmox advanced trainings. One productive used cluster now works for over an year without problems concerning HA at a telcommunication service provider's data center.
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    Cluster with two node on openvpn and with drbd

    If you let one node just be the spare for the other and just use it, if the other node fails, it could probably work. But Replication is slow and nobody would give you a guarantee that this will work reliable. Also, if the first node fails, you'd have to think about some kind of fencing anyhow.
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    Cluster with two node on openvpn and with drbd

    Sorry, but forget it. We did something like that this one single time, because an customer wanted us to do so. The bandwith between servers was much better than your example, but we just got from one trouble to antoher. In theory it works, practically it ist not useable. And even with 100...
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    pveceph install

    Same Problem here, seems to be a problem with the certificate at uses a new SSL-certificate from COMODO since yesterday, so I guess there lies the problem. We used a workaround for our test-servers: In pveceph script line 105 add --no-check-certificate to the wget-call. For...
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    Problem installing 3.0 on Debian Wheezy

    Hi Tom, no, it is a preinstalled Debian Wheezy on a dedicated server hosted at Strato.
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    Problem installing 3.0 on Debian Wheezy

    Hello, I'm trying to install 3.0 on top of Debian Wheezy along the howto postet in the wiki. Everything works fine until dpkg quits while trying to configure pve-cluster. This fails with the follwing message: can't parse /root/.ssh/ at /usr/share/perl5/PVE/ line 1138. dpkg...
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    Proxmox HA Cluster at OVH - Fencing

    Hi Dietmar, ok, I'll try it on the mailing list. Thanks for the hint. Also thank you for the idea with the dedicatedHardRebootStatus - I just overlooked that in the API.
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    Proxmox HA Cluster at OVH - Fencing

    I'm trying to raise a Proxmox HA cluster with OVH rootsevers. One must-have requirement is a working fence device. As I could not find other ways to implement this with OVH, I wrote a own quick-and-dirty fence agent in python. It's working that far, but it's not really good in any way. In fact...


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