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  1. Grub versions newer than 2.02-pve4 fail to load

    Figured out the Dell problem... If you enable the new feature flags on your pool (zpool upgrade), the old grub 2.02-pve4 will not see your pool anymore. error: [1] incorrect dnode type: 196 != 16 (thanks for this great error message GRUB!) Hence this topic creeping up again! Upgrading iDRAC...
  2. [SOLVED] Dell PowerEdge R220

    Check if your iDRAC is at the latest version. From the klunky EFI system management module, there's an update component which looks to and auto-finds all updates to apply. Slow as hell, but works. The issue with the hang seems to be related to a virtual floppy disk (fd0) which grub...
  3. [SOLVED] [z_null_int] with 99.99 % IO load after 5.1 upgrade

    We are starting to consider moving away from proxmox... sadly.
  4. Proxmox VE 5.1 2nd ISO release

    For reference, we should strive to converge all versionning to a true industry standard:
  5. [SOLVED] [z_null_int] with 99.99 % IO load after 5.1 upgrade

    +1, really sad, we were upgrading Proxmox to get some of the performance improvements of 0.7.x, instead, things are slightly worst. How is this going un-noticed during testing? Could it have anything to do with compression=lz4 or having SSD cache disks?
  6. Grub versions newer than 2.02-pve4 fail to load

    I had already gone through this pain when 2.02-pve5 came out. Even posted here back then: I had no choice but to reinstall 2.02-pve4 and then `apt-mark hold grub-pc=2.02-pve4`. Honestly, if the system...
  7. [SOLVED] upgrade issue's

    Broke my system... for the second time on an update. Last time was the grub boot problem. Why would anyone want to update their grub on a stable system... I am booted and in the system already! This is only risk. So I pinned the grub-pc package to workaround it. Yes I falsely assumed an apt-get...
  8. grub2-2.02-pve5 breaks on GPT/EFI disks (like ZFS roots)?

    Here's my pool config: NAME STATE READ WRITE CKSUM rpool ONLINE 0 0 0 mirror-0 ONLINE 0 0 0 sda2...
  9. grub2-2.02-pve5 breaks on GPT/EFI disks (like ZFS roots)?

    Hi, I posted to about this. Thought I'd plant more seeds here about the issue. I think there's a problem with the update. I gathered that the pve5 update dropped patches for zfs in favour of upstream...
  10. call for testing: updated grub2 packages

    Different story for me. The update to 2.02-pve5 "broke" my system. HBA SAS adapter with zfs RAID1+0 setup on dell PowerEdge R510. I later found out that the system eventually boots after a about 40 minutes!!! (I could afford to let it sit at the bios post screen where it hangs for that long...
  11. Online migration

    WARNING!! I AM NOT A PERL DEVELOPPER, THIS IS MY FIRST ATTEMPT AT HACKING PERL. So I made a crude implementation of what I would call "quick stop" (or suspend) pseudo live migration of LXC. Here's the patch ( I will also send on the mailing list): Index: /usr/share/perl5/PVE/LXC/
  12. why no offline lxc migration via gui?

    FYI, see
  13. Online migration

    I'm running my lxc containers on zfs storage. Having some offline time is not such a big problem. The problem is how long the containers are down. Problem is the long part of the migration is the zfs snapshots transfer. In theory, it is feasable to: zfs snapshot the running container pre-send...
  14. vzdump exclude-path not working from vzdump.conf

    Also, don't forget to test your excludes. For example, another thing that didn't work for me was the '/dir/.+' notation, instead, I had to use '/dir1/*'
  15. vzdump exclude-path not working from vzdump.conf

    Just to follow up on this... the pve-manager git repo has just seen a series of commits related to this, it should then be fixed in an upcoming release. In the meantime, you can apply these changes manually to your instance in the file if you are stuck. vzdump: don't double...
  16. vzdump exclude-path not working from vzdump.conf

    I've posted at pve-devel mailing list an hour or so ago... here's my current "patch" which seems to work well right now: --- | 8 ++++---- 1 file changed, 4 insertions(+), 4 deletions(-) diff --git a/ b/ index 54cea9c..0a3a2b3 100644 --- a/ +++...
  17. vzdump exclude-path not working from vzdump.conf

    Hi, I have a bunch of exclude patterns in my vzdump.conf which look like this: exclude-path: "/dir1/.+" "/dir2/.+" invoking vzdump on the command line (or the web interface) vzdump 100 this error: Can't use string (""/dir1/.+" "/dir2/.+"") as an ARRAY ref while "strict refs" in...


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