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  1. tom

    [SOLVED] Repository is not signed / 403 Forbidden

    Check => Chapter 3.1.13
  2. tom

    Proxmox Support tickets

    Please read If you have one Basis Subscriptions, you have three tickets per year.
  3. tom

    recommended mode, 1920x1080 60Hz

    Try the TUI mode (text installer).
  4. tom

    Willkommen im deutschsprachigen Proxmox VE Forum!

    Bitte ein neues Thema/Thread öffnen. Bzw. mit dem TUI (Terminal UI) probieren -
  5. tom

    pct command not found

    Its not ptc, its pct. =>
  6. tom

    [SOLVED] apt error 401 Unauthorized [IP: 443] with active subscription

    If you re-issue, do not forget to update your registration on the host (click "Check" to update your key registration). Access should work within minutes. If not, contact
  7. tom

    Proxmox Backup PBS - Freezes Guest VM

    With the upcoming Proxmox VE 8.2.
  8. tom

    Website baut nicht mehr auf

    Wir verlinken hier im Support Forum keine Anleitungen, die aktiv die Finanzierung und den Weiterbestand der Proxmox Projekte untergraben. Proxmox VE ist zu 100 % frei für jeden verfügbar, unsere Community unterstützt jeden neuen User, aber es gibt keine Unterstützung für die Entfernung des...
  9. tom

    Seeking Advice: Migrating VMs from Vmware ESXi 5.1 to Proxmox VE Without Direct Upgrade Path

    Please read the full guide and the linked advanced guide, there are alternative migration methods described.
  10. tom

    [SOLVED] Debian Installation zur Zeit nicht möglich?

    I just did a fresh install on top of Debian 12.5, no issues. Please try to find out, what is different on your side. Provide more details.
  11. tom


    See remote-viewer.exe
  12. tom


    You need to download the virt-viewer MSI package (installable), not the tar file. => and the link to the download:
  13. tom

    Centralized management options for Proxmox

    We are working on a datacenter manager since quite some time, I expect the first beta versions later this year.
  14. tom

    VDI solution for Proxmox?

    See also
  15. tom

    [SOLVED] How to change PVE Repository to the community edition

    You can change the update repos via GUI since quite some releases, so just a few clicks.
  16. tom

    Wechsel von VM ESXi auf Proxmox VE

    Siehe auch:
  17. tom

    Backup server update email notification

    No double posting in the wrong forum. =>
  18. tom

    Backup with vinchin failes

    Vinchin is a third party commercial backup tool, so best ask for support from Vinchin.


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