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    What is the impact of PVE hard disk wearout 100%?

    Kingston or crucial are really a drive for gaming and office, not for enterprise.
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    What is the impact of PVE hard disk wearout 100%?

    Wearout is what manufacterer set it to be. So usually just a warning that your drive can die any minute, not that it will.
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    Cluster replication

    There is also an option with ceph replication,but it is not an easy one.
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    Ceph Apply/Commit latency too high

    Or if you already both these samsungs,get smaller enterprise drives and store db/wal on them.
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    Most official/best-practice way to reduce the amount logging?

    There is this topic:
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    Opt-in Linux 6.8 Kernel for Proxmox VE 8 available on test & no-subscription

    I've updated in the last few days more than 20 nodes. Except for two Thinkserver sr530 and systemd idiotic interface change(eno1 to eno1np2???)
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    Ceph goes read-only when only 1 of 3 nodes goes down

    This is expected with your configuration: osd_pool_default_min_size = 2 osd_pool_default_size = 2
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    unable to create vm on ZFS over iSCSI storage

    No,if you are creating zfs by default it is create with /poolname
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    [SOLVED] Issues with Ceph on new installs

    Yeah,the disks are okay then. Only thing i can think of,is that there is some problem with ceph network and bonding or something like that
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    Why my CEPH is so slow?

    Yes,there are some NAS ssd's with PLP, if i'm not mistaken old seagate ones, but usually look for PLP drives.
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    Why my CEPH is so slow?

    Enterprise SSDs, so Intel,Micron,Samsung,Kioxia(ex Toshiba), so the ones that you know are suitable for enterprise, and in short won't fry fast.
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    Why my CEPH is so slow?

    DPWD is around 1.3, for enterprise it is 3-5 DPWD. Don;t have PLP. And probably terrible fsync performance which is important for ZFS and CEPH within Proxmox.
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    Why my CEPH is so slow?

    Yeah,these are pretty terrible for ceph.
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    Why my CEPH is so slow?

    You didn't say what model are NVME drives?
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    Is this an ideal setup for Ceph?

    Yes it is enough for <20-30 nodes.
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    Distributing VMs with Proxmox

    in our company we still only distribute OVA file, and ISO autoinstall file(both are public download). As for the networking,we leave it at dhcp and guide customers to setting up static IP. OVA is for now let's say all-pervasive so it is easier to distribute just that one file for everyone to use.


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