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  1. Two email accounts in sender name should be blocked.

    You can set the rule to quarantine instead of block for testing.
  2. How to export search/query from Tracking Center as report?

    How to export search/query from Tracking Center as report?
  3. How to sync zimbra account

    If your zimbra server can reject non existence emails, just enable Mail Proxy - Options - Verify Receivers. Or use mail filter to block/quarantine ldap filter from your zimbra server.
  4. [SOLVED] Quick question about Reject unknown and SPF

    Greylisting is a very effective way to combat spam mails as most spam bot will only send out spams once. But it do come with it own pro and cons. Check out below link on greylisting. Once you have enable gresylisting, it will apply to all...
  5. [SOLVED] Quick question about Reject unknown and SPF

    In the beginning, I did enable both reject unknown client and sender in my PMG setup. Then I notice some false positive but mainly is due to the sender did not setup their DNS properly. So now I disable both option, instead use greylisting, DNSBL and mail filter to quarantine spam/suspicious...
  6. [SOLVED] Quick question about Reject unknown and SPF

    If you enable reject unknown client, PMG/postfix will reject any client's IP/hostname that cannot be resolved. If you enable reject unknown sender, PMG/postfix will reject any sender/relay domain's IP/hostname that cannot be resolved. Both 2 are optional settings, you may encounter some false...
  7. [SOLVED] Quick question about Reject unknown and SPF

    Sorry, is reject_unknown_client_hostname reject_unknown_client_hostname (with Postfix < 2.3: reject_unknown_client) Reject the request when 1) the client IP address->name mapping fails, or 2) the name->address mapping fails, or 3) the name->address mapping does not match the client IP...
  8. [SOLVED] Quick question about Reject unknown and SPF

    PMG use postfix, check out the postconf manual for reject_unknown_sender_domain and reject_unknown_client_domain.
  9. Avoiding that misspelled domains messages does stay hold in queue

    There is a lot of misspell possibilities/combination for your request. Maybe just send NDR (Non-delivery report) to sender instead?
  10. [SOLVED] How can I catch all mail ?

    1. Create Who Object for email 2. Configure incoming rules with the Who Object with Action Quarantine.
  11. [SOLVED] Sending email automatic to

    PMG was not design to do SMTP authentication with your email servers. If your wordpress reside in the same network subnet with your PMG and email server, most properly it is being whitelisted as all are in the trusted network subnet.
  12. [SOLVED] Sending email automatic to

    Did you whitelist your wordpress's IP or email on PMG?
  13. How to change postmaster email?

    Do you mean all valid email able to receive and block all non valid email after enable verify receivers?
  14. Mail Proxy: interaction option "verify receivers" and "greylisting"
  15. How to change postmaster email?

    No need CLI, just enable Verify Receivers in the webUI. Double check all valid email can come in as normal and non valid email is being blocked. You can also read more about verify receivers on PMG...
  16. How to change postmaster email?

    Try Mail Proxy -> Options -> Verify Receivers For my case, make sure you have meet the reject_nnknown_recipient_domain's requirement to work, which is missing MX record in my local DNS server.
  17. How to change postmaster email?

    Follow as below. Make sure your $mydomain is To confirm double check your /etc/hosts.
  18. quick question blocking .pw domain

    try this


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