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    GitLab LXC: can't upgrade to 13.8

    Currently I am running GitLab CE in an LXC (13.4.7) and I cannot upgrade to 13.8 There was an error running gitlab-ctl reconfigure: execute[reload all sysctl conf] (package::sysctl line 18) had an error: Mixlib::ShellOut::ShellCommandFailed: Expected process to exit with [0], but received...
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    [SOLVED] Windows VM Memory Full Issues

    I am experiencing the same problems with a Win 10 VM..........
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    LXC MergerFS, SnapRaid

    If you're using an LXC for your bindmounts (which you seem to have referenced), why not use mergerfs and snapraid on the hypervisor host system and then mount the mergerfs directory on your LXC?
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    Two DHCP servers, tried blocking third party with IPTables

    I added the following custom IPTable rules in a VM router (OpenMPTCProuter): iptables -A INPUT -p tcp --src -m tcp -m multiport ! --dports 80,443 -j DROP iptables --append INPUT --protocol udp --src --sport 67 --jump DROP iptables --append INPUT --protocol tcp--src...
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    [SOLVED] Ubutnu Cloud Image with CloudInit: change GW while running

    Hi. I need to change the eth0/net0 gateway on my Ubuntu VM's that are running with CloudInit, I can change the GW in the configuration file but requires restart. Networking with CloudInit is different than just running a normal Ubuntu image, I think... Does anyone know how I can change the...
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    Proxmox requires full reboot after shutting down VM with PCI passthrough

    Grab the ISO and make a bootdrive, however you wish: Grab all the configs from /etc/pve/qemu-server and /etc/pve/lxc/ Have all the VM's backed up in PBS, if not, keeping the .raw/.qcow2 files and throwing them on a storage you...
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    Proxmox requires full reboot after shutting down VM with PCI passthrough

    I wouldn't try to downgrade a host to a previous major version. You can however, backup VM disks and put them on a new (previous version on a fresh install) and use the VM config's as well from the old host. I stick with the yearly major versions, we're now at PVE7 and PVE6 is on life support...
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    Proxmox requires full reboot after shutting down VM with PCI passthrough

    Looks like I'll be sticking with PVE V6X until GPU passthru is ironed out a bit more.
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    Removing "hibernate" state of vm? Proxmox 5.4

    I often get timeouts for 6-9 GB's of RAM when resuming VM's - a bit frustrating. It's "spinning rust", even using striped HDD's which is faster than a single HDD. Any news about making the resume timeout configurable?
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    Cluster Join failed This host already contains virtual guests

    yes, I know this, but PVE team can compare what's in the cluster and what's in the new joining node, rename VM/CT IDs and disk names to not be what's in the cluster, so when joining it's unique. Only workaround is to backup every VM/CT and restore after joining (oh, and dealing with VM/CT IDs)
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    LXC Rootfs - can't migrate to a remote disk I choose

    Thanks! I thought it was a strange one. I'm still on 6.4 - I'm not sure if it'll be addressed, and I haven't tested if it exists on V7.
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    LXC can't migrate and select which disk to use

    Oh gosh, I didn't know that. So, you can't migrate containers at all? When I do a migration from host to host, the disk target isn't visible for me, and of course the issue in this thread....
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    LXC can't migrate and select which disk to use

    Following from: I can start a migration but the storage E.G. Node 1 (storage X) to Node 2, tries to use storage X, but I want storage Y on node 2, but the GUI or CLI doesn't let me specify a storage...
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    LXC - can't migrate to a remote disk I choose

    The solution was from here: The storage wasn't available on the other node. But it wouldn't use that storage (it's not a NFS/shared storage), so I think it's going to use local or something.
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    Copy vm backups from datasource to another (similar to sync)

    Yeah, thanks. Like I said, I'll get a larger drive that can fit all of the datastores backup, then trim the ones I don't need. Eagerly await exclusions for retentions, etc.
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    Copy vm backups from datasource to another (similar to sync)

    Ah yes, going forward that would be helpful, but you see, I have some backups/data that can't be deleted for the forseeable future, so I either need to get them onto a datastore with a longer retention time, or download the backup.... I could get a drive that'll fit the entire synced...
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    Copy vm backups from datasource to another (similar to sync)

    I wish to preserve a backups from various datasources (at least 2) into a new datasource with a much longer data retention time, the only thing I can seem to do is to a sync between datasources, but that will bring in data from all vm's, I just need a specific vm to be synced over with a longer...
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    [SOLVED] MergerFS, can't mount a new disk

    Hi. So I have a new hard drive that is mounted as a directory on PVE 6.4 - it's working OK. I am using MergerFS to mount the disk to /mnt/disk3 - I have other disks I am doing the same to - and mounting under /mnt/storage. For some reason this third disk (1 of 3) is failing to mount to...
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    vTPM support - do we have guide to add the vTPM support?

    Exciting developments then. Looks like I'll have to virtualise PVE 6.4 inside PVE 7X and PBS V1X for a specific 6.4 host as I cannot upgrade for the foreseeable future.
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    No differantial container backup with big containers?

    I think I'm going to rsync or "duplicati" for docker/filesystem contents of my containers (duplication support) to another disk on a VM that can do quick backups (5 secs lol). I'm in the same boat in that CT's take forever to backup. I use mountpoints as well and they cripple snapshot...


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