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    Sudden power grid failure, Proxmox can't start

    boot from iso and try repair system. run fsck, repair boot problems, chceck zfs and others
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    Sudden power grid failure, Proxmox can't start

    Try boot from install iso. Debug mode install.
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    [SOLVED] High Availability On Numerous Hardware Configuration

    Sure, you understand this correctly. But. Can your Windows handle such disk load coming from all virtual machines. If the machine with disks gets damaged, how will you deal with that?
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    VM automatically shutdown

    How much memory does have host? and show your vm-s configuration
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    Cluster Join failed This host already contains virtual guests

    Test When you add new VM on PROX2, what is the numer new VM?
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    [SOLVED] Newbie question about storage & resource pool

    Resource Pool is on Path: Datacenter/Permissions/Pools it is group of resources for set permissions. You global_thinpool is a storage. You use them when you configure disk on "Disks" tab.
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    Hard disk is no longer recognized in the OS after Proxmox update

    Mar 23 18:37:31 proxmox pvestatd[916]: unable to activate storage 'storage' - directory is expected to be a mount point but is not mounted: '/mnt/pve/storage' Do you have this directory on /mnt/pve/storage ?
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    Can't connect to GUI after update

    Your proxmox don-t know where is address proxmox tray to use gateway but gateway is out of range it address
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    Can't connect to GUI after update

    masz miszmasz w adresach sieciowych na oknach maska nie jest 26-bitowa, jest 22-bitowa, a adresy zakresów to Min.hosta: HostMax: na promoxie masz, jest to 26-bitowy adres, a zakres adresów to Min. Host: HostMax:
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    Restart has corrupted VM

    how did you solve the problem
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    [SOLVED] IO delay - how to find out reason for?

    Take a look at this forum thread It looks like something similar to your problem.
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    [SOLVED] IO delay - how to find out reason for?

    Show yor VM-s configuration. Do you have enable virtio drivers on VM-s? Have you checked your disk temperatures? Show smartctl -x /dev/your_device
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    Add HP SAS Expander to existing ProxMox? (HP ‎487738-001)

    You also need to have some sas controller. The expander only does branching to connect more sas drives. Look at this
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    Add HP SAS Expander to existing ProxMox? (HP ‎487738-001)

    Do you have any SAS controller card? Your drivers show lsblk command.
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    Steps to migrate Proxmox to a new (larger) M.2 disk

    The pool configuration is not saved in any file (at least I don't think so) but is saved on each vdev (disk, partition) used in the pool. Yes, you can import a pool created on another system. From what you showed, some of the disks of your virtual machines are saved on the LVM system disk. You...
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    Steps to migrate Proxmox to a new (larger) M.2 disk

    your machine configuration is on path /etc/pve/nodes/you_node_name/qemu-server/your_machine_VMID.conf or qm config <VMID> If you backup your machine from proxmox backup, backup has machine configuration. Migration proxmox from 1TB to 2TB is posible and simple if you have zfs on system disk...
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    [bug?] For setups without "rpool" named ZFS pools destroying containers fails.

    on your storage.cfg is entry rpool if you do not have this storage remove on GUI or edit storage.cfg and try remove container.
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    [SOLVED] Unexplained Storage Growth in Windows VM on ZFS.

    "I'm wondering if you have the VSS (Volume Shadow Copy Service) function enabled, and it might simply be taking up space on your disk. Check the Shadow Copies settings on your volumes using the command line: vssadmin list shadows Another feature that could be occupying space, though it may not...


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