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    Is it possible to increase the storage pool by adding more SSDs?

    How are you team, hope you are feeling well! I have a question, it turns out that I have a long time installation of a cluster with 3 nodes that hosts VMs in pool, however this pool is filling up and it is necessary to add more capacity to these. My question is: Is it possible to add more...
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    Error when backing up and entering the VNC console

    Hello everyone, I hope you are very well and can help me, I happen to have a version of PVE 6.0-4 and recently I have experienced strange behavior on my VMs. I noticed this in the backup task, because it began to throw an error "got timeout", this only happened with a couple of VMs, but over...
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    SWAP memory problem

    Good morning team, I hope you are very well, I am working on a node with Proxmox VE 6.3-2, the problem I have is that the SWAP memory is reached quickly and never decreases, When I free the swap memory everything works fine, without However, after less than 12 hours, the swap is already at 100%...
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    Create vm with 2cow format

    I have tried to modify it in versions of proxmox 6.2 and 7.0 and this is not possible, it seems that it is blocked, I tried to add a new disk to an existing vm and create a vm but in neither of the two options it allows me, you will know how to unlock that option?
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    Create vm with 2cow format

    Good morning team, I hope you are very well, I am working to implement an application together with proxmox, however this application only works with qcow2 format, is there any way to create or convert a vm to qcow2? It does not matter if you have to start from a created vm or start a vm from 0...
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    PBS problem, PVE nodes not responding because of PBS

    Good morning team, I hope you are very well, a while ago I had a big problem with proxmox PVE and proxmox backup server. Turns out I have two different nodes attached to a PBS, both are PVE 6.3-2. The problem I had is that all my virtual machines on both nodes were inaccessible, the signal was...
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    Problem with proxmox and WHMCS

    Good morning team, I hope you are well, I am working with WHMCS and proxmox, I am using Modules Gardes ( the problem is that when trying to create a virtual machine from WHMCS, this is not created, and the error that appears is the...
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    cluster problem proxmox 6.0-4

    Is there a way to do the corosync survey manually? The problem is that I have 6 important VMs in production, it is vital that they are working. Thank you very much for your support, I look forward to your response
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    cluster problem proxmox 6.0-4

    I proceeded to carry out the indicated commands and I noticed that only in node "pve01" when executing the journalctl -u corosync command, it ended while in the other nodes, it continued giving a total of 47 pages of logs. I attach the screenshot of the command on pve01 I also attach the...
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    cluster problem proxmox 6.0-4

    Thanks for the reply. I executed the indicated commands and I noticed that the node that if it is seen correctly "pve01-populus" did not execute the command "pvecm status", and the nodes that are not displayed if they managed to execute the command correctly. Annex output of the commands of the...
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    cluster problem proxmox 6.0-4

    Team Proxmox I would like to know why the nodes where I have some virtual machines has an interrogative question. Could you help me, please? The version of my proxmox is 6.0-4 King regards Servnet
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    Backup problem "failed - vma_queue_write: write error - Broken pipe!

    It is of the NFS type, but I had not previously had problems with this storage, the backups were doing well, but out of nowhere I began to throw this problem
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    Backup problem "failed - vma_queue_write: write error - Broken pipe!

    But what quota exceeded? Is it possible to extend this quota so that the backups can be carried out correctly?
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    Backup problem "failed - vma_queue_write: write error - Broken pipe!

    Good morning team, I currently have a cluster of 3 nodes, 7 VMs in total, I have a task that performs backups at 00:00, however they are not performed, the error message is as follows: INFO: starting new backup job: vzdump 101 103 105 106 100 104 202 --mode snapshot --storage NAS --quiet 1...
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    Virtual machines without internet

    ok, I understand, I will work on updating my equipment as soon as possible, however, I need to develop a report of what happened, I cannot find any log in which it indicates the failure, will you know the reason for the failure of this? or what exactly happened?
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    Virtual machines without internet

    Good morning everyone. I currently have a node with approximately 40 virtual machines on a 5.3-11 version of proxmox. however when restarting the network service, all virtual machines were left without network. when trying to verify the status, they were all running, and even the same node had...
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    help to repair damage to the OS of a VM

    Hello everyone, I have a problem, and it is that on two occasions the system of a VM was damaged, as if the operating system was lost, since it is restarting all the time, is there any way to repair and recover that vm?
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    IP not assigned automatically for created VPS from WHMCS client area

    I have the same problem, but it happens to me in VM, the IP is not added from WHMCS, we must add it from the guest operating system, is this correct?
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    virtual machine migration virtuozzo

    Hello, thank you for responding, with affectation I mean, for example, a blue screen in the cases of windows. They are all Virtual Machines
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    virtual machine migration virtuozzo

    Hello team, we want to migrate 100 vm that are created in the Virtuozzo hypervisor to Proxmox. Is there a way to be able to migrate them without affecting them?


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