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    unable to save ovmf resolution settings

    Hello, When I try to change the resolution of the noVNC console on a windows11 VM using OVMF (UEFI) under device manager -> ovmf Platform configuration -> change preferred resolution. I can not save the changes. I can change the resolution in the selection field, but when I try to change with...
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    Mellanox 100gbe Link only getting ~55 gbit/s

    anyone had this issue before with intel Xeon CPUs?
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    Mellanox 100gbe Link only getting ~55 gbit/s

    Hello, I have 2 servers with each one Mellanox ConnectX-4 100 GbE QSFP installed. >I connected the 2 with a Mellanox 100gbe DAC cable. and both idracs show me a link with of 100gbit/s. However when I run ipref3 on both ends I only get around 34gbit/s. I have read that iperf3 might be limited...
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    network bond not working

    Hello, I am trying to set up a bond for our Proxmox Hypervisor. I am using a brodacom Network card with 2 10gbe sfp+ ports and 2 regular rj45 ports. I would like to have a failover config with the sfp+ connection as primary and the rj45 as secondary. The secondary should only act as a backup in...
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    Put VM name into backup name

    Hello, is it possible to have multiple vzdump configs so I can actually have different retention policies for different storages? from what I understand, this applies to all of vzdump on that node. so when I set a retention for keep last 2 it will do that for all the vzdump operations on that...
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    AMD EPYC 9004 support

    ok. Thanks for the answer. Anyone else any experience with these new CPUs and proxmox?
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    Directory Storage on ZFS

    Has anyone experience with the above mentioned PBS Backup restore features. I suppose if you would host the proxmox backup server on the same host as a VM and passthrough a few fast SSDs, that the Backup/Restore speeds should be usable right?
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    AMD EPYC 9004 support

    Hi, Has anyone already had experience with the new Epyc 9004? Just wondering because I read about some issues with Epyc 7001 and 7002 in the beginning after release Did anyone already have the opportuinity to test them out? if yes how is the virtualization performance and is it worth the higher...
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    Directory Storage on ZFS

    Thanks for the answer. How big of a performance impact can I expect? 20% 50% in terms of IOPS and Read write speeds
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    A lot of Windows VMs on Proxmox

    Hi, Has anyone experience with running a lot of Windows VMs on a Single Proxmox host (like 20). is there anything special to consider when running so many windows 10/11 VMs compared to Linux. Like enough GPU power from the CPUs to render 20 VMs or fast enough storage for the disks. I am...
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    Directory Storage on ZFS

    Hi Is it a good idea to create a ZFS pool from SSDs and then create a Directory on that pool into which you but the VMs (qcow2). I am asking because the normal ZFS setup (which we have been using for a while already and works great) does not have full snapshot capability (reverting to a older...
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    PBS not working with Azure file Storage

    yes it can access that aswell. also if I create the datastore as the user backup it still won't work. starting to think that this is a azure file storage issue as it can write to the storage but when it tries modifying the .chunks data it fails. any other option for a cheap offsite backup from...
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    VM replication Job doesn't create VM on second node

    ok thanks for the info . but isn't this meant to be used in a node failure to start the vm on a new node? beacuse if I only havet the disk on the traget node how do I then start it (ssuming the 1 node failed)
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    VM replication Job doesn't create VM on second node

    Hi, We have a 2 node proxmox cluster with the identical zfs pool on both. when I tryx to configure replication for a VM it starts the Job and finishes the job with success. (The Vdisk gets created on the second datastore) but The VM is not created on the second node. Can anyone help me with...
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    PBS not working with Azure file Storage

    the backupuser has permissions to modify these files
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    PBS not working with Azure file Storage

    Hi, I am trying to Backup some VMS on PVE via a Backupserver that is hosted in azure. The Backupserver has a SMB share mounted to a Azure filestorage Account via SMB. The creation of the datastore and chunks went without issues as well as adding the cloud PBS to the local hypervisor. However...
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    Use PsExec to run commands on user session via qemu guest agent

    Hi, I'm trying to execute a script on a vm via the qemu guest agents api exec. However all the commands get executed without a connection the the current user session. so when I for example run powershell via the api it only shows up in task manger as a process but does not show the console on...
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    Storage recommendation for Windows guest

    thanks for the answer. no i am going to use 2 supermicrto aoc adapter cards. I don't plan on doing any graphically intensive workload on these machines just software testing so GPU performance isn't important for us its more like that these machines are responsive. so you don't need to wait...


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