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    [SOLVED] After 8.1.3 upgrade Summary Graphs are blank

    Unfortunately I don't have spare hardware at my hand to try. But judging from this thread it should be as easy as setting up a Proxmox cluster and adding a Synology iSCSI storage like so: iscsi: Synology-iSCSI portal target...
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    Is there anything else I can do to optimize Windows VM with GPU passthrough?

    @Arm1nas you probably could debug quite easily to see if your problems also come from sound/USB emulation like it was for me: remove the hotplug: usb and audio0: device=ich9-intel-hda,driver=none from your config, reboot and connect with windows RDP. Now do something which normally lags, or even...
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    Is there anything else I can do to optimize Windows VM with GPU passthrough?

    That sounds unbearable :d But I remember this was pretty much the experience I also had with my first try and the RTX 2080 Ti system. And though it seemed like CPU related it just disappeared the moment I stopped USB and sound emulation and passed the controller to the VM. I also remember that...
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    Is there anything else I can do to optimize Windows VM with GPU passthrough?

    Some hints from me also I'll try to keep it short... To the "why" (@BobhWasatch): Because windows is a moloch with which you don't want to share anything more serious you do personally (be it work or private) but you need it for gaming Because it is fun Because! Over the past decades I found...
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    [SOLVED] After 8.1.3 upgrade Summary Graphs are blank

    Same Problem and I'm also using Synology iSCSI so probably the cause is exactly the same. However, I make use of Synology IPv6 in my LAN so I cannot simply disable it. Is there a way to work around this (or even solve this) on the Proxmox side? @Moayad or anybody else from the Proxmox stuff do...
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    zfs error: Insecure dependency in exec while running with -T switch on rollbacks

    In a Proxmox cluster I'm seeing the following error more often when I try to rollback. ``` zfs error: Insecure dependency in exec while running with -T switch at /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/perl-base/IPC/ line 176. ``` The cluster is currently a v 8.0.4 but I did see the error with v 7...
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    Backup 'zstd: /*stdout*\: Input/output error'

    Not really unfortunately. We migrated to a Proxmox Backup server instead. And there we don't see any of those problems with the exact same cluster (also the backup server's storage is also kind of slow HDDs ).
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    Windows Server Upload slow during no other Upload but fast with

    On a Windows Server 2019 VM on a Proxmox host (7.1-11 PVE, 5.13.19-6-pve kernel) I'm having a strange problem: The upload to a new Synology DS1621+ is horribly slow (1-3 MB/s). The fun part is, as soon as I start another upload to anything else in the network both uploads become fast. The...
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    CIFS VFS: Send error in SessSetup = -13

    @oguz anbei soweit ich es posten kann. "xxxxx" ist die "neue" die gerade das Problem hatte, "yyyy" die alte. Das selbe Spiel hatte ich vor ein paar Monaten schon mal, da hatte ich aber dann die damals neue gekündigt und stattdessen die alte upgegradet... pveversion -v proxmox-ve: 7.0-2 (running...
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    CIFS VFS: Send error in SessSetup = -13

    Stand heute ist das scheinbar immernoch reproduzierbar: schließe ich eine neue Hetzner Storagebox an ein Cluster bei Hetzner an, so tritt nach wenigen Stunden oben beschriebenes Fehlerbild ein (auf allen Nodes!). umount /mnt/pve/new-storage-box-mount-name "behebt" das Problem; danach scheint...
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    [SOLVED] Is PCIe Passthrough supposed to work with Proxmox 7?

    @eminempt I'm currently not sure if you already had the passthrough working once with Proxmox 6 or if you are trying on a fresh install. Generally speaking I could imagine getting a passthrough to work with one GPU only could be really tricky. For the primary GPU I always needed a ROM file to...
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    CIFS input/output error on large backups (>10GB)

    Just stumbled across this thread and my problem described here ( ) is most likely the same but unfortunately also still unsolved.
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    Backup 'zstd: /*stdout*\: Input/output error'

    So now just few days (maybe coincidence) after I replaced the server with the frequent zstd: /*stdout*\: Input/output error I just saw the error the first time on an other older server in the cluster. So currently the new server (which has quite heavy load and also inherited most from the former...
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    [SOLVED] Unable to properly remove node from cluster

    @dylanw just wanted to say that I had the exact same case as OP but without doing anything special. So basically I shut down the node to remove for good and executed `pvecm delnode node4` on a remaining node. The cluster is much smaller than OPs (3 nodes after the removal) but the error and...
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    [SOLVED] GPU passthrough working for 2 GPU but not for 1

    I had similar issues with my passthrough setup (but I only used Proxmox 5/6 as you may know from my other thread ). In the end I solved it with the correct ROM file (or at least I'm very sure that this was what actually did it). However getting the ROM file was quite tricky and files from...
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    [SOLVED] Is PCIe Passthrough supposed to work with Proxmox 7?

    I just tried to update a standalone (non-cluster) Proxmox 6.4 with 2 GPUs (1080 and 2080 SUPER) which are both passed through to different VMs. Maybe worth to mention I also pass through some USB controllers directly to those VMs. The mainboard in use is a X570 AORUS Pro. I blacklist GPU drivers...
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    Backup 'zstd: /*stdout*\: Input/output error'

    So I did a lot of tests with `memtester`. Always between 10 and 20 GB and many different runs since this way no downtime was required and I thought sooner or later I'd also catch an error if there was a problem (64 GB ECC RAM are installed in total). However, no error came up. Anyways, this...
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    Backup 'zstd: /*stdout*\: Input/output error'

    In one of my server I frequently run into failed backups on a CIFS location and since this is the case for several month now I thought I start a new thread, also there already is this old thread from another user but probably with a similar problem. What I can say for sure is that this is not a...
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    Proxmox Backup VM on BOX

    Resurrecting this thread: I'm seeing the exact same problem for backups on a hetzner storage box (BX50). Funnily the problem only occurs from one server, while backups from 3 other servers on the cluster to the same storage box never ever have a problem. Also noteworthy on average only 20%-30%...
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    Basic ZFS vs Ceph Question

    Thanks for your answers. My takeaway now was (and this what I did in the cluster in question) to go for ZFS in an unhomogeneous cluster where some nodes may have significantly slower storage and where I can live with data loss of few minutes in case of a crash/failover. For future ceph...


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