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  1. Proxmox Backup Server (beta)

    Does this work as a VM? Running my current backup servers as VMs on XenServer with iSCSI backbone. Would like to keep the same infrastructure.
  2. Pool constantly getting downgraded for unknown reasons

    The errors from zpool status show that the container file is corrupted but the CTs start fine. Also, earlier it was 104 and now it's 102. Unable to reboot the CT, have to reboot the entire node to remove the errors. Also, the proxmox node host is flooded with
  3. Pool constantly getting downgraded for unknown reasons

    Hi all, I have a couple of ZFS pools in my proxmox cluster but one of the pools has all drives constantly throwing errors and getting degraded then faulted. I have run full long SMART tests on all the drives multiple times and they all show up with 0 errors. Endurance use is also in the 2-3%...
  4. One or more devices could not be used because the label is missing or invalid

    How should I check if I'm using grub or systemd-boot? I'm certain it is grub but just want to make sure.
  5. One or more devices could not be used because the label is missing or invalid

    I have not used pve-efiboot-tool. How do I generate initramfs for non UEFI? I am afraid to reboot the system and get locked out.
  6. One or more devices could not be used because the label is missing or invalid

    # find /sys/firmware/efi find: ‘/sys/firmware/efi’: No such file or directory
  7. One or more devices could not be used because the label is missing or invalid

    Hello, It appears that the import /dev/disk/by-id works. Am currently using an encrypted ZFS volume that is decrypted by keyfile on system boot. Is this the right output? # update-initramfs -k all -u update-initramfs: Generating /boot/initrd.img-5.3.10-1-pve Running hook script...
  8. One or more devices could not be used because the label is missing or invalid

    Hello, So using the command zdb to look at the labels, the drives are indeed mapped wrongly. children[4]: type: 'disk' id: 4 guid: 15673135534162611596 path: '/dev/sdl1' devid: 'ata-<drive serial>-part1'...
  9. One or more devices could not be used because the label is missing or invalid

    Hello, For some reason Proxmox seems to have lost 2 of the drives in my zpool even though they are currently there. I noticed that the drives might have had a letter shifted (the disks currently exist as /dev/sdk and /dev/sdl). # zpool status pool: HDD state: DEGRADED status: One or more...
  10. ZFS encryption?

    Would two layer encryption take a huge performance penalty or create any other problems? Even if I move encryption to VM level, I'll still need some form of base encryption to protect the data if I need to RMA inaccessible drives.
  11. ZFS encryption?

    Hello, Thank you for the reply. Is there a way to implement boot time decryption without risking the key itself? It seems pretty problematic if the host reboots and everything stops working until someone SSHs in to decrypt the zpool.
  12. ZFS encryption?

    I'm looking at the docs on ZOL and it seems a little dated? I've set up a new zpool via GUI and there was no option to add encryption. However, when running zpool get feature@encryption, the pool already has encryption=on. Does this mean there is already some sort of key encryption by default...
  13. [SOLVED] Ceph create OSD on unused disk failed, disk marked as used now

    Tried to create OSD on unused disk, process failed with "can't open exclusively". Now disk is marked as used by "Device Mapper". fdisk -l lists 3 OSDs (2 successfully created + the failed one). Can't zap it to clear it.
  14. Correct way to configure a cluster's network?

    Hi all, I have a bunch of public IPs and 3 HV servers running a hyper-converged Proxmox cluster. Current network config: eth0 = public internet facing traffic, eth1 = private storage network for Ceph traffic. Is it a good idea to bind the management traffic to a separate VLAN on the storage...
  15. How to restrict VMs from changing IP address?

    Will look into this An IP gets passed during cloud-init, surely there would be a way to store that and bind it? How XCP-ng does it is not automatic either, they have a field under XO that allows you to assign an IP to a VM and lock traffic to only that IP.
  16. How to restrict VMs from changing IP address?

    How would the IP tables work? I assume it would reside on the HV level? I know how to configure it if there was a device sitting in between functioning as a gateway but not sure how to do so if the VMs are exposed directly as the next hop on route. Consider implementing such a feature as...
  17. Created user permissions not reflected in API

    Hi all, Still completely new to this ecosystem. I'm trying to create a PVE authenticated user with permissions to create other users with PVEVMUser permissions. Steps I've taken: 1. Datacenter > Permissions > Users > Add (Realm: PVE) 2. Datacenter > Pools > Create 3. Pool_Name > Permissions >...
  18. How to restrict VMs from changing IP address?

    I'm looking for something that can be applied generally on the DC level so that once an IP has been assigned to a VM on setup, a change of the IP from within the VM would result in no connection being routed. I do not even see an option to bind an IP to a VM in the GUI on setup, am I looking in...
  19. HAProxy roundrobin on PVE GUI throws 'no ticket' error

    Actually, I've noticed that an authenticated session actually persists across different nodes. Anyway, I've also managed to find a workaround for the ticket issue, I've ditched HAProxy and setup a nginx roundrobin reverse proxy with keepalive 1.


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