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  1. SMART warnings & disk usage identification

    From a quick look, the reported bad disk has no partitions so its not used. Looks like a hot spare ? You got 3 drives in a raid1 configuration.. ZFS shows no errors and scrub is ok, so everything is fine. I would not use a hot spare in this case, you will have enough time to replace a bad...
  2. no grub2 update?

    Oh wow thats unfortunate. Yeah the second upgrade on debian fixed that bug with efi. ZFS on the host, if every vm would run zfs there would be quite some overhead. The vm will use a simple filesystem like ext4 for linux. As every vm has its own vdev you can rollback them as well on the host...
  3. no grub2 update?

    Where did you read that reports ? I upgraded all my systems already and had no issues, but im only using debian and freebsd. Im also only using zfs with autosnapshots enabled, this way i can rollback any change to the fileysystem. So no worries to break anything.
  4. How to pass through single NIC port from i350-t4 ?

    For sr-iov to work your cpu, mobo and nic need to support it. Did you enable it in the bios ? In that case different iommu groups per port will be created and your passtrough should indeed work. The only advantage is no overhead and maybe some hardware offloading features. But with a 1gbit nic...
  5. How to pass through single NIC port from i350-t4 ?

    The whole nic shares the same iommu group, so passing a single nic port will not work. You will have to create a bridge per nic port and add that to the vm as emulated network adapter. There is not much overhead with that approach anyway. A better approach would be to use vlans.
  6. [SOLVED] LXC lassen sich nach Update nicht mehr starten

    ZFS importiert die volumes automatisch aus dem cache. Hat nichts mit fstab zu tun. Scheint mir so als ob der zfs cache probleme hat. Mach mal folgendes: systemctl enable zpool set cachefile=/etc/zfs/zpool.cache rpool zpool set cachefile=/etc/zfs/zpool.cache VMpool...
  7. [SOLVED] LXC lassen sich nach Update nicht mehr starten

    Hmm echt merkwürdig. Die pools sind alle im raid und weisen keine Fehler auf. Solange die volumes nicht unter /VMpool gemountet sind, werden die container nicht starten. Kannst du mich per remote auf die Maschine lassen, bringt wenig hier im Forum hin und her zu schreiben. Schreib mir einfach...
  8. [SOLVED] LXC lassen sich nach Update nicht mehr starten

    Interessant das funktioniert ja gar nicht mit dem zfs mountpoint. Dein Server ist degraded. Da sind 3 Dienste nicht richtig gestartet wurden. Ich gehe davon mal aus das zfs hiervon betroffen ist. Poste mal "systemctl list-units --failed". Die Dienste muss man wieder zum laufen bekommen. Dann...
  9. no grub2 update?

    If your node uses zfs on rpool it will use systemd not grub. Debian stable repo had the upgrade available since thursday and pushed a second upgrade yesterday. grub2-common 2.02+dfsg1-20+deb10u2 Not sure if the grub2 package is bundled with pve or comes directly from debian repo, if its the...
  10. [SOLVED] LXC lassen sich nach Update nicht mehr starten

    Poste mal bitte den output von "df -h /VMpool" Und "systemctl status | head -n 5" Und versuch dann mal folgendes: mkdir -p /tmp/104 zfs set mountpoint=/tmp/104 VMpool/subvol-104-disk-0 Poste den output von "df -h /tmp/104" und "ls -lah /tmp/104" zfs set mountpoint=/VMpool/subvol-104-disk-0...
  11. [SOLVED] LXC lassen sich nach Update nicht mehr starten

    Scheint als ob der Mountpoint raus geflogen ist, versuch mal: zfs set mountpoint=/VMpool/subvol-104-disk-0 VMpool/subvol-104-disk-0 Anschließend versuch den container 104 zu starten, wenn das klappt mach es für die verbleibenden.
  12. HBA Wechsel

    ZFS scannt automatisch alle platten und importiert vorhandene pools die im lokalen cache sind. Eventuell musst du mit "zpool import -f" nachhelfen, sollte aber eigentlich nur bei älteren pools notwendig sein die ein upgrade benötigen.
  13. How can i use GPU Passthrough on windows 10 for Adobe Premier Pro CC 2020?

    They are blocked by the nvidia driver, resolution will be limited to 800x600 and hardware acceleration will be disabled which makes them useless. But like already said there is a bypass available, proxmox is not affected by it. Its still against the license though.. Im not sure what exactly...
  14. How can i use GPU Passthrough on windows 10 for Adobe Premier Pro CC 2020?

    Well its officialy blocked by the nvidia driver, try to run a nvidia gpu with stock kvm and it wont work. Same for esxi, hyper-v etc. If you install the nvidia driver and read the policy of terms it is listed that its not allowed to use them as vGPU. There is a extra product line for gpus to...
  15. [SOLVED] Error: backup timestamp is older than last backup

    How can i change the backup group, could not find anything in the documentation ? It seems to be automatically set to the hostname.
  16. PBS Hardware requirements ?

    I could not find any requirements for pbs. From testing it seems like it needs only a minimal setup. PBS did not exceed 1 CPU core and 300mb of RAM in several tests.
  17. [SOLVED] Error: backup timestamp is older than last backup

    I get the following error if i run pbs backup client too fast after another Even if the backup storage is empty e.g there is no existing backup of the directory. If i add a sleep of 1 second between the calls it does not happen. But why ?
  18. How can i use GPU Passthrough on windows 10 for Adobe Premier Pro CC 2020?

    To acctually know if this is the case, can you open up device manager on the vm and check if your gpu has an exclamation mark. If it says error code 43 under properties, nvidia has detected the vm and disabled the gpu. Otherwise you have another issue.
  19. How can i use GPU Passthrough on windows 10 for Adobe Premier Pro CC 2020?

    Nvidia driver disables hardware acceleration if it detects virtualization, their tos does not allow you to run a consumer gpu in a vm. You have to hide the hypervisor from the vm, requires you to set some custom kvm settings. At least thats what i had to do with libvirt kvm using a gtx 1080.
  20. Clarify TRIM/Discard support for Windows guests in Proxmox?

    Works out of the box with windows but only with win8/2016+, you should use virtio scsi disk driver, also check ssd emulation.


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