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    Opt-in Linux 6.1 Kernel for Proxmox VE 7.x available

    With 6.1.2-1-pve everithing was fine for me. Since 6.1.10-1-pve my extra USB 2,5GBit/s NIC's are getting randomly disconnected.
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    [TUTORIAL] How to run PVE 7 on a Raspberry Pi

    @itNGO for me yes, it is. - Quorum is propperly working. HA is usable for my 2 main nodes, without a "power hungry" 3 Node. - I use my RPi-Node to run scripts, to fetch for example the lates ISO's and save them automaticaly in the pve storage. - It enables you to emulate arm64 VM's / CT's - If...
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    [TUTORIAL] How to run PVE 7 on a Raspberry Pi

    Maybe this helps @sunnyboy I have added a new installer script based on the new image. Don't forget to adjust the link on step 2, since it is not meged yet. curl >...
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    Forbid VM to be migrated (pin VM to host)

    AFAIK VM with local host resources won't be able to migrate anyway. You will get a prompt that you can't migrate VM's with local resources e.g a passthrough NIC.
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    [TUTORIAL] How to run PVE 7 on a Raspberry Pi

    Here comes the Advanced Instalation After flashing the SD Card (I recommend a SSD via USB 3.0) and before the first boot, I edit some files on the /boot partition of the sd card. 1. Add a plain file called "ssh" to enable ssh automaticaly. 2. I fit a good heatsink on my RPi and give it a...
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    [TUTORIAL] How to run PVE 7 on a Raspberry Pi

    Disclaimer: !!! This is NOT ment for production use and is NOT official supported !!! and Huge Thanks to Tim Wilkinson who made this possible! more details and sources can be found @ I will devide this Tutorial in 2 Parts. The first part will only cover a very basic...
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    Promox Replikation?

    Die exakt gleiche VM genua 2 mal paralel laufen zu lassen wird nicht gehen, falls du das vor hattest? Was geht ist die VM zu von Server 1 auf Server 2 zu migrieren und vice versa, offline als auch online. Einfach rechtsklick auf die VM un der Übersichtsliste und dan migrate ;) Wenn die...
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    Only getting limited success trying to passthrough Intel UHD 620 graphics

    I've started a new try... PVE 7.0-10 Intel-UHD630 i9-10900 only added intel_iommu=on and iommu=pt to grubcmdline OVMF q35 latest Ubuntu 20.04 installed quemu-guest-agent added PCI-Device via GUI selected GPU ticked all boxes -> WORKS OUT OF THE BOX !!! 4k Display Output from the VM to my...
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    Start lxc time?

    Hi, I guess you could use crontab to do this: root@pve:# crontab -e add the following: 0 18 * * * pct start <CT-ID> 0 20 * * * pct shutdown <CT-ID>
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    [SOLVED] Convert LVM to vmdk

    Hey cosmos, did you already tried the following via CLI?: qemu-img convert -p $INPUTDISK -O $FORMAT -o subformat=streamOptimized $NEWDISK qemu-img convert -p /dev/vmstorage/vm-102-disk-0 -O vmdk -o subformat=streamOptimized /tmp/ExportedDisk-0.vmdk -p stands for Progress, -O specifies the...
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    CEPH Performance Probleme

    Hi Joe, da du nur 2 OSD's per node hast finde ich die Werte ganz in Ordnung. Wie gesgat bei 10GBits/s wirst du nie über 1000MB/s kommen. (Ethernet Overhead) Bedenke das bei ZFS der RAM als Cache mitbenutzt wird. Hast du dir schonmal den offiziellen benchmark angeschaut? Vielleicht hilft der...
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    CEPH Performance Probleme

    das 1x VM Netzwerk auch als Mesh ohne Switch dazwischen (Ceph Public), über diese Netz geht der Disk Traffic der VM Das Ceph Backend ist nur für die replicas und das rebalance zuständig. Da du nur 2 SSD OSD's per node hast könnte es helfen die replicas auf 1 / 2 herunterzustellen dan wird es...
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    CEPH Performance Probleme

    Hi Joe, Ich steige da noch nicht ganz durch... optimal wären 4 Netze: Switch 1x PVE-MGTM/WebAccess Peer to Peer 1x PVE HA -> Mesh 1GBit/s 1x Ceph Backend -> Mesh 10 GBit/s 1x Ceph Public -> Mesh 10 GBit/s Wie viel OSD's sind den per node eingrichtet ? (2 Stück wenn ich das richtig...
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    CEPH Performance Probleme

    Hey Joe, Für Ceph würde ich generell 2 Netzwerke empfehlen. Eines für den VM Access (public) und eines für das Backend wo die replication stat findet. Ebenso ist die performance abhängig davon wie viel replicas man im ceph pool einstellt.
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    [SOLVED] Ceph Network Failure --> VM Frozen

    I have a 3 node test cluster PVE (6.4.4), identical Nodes, 4 Networks, setup as mesh network with broadcast. WebAccess Network (192.168.178.x) Card 1 1GBit/s PVE HA Network (192.168.168.x) Card 1 1GBit/s Ceph Public Network (192.158.158.x) Card 2 10GBit/s Ceph BackEnd...
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    Only getting limited success trying to passthrough Intel UHD 620 graphics

    I've all so tried everything with a Intel UHD 630 graphics Via RDP everything is fine 3D acceleration is working! every try to use the build in HDMI / DVI / VGA ports results in a black screen... even disabling the audio in the bios dose not help any news ?
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    [SOLVED] Proxmox install (local) minimal install

    Just put the desired size for your local storage in the maxroot box, leave everything else free, hit OK, continue the installation. Just keep in mind witch things are stored where, before making a decision how big or small the local storage should be, how you want to use them and how they will...
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    LXC Container - Errors / Warnings - ubuntu / debian

    Oh my... indeed you are right!!! I set the DHCP IPv6 to static, debian ct boots right up as fast as ubuntu ct does, ssh service is working! Thanks a lot for pushing me in the right direction! I checked again the error messages related to the failed binding of the host devices.... they only...
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    LXC Container - Errors / Warnings - ubuntu / debian

    I tried out the LXC containers recently. First I tried the debian template (debian-10-standard_10.7-1_amd64.tar.gz), downloaded via PVE Web GUI, created a new container via PVE Web GUI, set my hostname (debian) and password, for the network chose DHCP and left everything as default. However...
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    [SOLVED] Proxmox install (local) minimal install

    Hm I don't know exactly your needs or your system specs (RAM, additional disks, VM's to be installed)... but on a fresh install the Proxmox OS takes about 3GB disk space. I've all ready some templates (around 1,5GB). Keep in mind that you have to store your ISO's/ContainerTemplates for...


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