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    [TUTORIAL] Hey Proxmox & Community - Let's talk about resources isolation

    Hopefully some of these would be integrated into the UI, but I don't see much interest from PVE staff.. (at least nobody posted here 'bout it)
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    NVME passthrough

    Where did you add softdep nvme pre: vfio-pci ? Upon checking lspci, I see the NVME I've passed through shows as: Kernel driver in use: vfio-pci Kernel modules: nvme Also, I have 2 NVMe's (one is for lvm storage, the other one - passed through) softdep nvme pre: vfio-pci won't break that?
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    Passthrough nvme - issue?

    Hey there, I've got a few questions / issues regarding a nvme ssd passed through in a VM. The server has 2 nvmes - one as LVM storage for VM disks, another (Seagate BarraCuda Q5 ZP10000CV30001) passed in a VM. The VM is Windows 11, installed directly onto that nvme as ovmf Q35 ***without*** an...
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    PCIE Passthrough of USB chipset is not stable

    Sorry for waking an old post up but... are you sure you're not passing an pcie root port/switch or something? I'm also passing an usb controller directly to VM - no issues whatsoever, but did a loooot of checking before passing it.
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    VM Reboot loop

    Hello, If would be nice if PVE could detect a VM stuck in a reboot loop (case when something on the virtual disk has failed resulting in constant reboots). I've had a FreeBSD VM with a damaged disk... constantly rebooting and no indication there was a problem (it was showing as running...
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    Marking TSC unstable due to clocksource watchdog

    I know 6.4 is EOL, I haven't had time to upgrade mostly because I'm also planning on removing the current PVE install (a HDD) and replacing with a pair of SSD's in raid 0. The main concern here is that my VMs storage is LVM on an nvme ssd and I have no idea if that LVM would be immediately...
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    Marking TSC unstable due to clocksource watchdog

    Updated kernel to 5.11.22-5-pve to see if there'd be any difference ....
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    Marking TSC unstable due to clocksource watchdog

    I'm getting "Marking TSC unstable due to clocksource watchdog" after some hours of uptime. System is Threadripper 3960x, Asus TRX40-pro with the latest available bios, 8x8G 3200 sticks. ``` [1198064.004082] clocksource: timekeeping watchdog on CPU46: hpet retried 2 times before success...
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    Clean PVE install and old VM disks

    Does PVE automatically do vgexport/vgimport ?
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    Clean PVE install and old VM disks

    Are you sure this includes LVM storage?
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    Clean PVE install and old VM disks

    Can someone tell me if it's even possible to restore an LVM storage located on a separate disk (nvme) when doing a completely new install of PVE (on new SSDs). The LVM storage (NVME_SMS) is listed in storage.cfg however, will it be detected on the new install at all, if I just add these entries...
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    Clean PVE install and old VM disks

    I still haven't made the reinstall onto the new SSDs, however, planning to do so in a day or two. Quick question - when I do the clean install, will it see the old LVM disk (nvme0p1) containing the VM disks? On the current install: root@proxmox:# pvscan...
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    Proxmox Backup Server 2.1 released!

    So, is there a way to upgrade from 2.0-4 to 2.1 ? """ Q: Can I dist-upgrade Proxmox Backup Server 2.0 to 2.1 with apt? A: Yes, just update via GUI or run "apt update && apt dist-upgrade" """ Doesn't do the job. *EDIT* - Found the problem... the "no-subscription" repository wasn't added...
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    NVME passthrough

    I figured things out: 1. add 1bb1:5013 to vfio-pci.ids in /etc/default/grub 2. add 1bb1:5013 to options vfio-pci ids= in /etc/modprobe.d/vfio.conf 3. When creating the VM, in UEFI de-select creation of EFI disk. 4. Add the NVME device passthrough first (hostpci0). 5. Add other passthrough...
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    PCIe/NVME Server Crash

    Had the same issue, still investigating...
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    NVME passthrough

    Anyone on this? How to use the NVME "raw" w/o any emulation?
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    NVME passthrough

    I want to pass-through an NVME drive, the ID is 1bb1:5013 / 48:00.0 Its in it's own IOMMU group: # find /sys/kernel/iommu_groups/ -type l |grep "53" /sys/kernel/iommu_groups/53/devices/0000:48:00.0 Do I have to add 1bb1:5013 to pci-stub.ids= or vfio-pci.ids= in grub's config? Also, How to add...
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    Clean PVE install and old VM disks

    For some reason the USB stick I made with PVE (dd mode) errored out ... it's now unformattable so I have to buy a new one tomorrow. Also, with PVE installed on 2 disks (ZFS raid1) - do I have to select any particular disk as the "boot" disk in the bios?


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