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    Default settings of containers and virtual machines

    Yeah I for one really want to be able to customise the cluster-wide defaults for provisioning new VMs/CTs. The proposal in the listed bug report of also having profiles for configs can be useful too, but for me at least being able to _change_ the defaults would be really great! There's multiple...
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    "Type" clipboard (feature already requested? unsure)

    No, not copy text, type it out. As in simulate the keyboard being pressed with the entry of the clipboard. This is so that no client software needs to be installed, the VM/LXC object does not need to be in a particular configured state (at the hypervisor level), and so the GuestOS does not need...
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    Feature Request - Maintenance Windows for Backup Jobs

    This post is to start discussion for a Feature Request I just filed for Maintenance Windows for Backup Jobs : I tried to make it as useful a request as I could. If you have anything you want to add to it, thoughts on the matter, or whatever...
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    Proxmox Offline Mirror released!

    Hey does Proxmox Offline Mirror have a webGUI? I can't really find screenshots for it, nor a "product page" like the other Proxmox suites. I for one love the Proxmox-y webGUIs in the various suites, and this sounds quite tasty as a possible tool to use :)
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    Another Feature Request: Renaming

    I have filed this Feature Request on the matter :
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    "Type" clipboard (feature already requested? unsure)

    Hey cool cats, I do see the noVNC QEMU clipboard state is being improved upon, starting a bit with v8.2 and probably later versions. However I tried to search via Google/elsewhere if a particular clipboard related function/feature had already been requested, and really could not find any...
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    Proxmox reporting empty disk reads/writes for LXC containers

    I have 4x LXC containers that are not reporting DiskIO stats, even when using "pvesh get /nodes/localhost/lxc/#####/rrddata --timeframe hour" it reports no read/write IO. There is a pattern though. This started when the Proxmox VE node abruptly was shut down (for reasons I am not getting into)...
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    How to re-trigger symlink and related generated files? ceph/otherwise

    I have two nodes in a cluster which mount Ceph over the network, but that mounting is broken and I cannot remount as /etc/ceph/ does not have the symlink in it and the keyring file. A third node that is roughly configured the same was in the same state until it was rebooted. Ceph itself is ran...
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    PBS Task history creating "bad" files at times

    That is irrelevant, there is _zero_ Windows involved. My desktop isn't Windows, it's Linux, same for the nextCloud server (Linux). I uploaded via the webGUI, which is my browser. Where do you think Windows comes into play at all here? Because there's zero Windows involved.
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    PBS Task history creating "bad" files at times

    There is zero Windows anything involved. I don't know why you think there is.
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    PBS Task history creating "bad" files at times

    I honestly cannot explain how the slash changed between the stat command, and my first comment. I would not have intentionally changed that slash.
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    PBS Task history creating "bad" files at times

    root@REDACTED:/var/log/proxmox-backup/tasks/E3# stat 'UPID:REDACTED:000289CB:3BEF2DE3:000003B1:64B24022:backup:REDACTED\x3act-182:root@pam:' File: UPID:REDACTED:000289CB:3BEF2DE3:000003B1:64B24022:backup:REDACTED\x3act-182:root@pam: Size: 455331 Blocks: 896 IO Block: 4096...
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    PBS Task history creating "bad" files at times

    Local computer in particular example is/was Ubuntu 23.10. I keep meaning to do the stat thing but have not yet, that's on my end, sorry! I need to do that.
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    PBS Task history creating "bad" files at times

    1. No other operating system has direct access to these disks to any capacity. The storage that PBS uses is local to the OS. 2. The observed naming with slash is observed for multiple backup files, this is not a one-off. 3. nextCloud in no way has mangled the filenames. The involvement was...
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    PBS Task history creating "bad" files at times

    Sounds like whatever is resulting in that outcome is probably resulting in the same thing on my end too. And yeah it looks like you're also speaking to my original concern that the invalid slash characters should have been blocked before file creation (and I'm not even sure why Proxmox Backup...
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    Proxmox search by IP address

    Being able to see the IP addresses in lists of VMs/CTs on each node, across the cluster, and being able to "search" for which object has an IP address (assuming Proxmox even "knows") would all be VERY useful. Especially at-scale. I'm currently working with a new-to-me client and learning plenty...
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    PBS Task history creating "bad" files at times

    I have total confidence that these files were created by PBS, all evidence in-hand shows it. And the scenario you describe has not happened for this relevant PBS system.
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    PBS Task history creating "bad" files at times

    I don't know exactly when I will be able to get back onto that system next, but I will try my darndest to remember. As for the error... "Could not create path" since it interprets the slash in the file as referencing "wanting" to make a folder.
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    PBS Task history creating "bad" files at times

    Oh I'm with you about upgrading that system, but to be clear this system isn't "mine" but one that I have provided support for. So I will be convincing about upgrades likely in the near future, but "how soon" is probably not "soon". The underlying filesystem for the Datastore is btrfs (not set...


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