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  1. Major Bug when deleting VMs on different Hosts/Storages

    Hi there, i faced one really big problem. When using multiple proxmox Hosts/Cluster on one storage, and one host has a vm running with id 100 on local disk and the other one has the same VM-ID (100) running at the Shared Storage - the HardDiskFiles at the Shared Storage would get deleted when...
  2. PGs Stale+Peering

    Hi, we got a problem with 5 PGs that are not rebuilding: ceph -s cluster: id: e907418e-7914-4e8c-9c0d-1bc300e92020 health: HEALTH_ERR 22227/1858782 objects misplaced (1.196%) Reduced data availability: 5 pgs inactive, 5 pgs peering, 5 pgs stale ceph pg...
  3. pve-cluster resening xxx messages

    Hi, we got a problem with a cluster that got a stuck node, we couldn't reboot the host but we managed to bring it back working within the cluster. pvecm status looks beauty but all the hosts are showing red in the webinterface (instead of the node you're logging into). syslog is telling me...
  4. conf destroyed - rebuild possible?

    Hi, i got a really untypical Problem. one of my vms config file is destroyed. its emtpy. My question is, is it possible to parse the VM-Process-parameters into a config file? kind regards
  5. changing ceph public network

    hi, i've installed ceph with 3 nodes, after doing some tests i figured out that i'd like to activate the performance a increasement i'd get when i add a third network device. How can i change the public network of ceph? changeing only the public network in ceph.conf isn't it right? kind regrads
  6. ceph use a SW-Raid as journal

    Hi, i was wondering if it is possible to add an ssd-sw-raid device as journal for ceph? Adding it manually with pveceph works, but then the osd is not shown up in the osd-list from the webinterface and the device is marked as down. i know it is not recommended but in the other case just a...
  7. Proxmox VE4.4, LVM-THIN, CEPH, SSD-Log

    Hi there, proxmox just uses lvm-thin volumes. I'm currently setting up my new VE-Environment. the plan is to use the lvm-thin volume for ceph (or a part of it) and an additional SSD Drive for CEPH-Meta. this setup should grow. That means i'd like to start with one server, then reinstall an...
  8. [SOLVED] Migrating VBox to PVE4.2

    Hi, i've to migrate some virtual machines from virtualbox to proxmox 4.2. Normally this wouldn't be a problem, but i'm struggeling with the lvm-thin storage-type which is used by default. how can i create a volume that i can format with ext4 and mount it to copy the virtualbox files on? Kind...
  9. nfs not mounted (pve3.3)

    Hi, i got a HA-Setup with drbd and nfs running. Since the last crash of rgmanager on one node the nfs-storage is not getting mounted. a manual mount works just fine. i saw a lot of "pvestadt <defunct>" processes coming up. is there a point to debug? kind regards MasterTH
  10. LXC restore issue and security question

    Hi, i just tried to restore an openvz backup to a lxc on zfs-storage in unprivileged mode. i got this error: pct restore 101 vzdump-openvz-101-2016_02_21-23_15_57.tar --unprivileged --storage ZFS-Local extracting archive '/root/vzdump-openvz-101-2016_02_21-23_15_57.tar' tar...
  11. [SOLVED] LXC Container on ZFS Volume

    Hi, i tried to create an lxc on a zfs-pool. this is what i get as an error: Formatting '/var/lib/vz/images/100/vm-100-disk-1.raw', fmt=raw size=8589934592 mke2fs 1.42.12 (29-Aug-2014) Discarding device blocks: 4096/2097152 done Creating filesystem with 2097152 4k blocks and 524288 inodes...
  12. DEBUG Mode no Inputs possible

    Hi, i'm trying to boot the debug mode of the installer to fix a grub-error message with a zfs-root partition. But i cannot type anything. i tested it with two different type of inputs and two different mainboards. Input Type 1: Intel AMT/KVM Input Type 2: USB-Keyboard Mainboard 1: ASUS CS-B...
  13. Proxmox 4 ZFS Raid10 LOG/Cache SSD error

    Hi, i currently setting up a complete fresh installation auf proxmox ve4.1 with zfs and raid10 with 4 drives. Everything works perfect till i add a log and a cache partition on a ssd. When i do this and reboot the server it ends in a grub error message that he could'nt find the device with an...
  14. Convert OpenVZ (ubuntu12.10) to LXC

    Hi, i got a vzdump of a ubuntu12.10 container, when i try to convert it to lxc i got this error message: TASK ERROR: unsupported ubunt version '12.10' How can i fix this? Kind regards
  15. nfs-server inside LXC

    Hi, i couldn't find a solution for running a nfs-server inside a lxc-container. (proxmox4.1) Is there a workaround? kind regards MasterTH
  16. Highpoint RocketRaid 2710 support

    Hi, i just tested the latest installer to work with the highpoint rocketraid 2710, but it just displays the harddisks itself. I read somewhere in the changelog that the support was added in one of the past releases. Why is the highpoint driver not included anymore? kind regards MasterTH
  17. PVE4.0.57 LXC Summary Issue

    Hi, i was on pve4.0.50 before and thought an update may fix this issue but it doesn't. And a solution on the forum was also not be found. 1. the graphs on the Summary page of the VM doesn't display the CPU, NetIO and DiksIO 2. The Summary of the host doesn't display the cpu usage of the LXC...
  18. AMD and Intel in one Cluster

    Hi, is it possible to combine these both processors inside one cluster and use all of the features (like HA)? kind regards
  19. ha-Questions in pve4

    Hi, i installed two nodes with proxmox 4 for testing the new features and prepare myself to migrate the older clusters to the new version. So i'm currently trying to break the cluster. one thing i faced is that a lxc was in an error-state. i didn't know what i can do and deleted it. This was...
  20. Best Proxmox HW-RAID-Controller with Performance-Data

    Hi, i'd really like to create a new post for everyone who is searching for a new RAID-Controller. It would be very nice if everyone could post his controller type, the used Hard-Drives and the Performance-Messurements on this device. i hope many people reply and share this informations with...


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