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    Epyc 7402P, 256GB RAM, NVMe SSDs, ZFS = terrible performance

    I used ZFS in the past for a while and it was a huge pita. I love the theory but in practice it performs poorly for intensive applications and causes a lot of headaches. On the flip side I have an hp server 4 x Raid 10 x NVME with mdadm/lvm/ext4 and had major corruptiion which completely...
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    Sudden filesystem errors

    Seeing a similar issue now with LVM Raid MD10 and NVME disks....
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    [SOLVED] Maximum 10 Network Interfaces

    There is a difference from a security perspective. You are giving each container on that interface access to all the vlans . I agree that your solution works but the limit of interfaces seems arbitrary and trivial to fix (if ur reading this support staff, I’m a paying user - 50 machines)
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    [SOLVED] Maximum 10 Network Interfaces

    +1, I need to some times have 12 vlan interfaces on my containers and the way i do it now, i trunk on the Hypervisor and so I can only trunk 10 in total per container
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    Downgrade to Enterprise rep

    How long does this take, how can I know when everything I currently have in no-sub is in enterprise
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    Problem sending mail from hardware node

    I don't see that file on any of my servers...
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    Problem sending mail from hardware node

    In the latest versions of proxmox what file can I modify with to set the email address configured here. (or what non-gui action can I take)
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    InfoBlox on KVM/Proxmox

    Just as a followup the only thing required was to have multiple network interfaces - i put 4 using regular gui method
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    InfoBlox on KVM/Proxmox

    I'm trying to get infoblox server to work on proxmox kvm. The Infoblox setup calls for somethign like this: <interface type='network'> <rom bar='off' /> <source network='MGMT'/> <model type='virtio'/> <address type='pci' domain='0x0000' bus='0x00' slot='0x03' function='0x0'/>...
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    VLAN config inside container possible

    Hi, Currently my host has something like 40 interfaces, all configured to be on the proper vlan with no ip address. My containers bridge these interfaces and have the proper IP address (no vlan configuration inside the lxc container) The problem is that I can't "share" more than 10 interfaces...
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    Proxmox VE 5 cluster some strange log

    For me this error was due to being on the wrong kernel
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    2ms corosync latency requirement

    I'm considering building out a cluster of promox machines between several datacenters. I read that latency is key for corosync. I ran a little test and I got these results from machines that would be in approximately in the same locations as the cluster members. Host is up (0.0039s latency)...
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    Extend the 3.4 Support Lifecycle

    Hi, Do you have any statistics on people with 3.4 setups vs 4.x setups? The 3.4 setup is working fine and Debian is support wheezy for a few more years. For "enterprise" type workloads especially ones where the major underlying tech is changing I feel like this is a really short lifecycle. I...
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    Docker support in Proxmox

    Just to continue this discussion for intellectual purposes.... Whatever we think of LXC vs Docker - the fact of the matter is that the industry has chosen Docker for most workloads. Secondly, kubernetes is the golden nugget but the space where we need a tool is to compete is with openshift...
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    ProxMox 5

    I am using Proxmox 3.4 and considering waiting for Proxmox 5 rather than upgrading to Proxmox4. I have a few questions 1. Will 4 to 5 upgrade be as "involved" as 3 to 4? If everything is being kept the same (no new cluster building, container conversion etc...) then maybe I might as well bite...
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    Docker support in Proxmox

    Kubernetes is absolutely without doubt the 500 pound gorilla in the virtualization space. However if proxmox wrapped kubernetes in it's interface it would be a huge boon both ways. I haven't seen anything with the level of cross-professional appeal of kubernetes.
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    [#681] Proxmox+Ceph: pveceph createmon: unable to find local address within network

    Just ran into this issue as well. It isn't ONLY the tabs. It is also the fact the first 2 lines of the stanza DO NOT have tabs.....
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    Docker support in Proxmox

    What made ProxMox the best choice for virtualization historically was comparing containerization and full virtualization on the same platform. Now there is a new form of a virtualization
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    Docker support in Proxmox

    The value is having a single GUI/Management tool to control all your virtualization stack. Openstack is kind of doing this... I really have to agree also with the last poster.... Right now we are in the midst of a revolution - docker is pretty much taking over and is the developers preferred...
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    Docker support in Proxmox

    It would be cool if proxmox was integrated with kubernetes (the defacto standard for docker orchestration)..... there is openshift too Right now I am planning out how we are going to roll out docker in our enterprise. It's going to go something like this Phase 1 . Proxmox/KVM/Debian (or...


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