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  1. Turning on the PVE Firewall stops VM / LXC connectivity

    Yeah I don't get it, I fired up an old server which has 5.3 on it in the same network, hell I even tried putting it on the same cable in the same port and it works fine. So I honestly don't understand what the issue is with the other server but seems Openvswitch gets around the issue. I'll...
  2. Turning on the PVE Firewall stops VM / LXC connectivity

    I think I've solved it but only by working around it and switching to OpenVSwitch from Linux Bridges. It seems to work OK with OpenVSwitch.
  3. Turning on the PVE Firewall stops VM / LXC connectivity

    OK rebooted the server, no VM's or containers starting on bootup. Switching on a single QEMU based VM running Windows. Ping it and all good. Turn on the firewall on the Datacentre and there's no firewall enabled on this VM and ping stops working. Switch Datacentre back off and it works again...
  4. Turning on the PVE Firewall stops VM / LXC connectivity

    OK so installed PVE 6 and switched the firewall on straight away. All seems good on a clean install. Then restored a few VM's and Containers and then it's broken as it was on PVE 5. I believe it's one of the following that might be causing it but not sure which. Will try a reboot later after...
  5. Turning on the PVE Firewall stops VM / LXC connectivity

    H Fabian, Sorry for the delay. I’ve had another look into this and it’s not across the board. I’ve noticed that it seems when crossing a VLAN it stays working. So an example. Laptop -> VM on same VLAN = No connectivity Laptop -> OPNsense Firewall (Virtual on Proxmox but with 2 x PCI...
  6. Turning on the PVE Firewall stops VM / LXC connectivity

    Yes absolutely. Thanks for your help on this Fabian by the way. VM 200 - Windows Server 2019 Core Domain Controller but it affects them all or at least I tested a few and all the same. agent: 1 balloon: 768 bootdisk: scsi0 cores: 1 cpu: host,flags=+pcid;+spec-ctrl memory: 2048 name: kt-dc-01...
  7. Turning on the PVE Firewall stops VM / LXC connectivity

    Hi Fabian, No problems at all. This is a long post but hopefully has the info you need but let me know if you need me to try anything else. I will of course wipe this server and reload it with v6.0 when that comes out but suspect this might be an issue there so hopefully solving that now...
  8. Help on Firewall configuration

    This sounds very much like the issue I and another have. It appears the firewall is broken in the latest versions as it used to work fine for me.
  9. Turning on the PVE Firewall stops VM / LXC connectivity

    As an update but made a new VM recently and see that the Firewall is ticked on by default on the VM NIC. Even with the Datacentre firewall setting switched off this breaks all connectivity to the VM until I switch the firewall off. Is it just lots of people don’t use the firewall or something...
  10. Turning on the PVE Firewall stops VM / LXC connectivity

    Ah I don’t have to reboot in my case. Switching it off brings the connectivity back. I’ve of course got a firewall across VLAN’s but I liked that I could firewall inside subnet so one machine in a DMZ couldn’t communicate with another unless I allowed it. The firewall cannot help me there as...
  11. Turning on the PVE Firewall stops VM / LXC connectivity

    Hi all, I've had the firewall working previously on a different host however on a new install recently I'm having problems with it and at a bit of a loss as to what the issue is. If I turn the firewall on in the Datacentre all communication with KVM and LXC machines running on the host just...
  12. Proxmox VE 5.3 released!

    Just thought I'd say this is one of your best releases for a while with the LXC nesting allowing docker inside containers. Absolutely top work Proxmox team, please keep it up :)
  13. Proxmox 5.3.8 - IO delay issues explained ?

    I don't think you can fix this. Older versions of Proxmox were better but that's only because you could easier configure them to lie about commits to disk. You could likely achieve the same on Proxmox 5 by just setting your KVM VM caching to Unsafe. Just be aware if you have a power cut or crash...
  14. Proxmox 5.3.8 - IO delay issues explained ?

    You've a software RAID with just 2 spinning disks. The IO delay is because of the disks.
  15. GPU PASSTHROUGH GTX560TI error 43 problem

    I think you need the x-vga=1 as that has a fix to solve the 43 error. The 43 error is simply that the Nvidia drivers have detected they are in a VM and you don't have a supported card for that. Only some Quadro cards are officially supported. However x-vga=1 also disables the KVM VGA card so...
  16. Entire Xen Node has grey question mark + database container gone

    I think you'll probably find this is because of an issue in the 4.13 kernel your running. The newer 4.15 kernel should solve that. I had similar issues to you as well but nothing since moving to the 4.15 kernel. There's another thread, I think the 4.15 kernel thread itself which talked about...
  17. Increase disk size of a VM on ZFS

    You can do this easily in the GUI. Just go the VM's hardware, click on the disk in question and then there's a Resize disk button you can use. It's nice and simple and can be done with the VM online. You just then have to resize the storage on the VM inside the OS obviously.
  18. Feature suggestion: Option to set "auto live migration"

    It makes sense to have an auto balancing of the hosts in a cluster as an available option. Just to even out the CPU / RAM load. I'd like to see the local storage migration make it to the GUI but that's already on the roadmap so all good, not sure though automatic local migration makes sense...
  19. pve 3.1 console, java version

    I think you'll likely be told it's no longer supported and you need to upgrade to a supported edition.
  20. Debian Kernel vs Ubuntu Kernel

    Personally I think this approach is exactly the right one and appreciate the newer kernel for newer hardware. So please keep on doing as you are, I've had no stability problems.


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